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Where To Buy The Amazing Dr Clitterhouse VHS starring Edward G Robinson Humphrey Bogart Claire Trevor Allen Jenkins Donald Crisp At The Lowest Price?

The Amazing Dr Clitterhouse VHS starring Edward G Robinson Humphrey Bogart Claire Trevor Allen Jenkins Donald Crisp

Why Buy A The Amazing Dr Clitterhouse VHS starring Edward G Robinson Humphrey Bogart Claire Trevor Allen Jenkins Donald Crisp?
A stylish, often amusing crime drama, this 1938 feature revolves around a central, improbable plot twist that consciously serves its casting against type: as the eponymous doctor, Edward G. Robinson, who had helped define the Warner Bros. style for gritty gangster sagas, jettisons his signature snarl in favor of a plummy, vaguely English accent that underlines his urbane sophistication. Dr. Clitterhouse is a creature of privilege who embarks on a criminal life not out of desperation, but rather through intellectual curiosity; instead of slouch hats and suits, he has marcelled hair and first appears in white tie and tails. He begins pulling off perfect jewel thefts as research into the criminal mind, but his gradual immersion in New Yorks shadowy demimonde of thieves and fences eventually finds the good doctor between those two worlds.

Robinsons principal foils stick closer to their studio strong suits. Humphrey Bogart is Rocks Valentine, a sturdy if familiar variation on the hoods and have-nots that were his early stock in trade at the studio. Bogarts fence and former paramour is Jo Keller, played by Claire Trevor as glamorous, streetwise, and otherwise decent, apart from her knack for larceny. When the doctor asks her to fence his glittering contraband, shes intrigued, and Clitterhouse, known to the hoods only as the Professor, becomes their strategist. Jo is clearly falling for him, while Rocks is visibly jealous of the fastidious strangers rising influence and romantic rivalry.

In keeping with its ultimately goofy premise, the story navigates some eccentric plot turns with an aplomb that can be credited to the solid cast (including other studio stalwarts such as Allen Jenkins, Ward Bond, and Donald Crisp) and the three principals, who would work off each other to much more riveting effect a decade later in Key Largo. –Sam Sutherland

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Warner Brothers The Busby Berkeley Collection, Vol. 2 (Gold Diggers of 1937 / Gold Diggers in Paris / Hollywood Hotel / Varsity Show) – Save 36% Today!

The Busby Berkeley Collection, Vol. 2 (Gold Diggers of 1937 / Gold Diggers in Paris / Hollywood Hotel / Varsity Show)

Why Buy A The Busby Berkeley Collection, Vol. 2 (Gold Diggers of 1937 / Gold Diggers in Paris / Hollywood Hotel / Varsity Show)?
Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 09/16/2008

Over 12 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

one heck of a box set !!!
The Busby Berkeley Collection, Volume 2 contains 4 solid films with the superlative choreography of Busby Berkeley. Busby was far and away the best choreographer then and he remains one of the very best even today. These films are in great shape; and here’s is what you get:

Gold Diggers of 1937–Chorus girls out of work include Norma Perry (Joan Blondell) and Genevieve Larkin (Glenda Farrell). They “make friends” with the guys onboard a train; the men from a convention are happy to meet ladies. Rosmer Peck (Dick Powell) and Norma feel the spark of love; Rosmer tells Norma to look for work where he works.

Meanwhile, hypochondriac theater producer J.J. Hobart (Victor Moore) is broke–only he doesn’t know it. His partners Morty Wethered (Osgood Perkins) and Tom Hugo (Charles D. Brown) squandered Hobart’s money. Morty and Tom convince J.J. to take out a life insurance policy with them as beneficiaries. When J.J. dies they will get the money! Rosmer sells J.J. the insurance policy; but Rosmer is told by his boss to watch J.J. and make sure he lives!

The best extra is the footage from the lost film Gold Diggers Of Broadway. There are a couple of Warner Brothers cartoons; and a short about The Louisiana Purchase.

Gold Diggers In Paris–The nightclub run by Terry Moore (Rudy Vallée) and Duke Dennis (Allen Jenkins) is a flop. A naïve Frenchman arrives to invite them to a dance competition in Paris. Little does the Frenchman know he has mistaken Terry, Duke and the young ladies who dance in the club for the Academy Ballet of America and the great Padrinsky (Curt Bois)! Terry and Duke need money; they go to France although they know they’re fakes.

Soon they’re bound for Paris–even Mona, Terry’s ex-wife, there in exchange for forgiveness on Terry’s back alimony payments and a part in the Paris show. All of this is unknown to Kay Morrow (Rosemary Lane), a dancer in the New York club who strikes up a romance with Terry onboard the ship to France. Padrinsky then discovers that the group bound for France is pretending to be them; so he goes to Paris with his troupe–and his ballet-loving gangster buddy, Mike Coogan (Edward Brophy).

Busby Berkeley did a great job of choreographing this elaborate ending sequence. In addition, the DVD offers two good extras entitled The Candid Kid and Little Me. There’s a cartoon and a trailer for the movie.

Hollywood Hotel–This opens with that timeless ode to Tinsel Town, “Hooray For Hollywood” by Benny Goodman and His Band at an airport for a send-off to saxophone player Ronnie Bowers (Dick Powell). Ronnie has a ten week contract with All Star Studios in Hollywood; Ronnie doubts he’ll reach stardom but he’s excited anyway.

Things don’t go well. Mona Marshall (Lola Lane) is planning her appearance at the Hollywood premiere of her latest picture with co-star Alexander DuPrey (Alan Mowbray), but when Mona finds out she lost the coveted role in “Bitter Night” she throws a tantrum and refuses to attend the premiere. The studio panics and hires Mona Marshall look-alike Virginia Stanton (Rosemary Lane) to pose as Mona Marshall–and they pick Ronnie to escort the person he thinks is Mona to the premiere. Ronnie becomes smitten with “Mona,” who is, of course, really Virginia; they begin a romance complicated by misunderstandings.

Ronnie then finds work as a singing waiter at a drive-in coffee shop; but when a director at All Star wants Ronnie to dub songs for Alexander DuPrey there could be heavy politics if Mona finds out.

Benny Goodman and His Band do a rousing rendition of “Sing Sing Sing” and Frances Langford sings for Raymond Paige and His Orchestra. The other songs include “I’m A Fish Out Of Water.” Moreover, my favorite extra is the Edgar Bergen/Charlie McCarthy short entitled Double Talk. There’s also a cartoon called Porky’s Five & Ten.

Varsity Show–Winfield College is putting on their annual show–but it is hampered by Professor Sylvester Biddle (Walter Catlett) who will not allow swing music.
The students, including Barbara ‘Babs’ Steward (Rosemary Lane), Betty Bradley (Priscilla Lane) and Cuddles (Mabel Todd), ask Winfield College alumnus and Broadway star Chuck Daly (Dick Powell) for help. They hope Daly can change Biddle’s mind. Daly goes to the school with his sidekick Willy (Ted Healy); but what the kids don’t know is that Daly is a “wash-up.”

Daly fails; but he strikes up a brief romance with “Babs” before he and Willy return to New York. The kids take the show to New York where they can put it on free of Professor Biddle–and prove that Chuck Daly is still a star! Will they succeed?

“I’m Working My Way Through College” shines at the beginning of the film; and the elaborate song and dance finale showcases Busby Berkeley’s talent.

The extras on this DVD include Flowers From The Sky; but I really liked the Edgar Bergen/Charlie McCarthy short A Neckin’ Party

Overall The Busby Berkeley Collection, Volume 2 is an outstanding box set of movies enhanced by the singular talent of Busby Berkeley. I highly recommend this box set for fans of those Berkeley numbers and early movie musicals.

Not disappointed, but…
If you’re looking for the great Busby Berkeley musicals, these are not they — that would be Volume One of this collection. The only film in this set that fits that description is “Gold Diggers of 1937″. The other three are some of his later and more minor efforts — perhaps one musical number, or the finale of the film features that Berkeley magic, but not really on the grand scale of the earlier films. And, save for the the aforementioned “GD ’37″, the writing is fairly pedestrian. There is some deliciously snappy dialogue in “GD ’37″ — and Joan Blondell (rest her soul) is always worth watching, in anything she ever put on the big or small screen — and radio, too!

Carmen Miranda for ever
Carmen Miranda, brasileña triunfante en los USA -y por tanto, en el mundo- es un caso claro de amor entre mujer artista y la cámara de cine.
Hacía, interpretaba de Carmen Miranda (Se llamara en su papel como se llamara). Como Xavier Cugat o José Iturbi. Estuviera junto a Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Powell, Alice Faye o Grouxo Marx. Muchos de sus films, se salvan por su actuacion. De muchos, es lo que perdura; Sus minutos.
Este pack, a este precio, es un regalo. Sobrarán minutos, pero los minutos en los que Carmen “llena” la pantalla son inolvidables, impresciendible. Si, son “malas peliculas”, no estaran nunca entre las “Equis mejores”. Pero dudo que alguien de canse de ver y volver a ver sus minutos. Carmen Miranda es , sencilamente, vida. Vida contagiosa.
Cuando fue la artista mejor pagada… por algo lo fué. Y nadie ha sabido heredarla. Eso que nos perdemos, pues hacen falta artistas como Carmen.
Un pack pues de obligatoria posesion. Esde agradecer su existencia,

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Top Cat – The Complete Series Starring John Stephenson, Arnold Stang, Maurice Gosfield, Marvin Kaplan, Leo Delyon

Top Cat - The Complete Series Starring John Stephenson, Arnold Stang, Maurice Gosfield, Marvin Kaplan, Leo Delyon

From the Back Cover
In the tradition of great screen conmen–one of the few with a visible tail–Top Cat holds a top spot in the hearts of cartoon fans. The smooth-talking New York City cat, known as T.C. to his kitty cohorts Benny the Ball, Choo-Choo, Spook, The Brain and Fancy-Fancy, is always on the make toward a big score or swindle. And the bothersome–and ever-exasperated–Officer Dibble is relentlessly on his case (although always a step behind)–throughout 30 fast, funny episodes. This deluxe 4-disc set offers terrifically top Bonus Extras as befits, so the swinging theme song immortalizes, the chief, hes the king, but above everything: hes the most tiptop Top Cat!

Why Buy A Top Cat – The Complete Series Starring John Stephenson, Arnold Stang, Maurice Gosfield, Marvin Kaplan, Leo Delyon?
Studio: Hanna Barbera Release Date: 12/07/2004 Run time: 547 minutes

Customer Reviews & Opinions

Fantastic Nostalgia
Anyone who has ever been a fan of the humble cartoon and especially if you were a 1970′s “latch key kid” will LOVE this boxed set. It takes you back to the day of simple humour, fun characters and overall good, light hearted entertainment. The amazing Hanna Barbera at it’s best!!!!

A classic – I love it, and so do my kids
While my kids don’t really get the undercurrent of Top Cat and his crew, I sure do. At 34 years old, this really brings me back. What a great series.

T.C. and the Gang are Great!
I was just a kid when Top Cat became the second prime-time cartoon show, and couldn’t wait to watch it. The Flintstones broke the ice in ’60, and TC and crew came on in ’61. It is a real tragedy they didn’t make more Top Cat, because of the two, I and many others prefer this feline take on the old Sgt. Bilko show.

The quality of the video is fantastic–and it’s GREAT seeing them all in color. (I had no idea Choo-Choo was PINK)… of course it was only done that way to create all the right shades of gray/white/black for a show that only aired in black and white–but in color it’s even better. The audio could be a little louder, unless it’s just that my DVD player doesn’t pick up the audio track that well; I have to have the volume almost to full 100 to get it clear across my living room. Other than that, I split my sides watching the antics of TC and company, and am amazed at how much I remember even after not having seen this show in over 40 years! I KNEW sooner or later he’d call officer Dibble–Officer Dribble… I distinctly remembered it… and he did. Memories, Memories!

Benny the Ball, Chooch, Fancy, Brain, Spook, and TC, they’re all here and what fun it is to share them with my grandkids who love them as much as I did. It’s SO refreshing to be able to show them cartoons that do NOT have kids who hate their parents, dysfunctional families that are rife with obscenities, and sexual innuendo… none of that.. just good clean wholesome…and funny entertainment. Love it.

Oh, and the extra features on each disc are fun as well… interviews with the voices of Leo De Lyon who was both Spook and Brain, (Am I just spinning wheels, or was there a character called Leo the Lion, and Hardy Har Har?—could this be the guy who was THAT voice too? LOL) and in another one, the guy who was Chooch’s voice, and even Top Cat himself. They also have one episode on each disk where you can hear them discussing the show as it’s played (this is NOT the regular show–but an extra)… and it’s really enlightening hearing all the commentary.

I was leery of the investment at first, and still rue the fact that there aren’t a whole lot more episodes of this wonderful show available. That said, anyone who came up in the era of those great Hanna-Barbera cartoon shows like Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Deputy Dawg, Flintstones, Jetsons,…all great FAMILY fun… will just love TC and the Gang!

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