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Paramount Perry Mason – The Third Season – Vol 2 starring Raymond Burr – Save 39% Today!

Perry Mason - The Third Season - Vol 2 starring Raymond Burr

Why Buy A Perry Mason – The Third Season – Vol 2 starring Raymond Burr?
Among the 14 cases that conclude Perry Masons compelling third season is something of a Very Special Episode. In The Case of the Prudent Prosecutor, district attorney Hamilton Burger (William Talman), usually outwitted and outplayed by Perry Mason, can at last smile and tell his adversary, You know, I think I won this case. Of course, this time he had Mason on his side, defending an old friend who once rescued Burger. Ill defend him, Mason kids, even if he did save your life. We hope Burger enjoyed his moment of triumph. It would be the only one this season. Mason (Raymond Burr) is at the top of his game in case after seemingly hopeless case, untangling twisted plots with his unflappable aplomb. Suffice to say, if you’re a secretary who discovers a dead body in a remote cabin, or a gambling den’s cigarette girl with a gun and marijuana in your purse, your first stop should be Mason’s office. Perry Mason is classic TV noir, with dark doings and shady characters that subvert the sunny Southern California setting. The quintessentially convoluted The Case of the Gallant Grafter involves corporate intrigue and divorce, and throws in a blackmailing secretary for good measure. These episodes, originally broadcast in 1959-60, are further evidence why Perry Mason was the longest-running legal series on TV, and Mason was one of popular culture’s most enduring characters (created by Erle Stanley Gardner, he first appeared in a 1933 novel, and later branched out to movies, radio, and even comic books). Little fazes this guy, no matter how grisly the murder or how stacked the evidence is against his client. We anxiously await the moment that comes in most every episode around the 48-mins. mark in which the real killer is compelled to confess in court under fire of Mason’s withering cross-examination (oft-times, they aren’t even on the stand when they proclaim their guilt!). Among the familiar faces in these episodes include a very saucy Barbara Bain in The Case of the Wary Wildcatter, and future Academy award-winner Louise Fletcher as the unfortunate secretary The Case of the Mythical Monkeys. Fifty years later, Perry Mason is still a not-guilty pleasure. –Donald Liebenson

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Perry Mason hits his stride this season
Carrying on the trend of great releases in this classic series, the third season is the best so far, and this 2nd dose of Season 3 shows completes the cycle so far!

Perry Wins Again and Again
There were several changes, to the program, during this third season. Most noticeably the absence of District Attorney Hamilton Burger, for a few episodes. Probable due to actor William Talman’s fight with the Cancer that ultimately caused his death.

Good plots. Great acting. And some surprise `visits’ by actors who were just starting out, but later `made it big’.

Recommended for all Perry Mason fans!

budgies view
I have only one word for the whole sets of Perry \mason so far “BRILLIANT!

The Original Courtroom Drama
These fourteen TV films from the late 1950s are based on the novels by Erle Stanley Gardner. The original books are more complete and informative and tell stories about life that is unknown to most people. The books can tell you why certain things are done, the films only show you what happened. The books tell you about “ropers”, rough or smooth shadows, and how to evade surveillance and avoid leaving a back trail. Some may question the legality and ethics of Perry Mason’s tactics but most stories were written before the modern legal rules of the 1960s. The backgrounds tell about life in Los Angeles. It is difficult to film a scene at night but easy to describe it in a book. A story adapted from a Gardner novel has the year.

Often the original stories were modified for TV. The theme music is typical for the late 1950s. Note the style of clothing and culture; ladies wore white gloves. People seldom lock their doors. The prices date these films. One advantage is seeing the many automobiles from the 1950s. How many can you identify? Note the slimness of people then, and the casual handling of firearms. Smoking was very common [a tobacco sponsor]. The seeming reality of these stories is due in part to characters who don’t look like Hollywood actors. Watch how the actors express their emotions by their facial expressions. The camera sharpness and quality is excellent on these films.. There is nothing like these dramatic stories on today’s broadcast TV. When was the last time you saw a trial lawyer as a hero? These stories often use the misinterpretation of circumstantial evidence to provide dramatic effects. The courtroom scenes are usually the Preliminary Hearings.

Wayward Wife; Prudent Prosecutor
Gallant Grafter; Wary Wildcatter

Mythical Monkeys (1959); Singing Skirt (1960)
Bashful Burro; Crying Cherub

Nimble Nephew; Madcap Modiste
Slandered Submarine;

Ominous Outcast; Irate Inventor
Flighty Father

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Our Man in Paris by Dexter Gordon – Save 25% Today!

Our Man in Paris by Dexter Gordon

Why Buy A Our Man in Paris by Dexter Gordon?
Recorded in 1963, this record finds tenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon at the top of his game during his Blue Note days. Leading a high-profile quartet comprised of pianist Bud Powell, drummer Kenny Clarke, and bassist Pierre Michelot, Gordon leaps through the complex Scrapple from the Apple with youthful aplomb and then nestles deep inside the bluesy lyricism of Willow Weep for Me. Gordons strengths as a balladeer resonate beautifully on Stairway to the Stars, while his bebop prowess flexes mightily on A Night in Tunisia. The rhythms crackle, the solos fly; Our Man In Paris is essential Dexter. –John Murph

Over 9 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

This 1963 album finds Dexter Gordon in sparkling form. He is backed by Bud Powell on Piano, Pierre Michelot bass and Kenny Clarke drums. Its one of the best sessions Gordon ever recorded and is an essential purchase for any Jazz fan.

Dexter Gordon is in fine form throughout the album. Just take the opening Charlie Parker classic ‘Scrapple from the Apple’. The theme is stated and Gordon takes the first solo. Three and a half minutes later he finishes. Theres no apparent repetition here, or use of a stock of standard riffs that you might hear with a lesser musician. Throughout this solo he is inventive using the full range of the Saxophones marvellous palette. The other stand-out track on here for me is his version of ‘A Night in Tunisia’. Whether he’s throwing in a quote from ‘Summertime’ or bending notes on this form Gordon was up there with the very best. On a few moments in his solo on Tunisia I was reminded of Coltranes Soprano solos. Whilst there is no doubt that in his early career Gordon was an undoubted influence on Coltrane I wonder if at this stage Gordon was actually being influenced by Coltrane.

Its worth mentioning the appearance of Bud Powell on the album. He was the most important Jazz pianist before Bill Evans arrived in the late 1950′s. Sadly he suffered from mental health problems and his playing later in his career (from the late 1950′s onwards) could be erratic. On this recording he isn’t the whirlwind of 10 years earlier, but his playing is mostly consistent and considered of sufficient standard for ‘Like Someone In Love’ to be put out as a bonus track on the CD.

What’s to be said, we’re talking about Dexter Gordon here…
I’m enjoying this CD. Unfortunately I can’t elaborate in terms of the composition and harmonic balance, etc because I’m not that sophisticated a listener, but I feel he’s a fantastic musician and this CD captures the spirit of his genius well.

Dexter Gordon brings sax jazz full circle…and front and center
There is a lot to like about this CD. Recorded in Paris with Kenny Clarke and Pierre Michelot as the rhythm section, this captures a flavor and sound of jazz that, while certainly not uncommon, was starting to lose its influence thanks to John Coltrane redefining the concept of saxophone jazz. But this recording takes things back to the roots of saxophone jazz, with the first six tracks of this recording being completely unapologetic about featuring virtually nothing but Gordon’s lively, full tone sax, both to lay down the melody and then to pick up the solos. The effect is that you get a LOT of saxophone, and it is recorded very “hot”, so the vibrancy and richness of Gordon’s tenor comes right out and stomps on everything. I’m not much of a jazz historian (yet), but to me, this is sort of the definitive jazz saxophone music and sound that I expect from a saxphone player. Which is not to say that the sax rules all else, because in addition to the aforementioned rhythm section, you have the always exciting Bud Powell on piano. And what really makes this CD for me is that unlike Bud Powell’s own recordings, this one is not riddled with hiss and pops and other noise. You still get Bud muttering and singing here and there (which never bothered me that much), but with Rudy Van Gelder’s (always reliable) remastering, the instruments are equalized just right, leaving Dexter’s sax out front and Bud’s piano in the back, that way it should be. Until, that is, you get to track seven, “Like Someone in Love”, which starts off and ends up with Bud Powell soloing on piano, and lets him lead the way through the song. Again, for me, this is perfect, because just when I think I’ve had about enough of the sax, Gordon sits out the majority of the song so the incredible and fascinating lyricism that Powell creates on the piano becomes the exclamation point to the session. I don’t give five stars casually, but I don’t see how I can give this anything less than the highest possible rating. It’s a fantastic piece of jazz music that belongs in the collection of all jazz fans, sax fans, and Gordon fans. It would also make a good choice for broadening a musical collection that is not jazz oriented, as it is very approachable and does not require a “jazz ear” to enjoy. Highly recommended.

Dexter is in great form here and rate the record as highly as his sentational “Go” album. Buy it and and you will enjoy this great music.

Parisian Soul Music
I’ve given up trying to choose my favorite Dexter album, because it’s always the one I happen to be playing. I thought I might be able to pass this one up–not close enough to the culmination of Dexter’s resurgence, too late in Bud’s career, too far from the Blue Note studios, too dependent on a French (or expatriate) rhythm section.

Strike all of the above. Dexter never played with “abandon,” but this recording is probably as close as he comes to it. He’s on fire for each of the tunes, complete and fresh phrases flowing from his horn in musical narratives containing more than the usual number of serendipitous quotes and allusions. At times it seems like no end is in sight, as the master storyteller is in Homeric, epic form. He handles the four-bar break on “Night in Tunisia” as impressively as Bird but with half the number of notes.

I wouldn’t call the performances on this album superior to Dexter’s “Love for Sale” (on “Go!”), “Tanya” or “King Neptune” (on “One Flight Up”) or “Body and Soul” (on “The Panther”), but it’s definitely in the same league and should be essential not just for fans of L.T. but for anyone who’s serious about the art of improvisation.

Powell loses his place a couple of times (forgetting whether he’s on the first, second or fourth chorus of a 32-bar song) but makes quick, virtually undetectable recoveries. Moreover, his fingering is precise, his melodic lines fluid and complex yet swinging. And the fact that the original recording was made by a French engineer insures that the piano, though somewhat distorted (see below), has a “realistic” or personal and natural quality distinguishing it from the usual Blue Note piano sound.

Count this one among Dexter’s top 3-4 recordings, which is high praise indeed for a player as consistently brilliant as he. Dexter in Paris must be the next best thing to April in Paris. If there’s a caveat, it’s the quality of the audio. I was so hopeful that the “RVG Remastered Edition” would be an improvement over both the LP and preceding CD version, that I shelled out for the session for a third time. Disappointingly, Dexter’s tenor still sounds compressed, compartmentalized, and even grating, and Bud’s piano still carries that trace of distortion. In spite of these obstacles, the substance of this recording simply will not be denied.

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Where To Buy This Is Hardcore by Pulp At The Lowest Price?

This Is Hardcore by Pulp

Why Buy A This Is Hardcore by Pulp?
Bespectacled Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker is a crooner from the old school, a frock-sleeved dandy whos not afraid to emote with exaggerated aplomb. And its been tongue-in-cheek humorous, for most of his career, to hear the Brit turn that talent on sarcastic societal subjects, poking fun wherever he could. Things have changed this time around, though–Cocker hit 33 and began looking inward, for some of his darkest, most soul-baring work yet, all set to an elaborate quasi-cinematic score. As the CD booklet itself says, Its OK to grow up. Just as long as you dont grow old. Maturity may not be encouraged in show business, but it sounds very appropriate here. –Tom Lanham

Over 87 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

every single day
i guess i missed out on the days when pulp was popular. where was i?? oh yeah i was listening to meatloaf and megadeth probably. well now i have this cd and i have to say, yes, i have to say, it is very good.

this is pure genius
At the same time a shaggable genius and a skinny loser, Jarvis Cocker frontman and lyrics writer for Pulp is truly inspiring, one of the last REAL ROCK STARS offered to us by the XXth century. Yet Pulp is now dormant and a bit forgotten, what a pity ! Surfing on the Cool Britania wave of the mid 90′s the Sheffield band that had started on the independent circuit in the 80′s makes itself noticed and provides Britain’s underdogs with a voice. and what a voice !!! breathy, sexy, deep or fragile, Cocker knows how to use his organ, and even takes you very close to musical orgasm. Delightfully pervert but also touchingly sincere and simple the lyrics are just wonderful and served by surprising tunes.
This is Hardcore is the 3rd “commercial” album of the band and was written at a point when Cocker was trying to get himself together, after as he himself put it “getting as hammered as possible”. Yet, contrary to Oasis’s Be Here Now which musicaly suffered from drug and alcohol abuses, Pulp’s This is Hardcore is their best album. Suffering is sometimes source of greatness and Cocker sure knows how to sublimate his angst into breathtaking songs.
Opening with The Fear (the best song ever written on depression) sets a dark mood, but also a sophisticated and demanding quality. It’s not because he is depressed that he gets sloppy! But the mood lightens up a bit with track 2: Dishes, in which Pulp displays its simple musical talent and which lyrics are pure Jarvis humour, singing “I’m not Jesus Christ though I share the same initials…” proving a modesty unknown to most rock stars. This is Hardcore is off course the absolute highlight of the album, a drifting number that pulses like blood in your veins. The absolute beauty of the production on this song proves that the band has reached maturity. The following, TV movie, is yet another simple piece with touching lyrics, but Cocker never really let’s himself fall into stupid pathos and the self derision and critical stance he takes on himself is reffreshing as ever. Other great songs on the album are Party Hard, a more upbeat song, a bit more agressive and something u can definitely dance to. The album like a therapy finally lets us hear signs of hope with Glory Days, a great reflexion on the common victories of life, but don’t worry nothing to existencial.
This is Hardcore is an absolute must have for anyone who loves rock. It is stylish, honnest, moving, even arousing (a great specialty of Jarv); yet for all it’s sassy sophistication it stays true to the band’s origins and to the common people feel. Working class Britain, we love you !!!

I definitely recommend to listen to Different Class as well, released before TIH it is the album Pulp will be remmembered for and is characteristic of the sound and mood of the band. Together these 2 albums form a magnificent diptic of genius. Essential.

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Where To Buy The Baby-Sitters Club Mary Anne Saves The Day BSC Graphix by Raina Telgemeier At The Lowest Price?

The Baby-Sitters Club Mary Anne Saves The Day BSC Graphix by Raina Telgemeier

Why Buy A The Baby-Sitters Club Mary Anne Saves The Day BSC Graphix by Raina Telgemeier?
When a terrible fight breaks out among the four BABY-SITTERS CLUB friends, Mary Anne is left to her own devices. She has to sit by herself at lunch, make new friends, and deal with her overprotective father without advice from the BSC gang. But the worst part is when she faces a terrible baby-sitting predicament, and she cant find any help.

Luckily, Mary Anne rises to the occasion. Not only does she handle all her problems with aplomb, she also manages to get the BSC back together again.

Over 3 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Very well done!
This third in the Baby Sitters Club (BSC) series of graphic novels is my favorite so far. Raina’s drawings seem more detailed and lively in each successive book. I’ve been buying the BSC graphic novels for my niece who is finding real inspiration in the artwork while simply enjoying Ann Martin’s time-honored stories, and I heartily recommend this series both for the clean, yet engaging stories, as well as the excellent graphics. Especially recommended for girls who are reluctant readers, because graphic novels are many times a great introduction to storytelling in book form.

Hidden Strength
Mary Anne Spier is an only child. With her late mother a distant memory, she really depends on her dad, her best friend Kristy (who is as loud as Mary Anne is quiet!), and her other friends, artistic Claudia and sophisticated Stacey, to bring her out of her shell. But she kind of likes being IN that shell. She also really likes being the secretary of the Baby-Sitters Club (which the idea-filled Kristy started) and baby-sitting kids in the neighborhood. When the members of the BSC have an unexpected fight, everything goes topsy-turvy, and Mary Anne feels very lonely. A little while later, she has a baby-sitting emergency. At first, she doesn’t know what to do without adults or her friends around, but soon enough, she musters up the courage to speak up and do what needs to be done.

I was a huge fan of the original BSC series by Ann M. Martin, and I absolutely adore the new graphic novels. Raina Telgemier has done a wonderful job preserving the original storylines and depicting the characters and their environments as they were described in the books. Mary Anne – who was always my favorite character – looks a lot like I always pictured her, braids and all. Three cheers for this, the third book in the BSC Graphix line!

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Lafuma Mens X Light OT Hiking Boot – Save 37% Today!

Lafuma Mens X Light OT Hiking Boot

Why Buy A Lafuma Mens X Light OT Hiking Boot?
Whatever corner of the world you explore, Lafuma’s X Light OT Trail shoe is an exceptional traveling companion. Lightweight, flexible and padded in all the right places, this versatile hiker grips trail and track with equal aplomb. Its mesh and synthetic upper offers breathability and longer wear, while dual laces delivers a secure, fully adjustable fit.

Over 1 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Great Comfortable Shoe
I bought this shoe for very cheap price here at Amazon on a deal for $27. ITS an AMAZINGGGG shoe!. Very comfortable. I would go as far to say its the most comfortable and lightweight shoe I ever worn. Excellent quality, outstandingly waterproof. The only thing i need to test is how good it is in the cold weather, if it keeps my feet warm. I will update the review after few more days of use. But, worth its every penny and a truly professional shoe. It is not just for hikers, i guess. It can be ur reliable companion for rain / winter. Wonderful shoe, i can’t stop praising this shoe. Buy one and welcome to the world of professional, ultra-comfortable utility shoe… :-)

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crocs Mammoth Clog

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