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The Complete Decca Recordings by Count Basie – Save 10% Today!

The Complete Decca Recordings by Count Basie

Why Buy A The Complete Decca Recordings by Count Basie?
Ellingtons band had more grace and sophistication, but no big band swung harder than the incomparable Basie band. Recorded between 1937 and 1939, these 63 classics feature a cornucopia of legendary musicians: Herschel Evans big-toned, earthy tenor balances Lester Youngs ethereal tenor. Harry Sweets Edisons soaring blares complement Buck Claytons muted trumpet. Jimmy Rushings nasal, booming operatics contrast with Helen Humess precise elegance. The Freddie Green-Walter Page-Jo Jones rhythm section flawlessly anchors the driving 4/4 rhythm. And, of course, theres the leaders minimalist piano, using just the right, essential mix of boogie-woogie and stride. These three CDs are peppered with what would become jazz standards and should be a cornerstone of any music library. –Marc Greilsamer

Over 18 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Amazing sound quality
Others have commented on the music. I want to talk about the sound quality. It’s unbelievable! There is almost no scratch, pop, or surface noise on any of these CDs. And they didn’t just roll off the highs. You can hear everything. Even the hi-hat, so important in swing music and so often cut out by noise reduction, is right there at all times. Hard to believe these were recorded in the 1930s.

Nobody Swung Harder Than Count Basie
This superb box set belongs in any serious jazz collection. This is some of the best and hardest swinging jazz you will ever hear. If you are worried about the sound quality, you can stop worrying. Everything sounds crisp and clean. Whoever remastered these tracks really knew what they were doing. With great players like Lester Young, Harry “Sweets” Edison, Herschel Evans, Freddie Green, and Jo Jones, along with Basie himself, it’s impossible not to make great music. Tracks like “Jumpin’ At The Woodside”, “Topsy”, “Shorty George”, and “One O’Clock Jump” are so infectious that if you’re not feeling them you might want to check and make sure you have a pulse. There’s just no way you can not enjoy this music. So do yourself a favor and order this set right now. I guarantee you will have no regrets.

The essence of swing
This set includes all recordings Basie and his Orchestra waxed between 1937 and 1939 for Decca (including some alternate takes and and the titles with the rhythm section only). During these years the band evolved from a slightly ragged and sometimes out of tune, but always intensely swinging, amalgam of individuals to a cohesive, streamlined swing machine.
One of the great thrills is the incredible and incomparable rhythm section, so completely different in style and character from that of the ‘King’ of Swing Benny Goodman or most other swing bands, black or white, and it would be quite a while before others had mastered Jo Jones’ extraordinary use of the hi-hat and Freddy Greene’s subtle but strong beat on the guitar. Another novel voice was that of tenorist Lester Young, whose ‘hollow’ tone, minimal use of vibrato and unusual choice of notes was also radically different from what was the norm (as exempified by Hawkins, Webster and Berry). Herschel Evans of course was the tenorist who was more in line with that norm and both saxists were often pitted against each other (Evans’ tragically early death in early 1939 all but devastated Lester Young). The other soloists such as Harry Edison and Buck Clayton on trumpet, Benny Morton and Dickie Wells on trombone and vocalists Jimmy Rushing and Helen Humes (who replaced Billy Holiday, who due to contractual reasons, was prevented from recording commercially with Basie) are given ample opportunity to put their talents across as well. Basie’s delicious piano playing should need no further intorduction.
Although the band did and its arrangers did not explore the harmonic possibilities of a big band in a way that an Ellington or a Lunceford did, the set abounds with delightful, infectious music (despite the sometimes trite material), which sounds as fresh as it did seventy years ago. (The freshness would gradually wear off as the band failed to progress musically, churning out the same kind of music in the same kind of way for some 50 odd years, but that is another story).
This particular set is to be preferred over the Definitive set in that it comes complete with extensive and very informative liner notes about the band’s history and development. Arranger and solo credits (to my surprise I discovered that Fletcher Henderson and Don Redman contributed quite a few scores) and of course complete personel listings (which the Definitve issues also give) are included as a matter of course. Also the sound quality is very good, digital restoration, with John RT Davies’ name involved, being done with the utmost care (but all Decca “Legendary Masters of Jazz” issues (Herman, Barnet, J Dorsey, Eldridge Bob & Bing Crosby etc are very good). I cannot say the same of the Definitive sets (not just the Basie issues), which sound flat and shallow and presumably are not always drawn from the best sources (like the Classics issues), giving evidence at times of added reverb and pseudo stereo.
So I can safely say that this set is an essential item for anyone interested in the big bands, classic jazz and swing and good music in general. Highly recommended.

And so it begins…
I didn’t think I would like this set very much, but I couldn’t find anything written anywhere that said anything bad about these classic Decca recordings. In fact, most sources consider this a “cornerstone” of a jazz music collection and The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings: Eighth Edition (Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings) makes this part of their “core collection”. Rightly so. The sound is terrific, the music is wonderful, and Basie and his players sound like they were having fun when they were ripping through these classic tunes. I went in with high expectations and low hopes, but my expectations were more than met and my lack of faith unjustified. This is another “must have” compilation for any jazz enthusiast.

Basie-Decca days
This is the first edtion of my favorite band. Basie is also my #1 piano man. All the tracks are here, and the sound is mostly good. It is nice to have all the Decca material in one package.

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Chord Approach to Pop Piano Playing (Complete): Piano Technique by Albert De Vito – Save 25% Today!

Chord Approach to Pop Piano Playing (Complete): Piano Technique by Albert De Vito

Why Buy A Chord Approach to Pop Piano Playing (Complete): Piano Technique by Albert De Vito?
A modern method of playing popular and classic music that leads to improvisation and professional styles. Students will learn about adding chords to lead lines, arranging pieces by adding endings and fillers, modulation, and transposition. Over 65 popular songs let students practice and demonstrate their skills while they learn.


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  • Condition: NEW
  • ISBN13: 9780934286688
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Over 2 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Chord Approach to Pop Piano Playing
This is a wonderful book, it walks you through step by step. You are able to use this book as a self teaching method. Albert DeVito really did a wonderful job putting all this great information in one book (The Complete Edition).With each technique given, you have songs to practice with, you will then be able to incorporate these techniques in other songs you may wish to play. He shows you how to play Arpeggios, Boogie Woogie Bass,Walking bass Lines, Chord Substitution, Intervals, Theory of Chord Construction, Embellishments, and much more.

Well worth the cost….
Covers the basics and the finer details of what has become the most popular method of learning keyboard as an adult ie. the Chord Method of Piano wherein the melody is played by the right hand and the base chords are played by the left. Arranged in various lessons which increase in complexity as one reads.Covers chord construction and playing in a complete but easily understood manner much like the Pointer System for Piano does. However this book covers this approach to playing piano with much more depth.

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Where To Buy Waiting For Columbus By Little Feat At The Lowest Price?

Waiting For Columbus By Little Feat

Why Buy A Waiting For Columbus By Little Feat?
Few rock concert documents can match this 1978 live album for sheer musicianship, or for its full-blooded representation of one of the best live bands ever. Little Feats turbulent 70s pilgrimage had been studded with commercial detours when its second incarnation as a swampy, blues-rock sextet clicked musically, and these English and American dates, beautifully recorded by George Massenburg, capture the band in all its rowdy, precise glory. The late Lowell Georges influence had been damped down in the studio, deferring to his bandmates writing and singing, but Columbus is dominated by his gruff, lyrical vocal presence and the mercurial tang of his indelible slide guitar. With the Tower of Power Horns aboard to inject razor-sharp horn work, this romp through the Feat songbook of southern-fried rock represents a satisfying summation of the bands best works, every bit as engaging as their studio models. This is simmering, smart music measured by an honor roll of great songs with no lapses. The only caveat–and a minor one–is the deletion of two tracks to squeeze the original two LPs onto a single CD. –Sam Sutherland

Over 55 5-Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

This is the premiere all around “live” or “greatest hits” collection by the original Little Feat, featuring the late and also great Lowell George. A crowd pleasing mix of folk, funk, country, blooze, boogie woogie, and rock, Feat was always at their bizarre best in a concert setting. From a nine minute “Dixie Chicken” jam, to rollicking workouts on staples “Oh Atlanta”, “Fat Man in the Bathtub”, and “Feats Don’t Fail Me Now”, you just won’t find a finer party in a package. Kudos to the lead vocal work of guitarist Paul Barrere and pianist Bill Payne, proving Lowell George wasn’t their only interesting singer and the righteous Tower of Power horn section, who joined in on the fun fest. A minor quibble: The short track “Don’t Bogart That Joint” (an old Fraternity of Man ditty) and the funky “Apolitical Blues” from the original double LP have been omitted on this single CD. Even so, “Waiting For Columbus” stands head and Feat above almost all other concert recordings. RATING: FIVE FEAT UP

Feats, Do Yo’ Stuff
This is certainly one of the best live rock albums ever recorded, though I wouldn’t say the best. (I don’t think it knocks out Live At Leeds by The Who, The Allman Brothers Band At Fillmore East, or even Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out by The Rolling Stones – much less Hendrix at Monterey Pop.) Still, when you combine Little Feat at their peak (Lowell George above ground) with the Tower Of Power horns, you know you’ve got a red-hot evening on your hands. This CD delivers – and then some.

There’s a lot of hand-wringing out there about two songs from the original 2-LP set being dropped to squeeze the concert onto one CD, Don’t Bogart That Joint and A Apolitical Blues. Yikes. Don’t Bogart That Joint was a cheap, embarrassing song when this was released, now it’s just stupid. A Apolitical Blues is a great and witty number but readily available elsewhere if you need it that badly. Fans who require every squeal and stomp of this show should burn their bucks on the new, 2-CD reissue, complete with wave after wave of extraneous flotsam and jetsam.

The concert is fast out of the gate, Fat Man In The Bathtub was always one of Feat’s best songs and it comes on so strong you can almost feel the audience lifting off the ground. Old Folks’ Boogie grinds slow with a groove that really gets inside you. At this point the jams get longer and tend towards self-indulgence. Spanish Moon, Dixie Chicken, and Tripe Face Boogie are all great but the treatments here wander far and wee around the barnyard with inconsistent results.

Rocket In My Pocket is one of the absolute best while Willin’ – though it’s signature George – feels obligatory and out of place. Sailin’ Shoes reads a little like one would need to be sailing to “get” it. Fortunately the show closes out in grand fashion with Feats Don’t Fail Me Now, a real gottago kind of track. Despite these and other inconsistencies, Waiting For Columbus truly is a wonderful CD, and a great introduction to Little Feat.

I agree that Waiting For Columbus is all the previous reviewers have said and then some. Concerning the original CD release, I was a little miffed at the idea of 2 great songs being left off to create a 1 CD package- but fear not my fellow audiophiles- you can find them as bonus songs on “The Last Record Album” by The Feats- along with a silly “Bonus Announcement”. I also purchased the New Rhino CD upgrade of WFC back when it first came out. Has a lot of good extra stuff on it. Highly recommended listening pleasure. So there you have it- now quit your griping about left out songs. But I do agree- they should have put them on the original CD in the first place. Probaly had something to do with the 74 minute CD length at the time.

Sho is funky in heah
The prototypical shoulda-been-bigger 70s band, the Feats hit their stride here. One of rock’s finest live albums, Columbus showcases Payne’s hot keys, the band’s tight harmonies, a spankin’ rhythm section, and two great lead players. Lowell is a hell of a singer to boot, and has moments of slide genius (Sears socket!). This is a best-of from the Feat catalog (almost…lots of fine tunes in there), and every track is smokin’. The TOP horns fit in sweetly.
These boys were out to have a good time, and it shows.
Many a party has gone off the rails while this played…

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Oscar Peterson: Music In The Key Of Oscar Starring Oscar Peterson, Dizzy Gillespie, Norman Granz, Ray Brown, Herb Ellis – Save 11% Today!

Oscar Peterson: Music In The Key Of Oscar Starring Oscar Peterson, Dizzy Gillespie, Norman Granz, Ray Brown, Herb Ellis

Why Buy A Oscar Peterson: Music In The Key Of Oscar Starring Oscar Peterson, Dizzy Gillespie, Norman Granz, Ray Brown, Herb Ellis?
This riveting music documentary traces the history of piano legend Oscar Peterson, from his early days as Montreals teenage boogie-woogie sensation through his meteoric rise to international celebrity. One highlight in this treasure trove of musical gems is the legendary Oscar Peterson Trio (bassist Ray Brown and guitarist Herb Ellis) who after a twenty-year hiatus, reunited in order to prove that we still had the magic. Over 100 minutes of classic and contemporary performance, rare film footage, in-depth interviews with a cast of jazz legends and multiple Bonus Features, create a chronicle spanning five decades of Oscar Petersons unforgettable music.

Over 2 5-Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

A Fine Documentary
I’ve watched many documentaries on musicians over the years. I’ve also seen some wonderful concert videos. This DVD definitely falls in the former catagory, and those looking simply for complete concert performances should search elsewhere. That said, I was impressed with how much in the way of complete performances this particular documentary showed (more than most). Oscar Peterson says more than once-and with great enthusiasm-that this classic group of his has reached a real pinnacle in terms of chemistry and challenging interaction, and it shows in the wonderful live clips of classics like “Caravan” and “Bag’s Groove”, that you see throughout the video. As well, the biographical material is excellent, and though not completely comprehensive, at least presents an overview of the great pianist’s life and career that makes me appreciate what he’s accomplished so far (even with the stroke he suffered a few years ago, I know he’s still out there doing even more). Finally, the “extras” section of the DVD has some terrific stuff, including discography and quotes about the nature of Jazz improvisation and history that make me appreciate the man’s intellect and passion as much as his talent.

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Inspiration By Kelley Hunt

Inspiration By Kelley Hunt

Why Buy A Inspiration By Kelley Hunt?
This collection of 9 live original tracks features the stunning ballad Stronger Wings, fan favorite Queen of the 88s and Love Never Dies from a live broadcast of the celebrated radio show A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor. Joining Hunt on these live dates are Hammond B3 allstar Mike Finnigan, guitarist Miles Joseph (Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Joe Sample, Luther Allison, Albert King, Natalie Cole), drummer Bobby Lloyd Hicks (Dave Alvin, Steve Forbert, The Skeletons, The Morells), and tenor sax player Lon Price (Professor Longhair, Joan Armatrading, Bonnie Raitt, Manhattan Transfer, Patti Labelle, John Mayall, Aaron Neville, Rod Stewart).

Customer Reviews & Opinions

What an Inspiration!
After hearing Kelly Hunt perform at Boondocks in Amarillo, TX, I was sold on this lady! Not only can she play the 88′s like no one around today, but she can sing as well. Her voice can make you cry or laugh or shout out loud. What a blues singer!

Play that boogie-woogie!

I picked up Inspiration after seeing Kelley perform live, she is soooo phenomenal! Recorded live at three different venues between 1998 to 2000, Inspiration keeps the listener hooked by showcasing Kelley’s phenomenal range – from blues to gospel to boogie woogie. And while this CD only has nine tracks, only 2 are under 5 minutes, and two of them are over eight.

The CD kicks off with Kelley’s ‘lusty growl’ and killer drum beats in a story of “I-N-S-P-I-R-A-T-I-O-N” (think Aretha Franklin’s “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”), thanking an ex-lover for letting her find herself. “Stronger Wings” is a very gospel-feeling tune and Kelley’s vocals soar. “Treat Me Right”, “Back in the Saddle”, and “Forgive and Forget” are all upbeat romps that showcase Kelley’s trademark boogie-woogie style of piano playing and show her as a strong woman. The guitar throughout “Just Like Oxygen” is awesome and Kelley’s ‘bluesy’ voice grabs you and tells you a tale of wanting. “Natural Thing” is another great gospel-type tune, heavy on the piano and drums. “Love Never Dies” (Lullaby for Charles) is a soaring ballad which gives me chills when I listen to it. I saved my fave song for last…”Queen of the 88s” is Kelley’s tribute to her childhood piano teacher, Mary Burke Norton, also known as the ‘last of the red-hot mamas’. Kelley alternates between speaking the story and singing it and while it is over nine minutes in length, it not ‘long’. It is an AWESOME song!

If Mary Burke Norton was the Queen of the 88s, than Kelley Hunt is the Princess, ready to ascend the throne. She may not be mainstream, but I have never seen anyone tickle the ivories like her and I don’t think the mainstream is ready for such a talented, diverse artist!

Best CD I ever heard! Where has Kelley been hiding!!
Enjoyed the enthusiastic blue-sy voice and excellent piano! The quality was amazing and I’d buy this one AGAIN and AGAIN!! I especially enjoyed Queen of the 88′s, a great boogie beat! It’s an incredible 9 minutes long at least! I hope to see Kelley Live in concert soon.

This Lady ROCKS!
I’ve seen Kelley Hunt perform several times & she is one I will never tire of seeing. Inspiration is just the album she needed to put out to the fans as anyone who has seen her live knows this is where she truly shines! She gives it all she’s got the entire show & never, ever lets up. Queen of the ’88s is a real pleaser as it has Kelley telling us a little bit of her history & how she got to be the boogie woogie mama that she is! No one can sing & play that piano like she can – very, very powerful & clear whether it be rock n roll, the blues or gospel. And getting help from the great Mike Finnegan is just an added bonus. Check it out – people from Kansas can rock with the best of them anytime! And go to a concert when she comes to town – you won’t regret it for a moment.

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