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Mead Wide-Ruled Filler Paper 200 Sheets 15200 – Save 58% Today!

Mead Wide-Ruled Filler Paper 200 Sheets 15200

Why Buy A Mead Wide-Ruled Filler Paper 200 Sheets 15200?
Mead® Filler Paper is an essential school item for students of any age.


  • 200 sheets
  • Three hole punched
  • White Paper
  • Wide Ruled

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Scala Rider CAR CHARGER – Save 45% Today!


Why Buy A Scala Rider CAR CHARGER?

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Where To Buy Finklehopper Frog by Irene Livingston At The Lowest Price?

Finklehopper Frog by Irene Livingston

Why Buy A Finklehopper Frog by Irene Livingston?
When Finklehopper Frog decides to give jogging a try everyone laughs at his new workout clothes–and his hoppity jogging technique. As his doubts about the sport grow, one smart bunny helps Finklehopper discover that being part of the crowd doesnt mean compromising his own froggy style. Catchy rhyme paired with bright illustrations has made this a read-aloud favorite.

Livingstons rhythms echo Finklehoppers bounce and blithe spirit, and encourage youngsters to be happy with their own best efforts.


  • Click here to view our Condition Guide and Shipping Prices
  • Condition: NEW
  • ISBN13: 9781582462349
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Over 15 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

This book is a fabulously feel good book for ages 3-up. Purchase several- one for you & one for a gift! The message conveyed It is ok to be different accompanied by vibrantly colored pictures. See Also: Finklehopper Cheers-another great story, but not as catchy as the 1st-still, one I am happy we own.

Very fun sing-songy book
I love this book. It is a very fun book about a frog who wants to learn to jog, so he goes out and buys a funky jogging suit and takes to the neighborhood streets. The illustrations of different animals in their homes as if they had plots in suburbia is hysterical. Poor Finklehopper becomes the laughing-stock of the neighborhood as he can’t quite seem to get the hang of jogging. That all changes when he meets Ruby Rabbit who points out that frogs and rabbits hop, they don’t jog. The story ends on a nice note of acceptance of all despite differences.

Uplifting book
This is one of our favorite books. The message is great–”just be yourself” and the rhythm of the book helps deliver that happy message.

Finally a book we don’t roll eyes over when asked to read for the 10th time in one day! Well written and easy to read not to mention that the art work is amazing. I look forward to receiving Finklehopper Frog Cheers.

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Where To Buy Jubilee 10-Ounce Acrylic Embossed Grape Wine Glasses Set of 4 At The Lowest Price?

Jubilee 10-Ounce Acrylic Embossed Grape Wine Glasses Set of 4

Why Buy A Jubilee 10-Ounce Acrylic Embossed Grape Wine Glasses Set of 4?
The next time you host a family reunion, equip yourself with wineglasses you dont have to worry about–no matter how exuberant the toasting gets, the relatives wont crack this stemware. Its made of highly resilient acrylic that takes lots of abuse–just avoid abrasive cleansers. The robust pattern of grape clusters and curlicue vines complements Greek dolmades and souvlaki as well as Italian lasagna. –Patricia Draher


  • Embossed grape design
  • Four 10-ounce glasses
  • Safe in a dishwashers top rack
  • Shatterproof, crystal-clear acrylic
  • Stem glasses for red or white wine

Over 4 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Sip The Grapes Without The Breaks
We have two sets of these richly textural embossed wineglasses by Jubilee, along with their matching champagne flutes and “no ice” wine cooler. (see those reviews too if you like) And are very happy with all of them.

No, these are not crystal. But, they are durable, beautiful, and shatterproof. Perfect for young ones to use and no worries for you. Holding a good amount (10 oz.) of any beverage, being lightweight, and unbreakable, we use them for more than just parties. Although, I’ve had many compliments ( gotta love those) when I arrange them with all our Jubilee acrylics ensconced in candlelight and tinted sparkling ices. I guess it does make for a special appearance at casual get-togethers or outdoor parties.

Note: even though they are top-rack dishwasher safe, I do a quick mild-soap hand wash and cold water rinse to cut down on any clouding of the acrylic

By themselves or grouped with Jubilee’s tall flutes and their unique “no ice” wine cooler, these attractive glasses make a great house warming, hostess, or anytime gift at a very good price.

Great Unbreakable Wine Glasses
My friend bought me a set of these and I just love them! They are great for indoor and outdoor use. They look classy despite the fact that they are acrylic. I have been searching for more and am thrilled to have finally found a supplier! I’m now buying my friend another set! They are especially great for those inevitable spilling guests! No broken crystal!

Sophistication for less
These glasses are “top drawer”….giving an elegant sophistication but with no worries of breakage. I have a set and these were a gift to my daughter….she loved them so much and with all of her friends she didn’t want to worry about anyone breaking her good wine glasses. I use them around the pool…..PERFECT!!

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Where To Buy The Marrying Game A Novel by Kate Saunders At The Lowest Price?

The Marrying Game A Novel by Kate Saunders

Why Buy A The Marrying Game A Novel by Kate Saunders?
Like Louisa May Alcotts classic Little Women, The Marrying Game opens on Christmas Eve, with four sisters at home worrying about money. The setting is present-day England, and the girls father, an eccentric aristocrat, has just died, leaving the Hasty family so impoverished that they are about to lose their splendid but crumbling house. So the two oldest sisters–Rufa, tall, elegant, and too serious for her own good; and Nancy, a gorgeous, irreverent redhead who relishes her work as a part-time barmaid in the local pub–decide that the way to redeem the family fortunes is to marry money. Surely it cant be that hard to find two very rich men and make the men fall in love with them.

Thus begins a gloriously modern story that makes us genuinely care about the whole Hasty family. As Rufa and Nancy set out to blaze a trail through London society, they find that nothing in The Marrying Game turns out quite the way theyve planned.

Over 6 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Enchanting fiction
I loved this novel! From the very first page, when the four impoverished Hasty sisters (like the March sisters in LITTLE WOMEN) are sitting by the fire on Christmas Eve trying to contrive some Christmas presents, I had to know what would happen to them. The basic premise of the book-that two of the girls set out to find rich husbands so that they can save their ancestral home-quickly turns into something much less predictable and more satisfying. The whole Hasty family is quirky and lovable, and I never wanted the story to end.

The Hasty sisters are wonderful!
The four Hasty girls–Rufa, Nancy, Lydia and Selena–are the most loveable young women to appear in a novel since Jo March and her sisters in ‘Little Women.’ Yes, they want to fall in love and get married, but much more than that, they want to help each other and save their family home. It was because these sisters cared so much about each other that I cared so much about them. I loved this book the way that I loved the story of another eccentric English family, ‘I Capture The Castle.’

A fun relationship drama
In England, the four Hasty sisters are stunned by the suicide death of their larger than life father, affectionately known as the Zed. Perhaps as shocking is how much he lived above his income, which included keeping the foursome in opulence. Now the siblings face monstrous debts that require they sell their beloved home, Melismate.

In a desperate effort to avoid losing their family home, the oldest sister Rufa insists that she and beautiful sister, Nancy the tease, must find wealthy spouses; thus she sets up the rules of THE MARRYING GAME. Lydia is exempt because she still loves her ex-husband and is raising a young child. Also off the hook is the youngest Selena who still attends school. Although the Hasty women seek affluence in London, the three oldest soon will need to decide between love and money.

This relationship drama is fun to read due to the four sisters and several males who enter their spheres of lives. The story line is character driven so fans that prefer action and suspense need to journey elsewhere. However readers, who value highly in depth looks at people struggling to save a way of life will want to join the keenly written THE MARRYING GAME.

Harriet Klausner

Marrying for love or money.
“The Marrying Game,” by Kate Saunders, is a seriocomic novel set in contemporary England. It features the four Hasty sisters and their mother, Rose, who are living in not-so-genteel poverty. The family was devastated when Rose’s husband, Rufus Hasty, whom the family affectionately nicknamed “The Zed,” killed himself one day without even leaving a note. Now the ladies are desperately seeking a way to retain their beloved ancestral home, Melismate, which has been in the family for generations. Unfortunately, the Hasty family is almost penniless. Two of the sisters come up with the idea of convincing rich men to fall in love with them, a scheme that they call “The Marrying Game.”

On this lighthearted note, the novel gets under way, and before too long, the Hasty women cast their spell. Besides being utterly gorgeous young ladies, Rufa, Nancy, Selena, and Lydia are fascinating and charming individuals. Saunders makes each character come brilliantly alive. Rufa, who is an extraordinary chef, is the most vulnerable, since her father’s death hit her the hardest. Selena is bookish but rebellious. Nancy is voluptuous and a bit wild. Lydia has already endured a failed marriage and she is the mother of a precocious and adorable little girl named Linnet.

Saunders works her magic on many levels. On the one hand, “The Marrying Game” is a comic bedroom farce, with various characters falling in and out of love constantly. Saunders gets serious, however, when she describes the touching devotion of the Hasty sisters to one another. In addition, Saunders sensitively explores the difficulty of carrying on after suffering the loss of a loved one.

Saunders has Jane Austen’s psychological insight and attention to detail, Louisa May Alcott’s understanding of family dynamics, and Elinor Lipman’s zaniness and saucy irreverence. Yet, Saunders is not just a pale imitation of other novelists. She has her own original voice, and “The Marrying Game” is a wonderful comedy of manners that has a great deal to say about life and love.

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