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Where To Buy On the Right Track by The Skatalites At The Lowest Price?

On the Right Track by The Skatalites

Why Buy A On the Right Track by The Skatalites?
Without the killer grooves and syncopated horn blasts of the always wonderful Skatalites, life on this planet would be a far duller thing. — L.A. Daily News The Skatalites are Jamaicas answer to the Motown house band and Booker T. & The MGs combined. — Rolling Stone The Skatalites took influences from jazz, calypso and US rhythm `n blues to help create the sound that dominated Jamaican sixties music … This is a must have album for anyone interested in Jamaican music and a great introduction for those who wish to learn. — BBC.co.uk More than a band, The Skatalites were and are an institution, an aggregation of top-notch musicians who didnt merely define the sound of Jamaica, they were the sound of Jamaica across the 50s and 60s. — All Music Guide The second wave of ska produced some good bands and some great music, the third wave fewer, but if you want to really hear the music played with respect for its deepest roots, you need to go to the source, and that is undoubtedly The Skatalites … The band is more musically sophisticated than many of its contemporaries were and than pretty much all of its present day imitators are. — PopMatters

Recorded in Byron Bay in 2006, On the Right Track mixes the coastal island vibes of Australias and Jamaicas hippest towns with a heavy jazz influence. Among a myriad of reissues and compilations, this album stands out as having the best new original material on an international Skatalites release since 1964. Studio sessions were held in the style of a classic jazz session, much like the one-take upbringing Studio 1 provided the group in the early days. From the late 50s into the 60s, The Skatalites transcended popular music, introducing and defining Jamaican music and culture to the world. Combining the best of American boogie-woogie with R&B, jazz, and big band swing, The Skatalites created the up-tempo syncopated island beat dubbed ska, which evolved into rocksteady and reggae. The original backing band for Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, and Toots & The Maytals, these two-time Grammy nominees have toured extensively worldwide since the 80s.

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Great introduction to The Skatalites
This is the first Skatalites album I bought, and I think it’s a great way to get into their sound. Now that I know a little more about these amazing musicians, and after hearing most of their classic 60′s records, I find this album their best since their reformation, in the 80′s.
I agree with the last review, these songs are really true to their ska roots, plus you won’t get the poor sound quality of the 60′s recordings. It’s well recorded, now you can in fact hear the bass lines and the terrific job by Lloyd Knibb on the drums. This senior citizen never got the recognition he deserves for inventing the SKA beat, which is the same beat as the reggae beat, the reggae drummers just slowed it down. I was lucky enough to see him play 2 weeks ago, with the reformed Skatalites.
The tracks sung by Doreen Shaffer are the icing on the cake.
Buy it!

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Big Bad Voodoo Daddy by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – Save 7% Today!

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Why Buy A Big Bad Voodoo Daddy by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy?
Grunge angst got old. We wanted to have fun. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy was there, ready with serviceable, pumped-up swing. Their music is straight, uptempo, dance floor jazz. Theres nothing particularly original going on, but the sleazy horns and snappy arrangements get the job done. Theres nothing campy or tongue-in-cheek either; the music just barrels ahead…like good rock & roll. –Steve Tignor

Over 297 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

i love big bad voodoo daddy!
this has to be my favorite bbvd cd. great to blast in the car for any ride and to dance to.

Smoke-ing HOT BBVD Swing team jazz dance MAKES YOU MOVE!!
Just cant live with out this sound in my collection I have now 2 of the disks. I cant wait until I get the rest of them. I must have them all. I cant get enough of the Big band swing sound nor that of the Brass section in this band. This is a must hear to get it!! This is a “GET IT” kind of sound.

Give it a try
I can ount on my left hand the number of CDs I have heard which are enjoyable from start to finish. This song is full of fun, catchy numbers. From the more famous (“You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three”) to the unusual (“Mambo Swing”) this CD keeps the listener entertained and does not fall into the trap of working so hard to find a “sound” that all of the songs sound too similar. The range is provided here, and you should give it a try.

Great Stuff
We used to see these guys play on the Nashville club circuit in the late 1990s, and bought the CD at that time. the energy of their live performances comes through on this New Orleans-style jazz compilation. From the back beat to the great rhythms, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy will have you snapping your fingers, tapping your toes, and wishing you had more of their stuff. I highly recommend it.

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STARZ/SPHE Warbirds starring Jamie Elle Mann, Brian Krause, Tohoru Masamune, Lucy Faust, David Jensen – Save 37% Today!

Warbirds starring Jamie Elle Mann, Brian Krause, Tohoru Masamune, Lucy Faust, David Jensen

Why Buy A Warbirds starring Jamie Elle Mann, Brian Krause, Tohoru Masamune, Lucy Faust, David Jensen?
In the final days of World War II, Colonel Jack Toller enlists a crew of WASP led by Maxine West to ferry a top secret weapon to an American airbase in the Pacific.  But before they can reach their goal a violent storms strands their damaged B-29 on to a remote tropical island. 

Over 6 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

The War that Time Forgot
I avoid “made for sci-fi” films like the plague, but because I’ve always been a dinosaur and WW2 buff, I watched it out of curiosity. I was pleasantly surprised. No, it isn’t a classic by any stretch of the imagination, but it IS the best movie by the sci-fi network I’ve ever seen. It is well-cast, well-paced and, considering the (low) budget, well-filmed. All too often, “B” movies set in the ’30s see an opportunity for everyone to have tongue-in-cheek fun with the costumes, hair styles and sets, with big-band swing music accompanying the proceedings. This one, on the other hand, remembers that its setting is a grim one and never tries to be “cute”. Another point in its favor is its use of the japanese soldiers: though depicted as human beings, the film never tries to create a “kumbayah/We Are the World” atmosphere. The 2 factions remain enemies to the bitter end. I’m not a big fan of CGI as it always gives me the feeling I’m watching animated concept art instead of the real thing, but the way it was handled here was almost acceptable. Also, the women are handled with unusual maturity. Depicted as competent soldiers without the shrill screeching of a politically correct agenda, the female characters are not spared the horrors of the island any more than their male counterparts. No pornographic, slasher-flick mentality here, their untimely ends are shown as tragic and/or heroic. Though the plot is by the numbers, the cast was well chosen and the life they bring to their characters makes this a rather engaging affair. All in all, one could do a lot worse than this half-way decent little flick. I give it 2 beers up and a bowl of chips.

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Where To Buy Bob & Larrys Sunday Morning Songs By Veggietales At The Lowest Price?

Bob & Larrys Sunday Morning Songs By Veggietales

Amazon.comHad a couple of salad vegetables performed Sunday-school songs in our day the way they do here, we parents might have made it through the weekly churchgoing ritual without the regular reaming by our own moms and dads. Delivering the between-song dialogue and cartoon shenanigans that keep kids from drifting off are Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber, who whoop it up from the first track with wah-wah guitar effects, loopy lyrical improv, fellow VeggieTales guest vocalists, and a smattering of big-band swing. A kids choir provides the starch that saves Sunday morning from becoming a beta-carotene bomb. While Bob twists his tongue around mouthfuls like the mighty messiah that manifests miracles in Down in My Heart, for instance, the kids keep pace for at-home singers, wholl follow suit. Similarly, the child crooners carry on without so much as a snicker as Sgt. Larry barks out Gimme 20! in This is My Commandment and chimes in with a wacky No way! during the Dont let Satan blow it out verse of This Little Light of Mine. The originals Gods Way, Love Your Neighbor, and I Believe God Can capture hummable, child-size chunks of morality, complementing traditionals like Hes Got the Whole World and Jesus Loves the Little Children. And once Joshua fights the battle of Jericho and weve washed up in a river of peace, this record swings into section two–the split-track rerun (without the veggie character commentary). Cue it up at the crack of dawn as a pre-service snooze-prevention device–ironically, in Bob and Larrys vitamin-rich hands, church songs become less boring broccoli and more crunchy Cheetos. –Tammy La Gorce

Customer Reviews & Opinions

Great Songs for Your Junior
This is definitely a must have for the kids. It teaches them some of the songs that churches don’t sing anymore. I enjoyed listening to the Veggies’ take on some of the traditional songs. In fact I’ve taken it and incorporated some of the runs in the music into our own church’s Sunday morning music. Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did.

Fun! Kids and adults love it!
We use this for our Sunday School opening singing. It’s a very fun way to sing all the Sunday School songs we grew up with and want to pass on to the next generations.
Perfect condition – great price.

Veggie Tales CD
My daughter really likes the veggie tales right now and we already have the Veggie Tales cd “On the Road”. So, she was quite excited to receive for Easter a new veggie tales cd to listen to. And, my husband and I were quite excited to be able to hear a new set of songs while driving, since that’s all she requests when we’re in the car. I like the upbeat spin to some of these classic Sunday school songs.

Love It!!
We got this for our 3 year old and he loves it. He has listened to it over and over and over.

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High School Musical 2

High School Musical 2

High School Musical 2

Why Buy A High School Musical 2?
Fans of High School Musical can breathe easy: Based on this soundtrack, the sequel is just as good, and perhaps even better. Though its trailer asked Are you ready for the start of something new? HSM2 isnt turning the franchise into The Wire, and really is more of the same–which is, of course, totally fine by us. One of the most energetic tracks is Chad and Ryans musical/baseball number I Dont Dance, propelled by a cool big-band swing motif (fans of director Kenny Ortegas choreographic work for Xanadu will be reminded of that movies mash-up of disco and swing in the Dancin number). Once again Troy and Gabriella get the ballads, but You Are the Music in Me is a fine one and doesnt get bogged down in syrup. It also gets reprised by Troy and Sharpay in a rockier and arguably better version. This is typical of the fact that, overall, the bouncier tracks fare best: All for One (with its handclaps and surfy guitar licks), the single What Time Is It (the time of our lives, of course!), Work This Out (complete with percussive, well, workout). Of course everybodys favorite brother-sister team, Ryan and Sharpay, gets a couple of great vehicles: Fabulous and the zany, Hawaiian-flavored Humuhumunukunukuapuaa, which more than anything else sounds like a tribute to the Disney princess of the 1960s: Annette Funicello. –Elisabeth Vincentelli More High School Musical

High School Musical
High School Musical: The Concert
High School Musical (2-Disc Special Edition DVD)

Customer Reviews & Opinions

Mama likes this as much as her daughter!
I love this CD. I bought it for my 4 year old and we have a blast dancing to the tunes making up new moves and “rockin the house” as my daughter says! This is one fun CD. If you haven’t seen the movie its a must we enjoy trying to act like the characters in the movie and singing along with them. This CD gets more play then any other CD we own at this time from me and my daughter!

another great movie sequel, i was thrilled this movie lived up to my kids expectations, they so loved the first movie, we were so happy this movie was just as much fn, we’ve watched it 20 times!

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