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Where To Buy Zutano Toddler Cozie -Jacket- Pool – Size 3T At The Lowest Price?

Zutano Toddler Cozie -Jacket- Pool - Size 3T

Why Buy A Zutano Toddler Cozie -Jacket- Pool – Size 3T?
Zutano Toddler Cozie -Jacket- Pool – Size 3T

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Where To Buy U.S. Divers US Divers 5 mm Comfo High-Cut Snorkeling and Diving Boot At The Lowest Price?

US Divers 5 mm Comfo High-Cut Snorkeling and Diving Boot

Why Buy A US Divers 5 mm Comfo High-Cut Snorkeling and Diving Boot?
U.S. Divers pulls from its longtime diving heritage and expertise to produce the Comfo snorkeling and diving boot, a must for water enthusiasts who want to keep their feet feeling fine while wearing fins. Each high-cut boot features a 5 mm neoprene upper thats sturdy and comfortable enough to cushion the feet without feeling bulky. Users will also appreciate the vulcanized rubber sole, which is not only puncture-resistant but sports a rubber foxing around the sides for added durability. And thanks to the noncorrosive #10 zipper, its easy to put on and remove the boots–no contorting or excessive pulling required. Available in adult sizes 5 to 13, the black Comfo high-cut diving boot carries a two-year limited warranty.


  • 5 mm neoprene upper is sturdy, comfortable, and warm in cool currents
  • Available in adult sizes 5 to 13; 2-year limited warranty
  • High-cut snorkeling and diving boot for protecting feet while wearing fins
  • Noncorrosive #10 zipper guarantees an easy, comfortable fit every time
  • Vulcanized rubber sole with puncture-resistant layer and rubber side foxing

Over 8 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Great Booties at a Great Price! They run large though
What a great buy! I bought these U.S. Divers booties after seeing other dive boots that did not even look as durable at dive shops for 48$ and up..
I recieved these from Amazon, and immediately tried them on to get a great big smile from the great bargain I got- for $25..
VERY nice construction and re-inforcements on the top of the foot and the back of the heel.
VERY comfortable with a generously thick soft sole.
**I had read reviews that said that these run big, so I ordered my size 11 feet size 10 boots, and I ordered my fiancee’s size 7 feet size 6 boots. Both pairs fit us perfectly! Order them a size smaller than normal.
They even LOOK great!
Great product at a great price!

size too small
Well, I followed the advice of other feedback and ordered a size smaller than the shoe sizes we wear. My Womens 7 shoe size was perfect as a size 6 boot, BUT my husband’s Mens 11 shoe size was a catastrophe as a boot size 10. The size 10 boot looks more like a women’s shoe size 8 — about 2 inches shorter than my husband’s 11 shoe. Both the packaging and the boots say size 10. So, guess we’ll try another size…Boots look great. My size 6 fits great. Very comfy!

Comfy Fit and Warm
I had a pair of “Parkway” booties until I discovered “U.S. Divers”. They are amazingly comfortablewhile wearing your fins or walking around. I like the higher cut, as it allows my Body Glove wetsuit to wrap over it. 5mm is perfect for cold water, but I use it in warm as well so I don’t get blisters from my fins. The sole is a new feature which is a little thicker than most (but I still don’t understand `vulcanizing’). Most booties will have a non-corrosive zipper, but this one doesn’t need lubricating and works fine. The boot is an easy on and off fit. Easy and comfortable.

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Want by 3Oh3 – Save 29% Today!

Want by 3Oh3

Why Buy A Want by 3Oh3?
High-class rhymes, low-brow beats, and more party than the Bolshevik revolution. On their Photo Finish Records debut, recorded with noted producer Matt Squire (Boys Like Girls, Panic At The Disco) and booty bassmaster Benny Blanco (Spank Rock, Bangers & Cash), 3Oh!3 crumble their crackers into a saucy stew of hip-hop hardness, electro eroticism, and 80s pop pabulum.

Over 24 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Very good!
This album is very catchy, and the music is a lot of fun!
You should definitely check it out! :)

1.. 2… 3Oh!3
This group really knows how to put together a CD that is sure to get your head bouncing and the booties shaking. A relentless collection of Rock/Rap/Hardcore and Pop needs to be cranked to 11 to be truly enjoyed.

Give it a shot.

Great CD!
If you only heard “Don’t Trust Me” on the radio and buy the album, you might be a little bit surprised. The song sounds punky and rocky, but the album is more like a mix of rap, punk, emo, and rock. That’s not to say that it isn’t a great album; I think it’s my favorite album right now. I can’t stop listening to them! Plus, considering it’s just two white boys singing rap, they aren’t that bad. Yeah the lyrics are a little vulgar for younger kids, but if you’re looking for a good band, buy 3OH!3.

Different In A Great Way! Unique Should I say?
This is great music to workout to and also play in your car.

You have the hardcore part of the music and then it is mixed in with a melody that will have you singing along it is a great cd.

If you are looking for different unique music then this is the cd.

Rarely do I find a cd where all the tracks are good. Sadly I do not care for the last two songs but the rest of the album is worth the purchase.

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Miss Spiders Sunny Patch Kids – Save 32% Today!

Miss Spiders Sunny Patch Kids

Why Buy A Miss Spiders Sunny Patch Kids?
Everyones favorite eight-legged charmer is back! And shes beginning an exciting new chapter in her life — having babies! Like all new parents-to-be, Miss Spider and Holly worry. Do babies bite? Do they need sun? Why do they wiggle so?! Most of all they worry, Will we be good parents? But not to fear. When their ten little egglings hatch and there are eight booties knitted just in time for every one, Miss Spider and Holly discover that love at the heart of a family turns worries into bundles of joy. All ten of them!


  • Click here to view our Condition Guide and Shipping Prices
  • Condition: NEW
  • ISBN13: 9780439408707
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Over 5 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Miss Spiders Suny Patch Kids
My grandson is totally in love with Miss Spider Books. He carries them around with him all the time. When his dad tells him to get a book to read at bedtime (or anytime) he ALWAYS gets one of his Miss Spider Books.

I’d call it a classic!
I’ve been reading this book to my daughter since she was 6 months old. She loves all of the Miss Spider books. It could be the great colors or the wonderful rhymes. Maybe it’s because I adore it too! The best thing about this particular book is the fact that Miss Spider adopts babies who are not spiders. I think teaching kids that loving families don’t all look alike is a powerful message. It’s never too early to start those good messages.

A Delight!
This is another worthy Miss Spider entry. It’s fun to think of Miss Spider as a mother and a wife. She’s definitely still in charge! The rhyme is still there and fun to read.

The BEST Miss Spider Book!
My 4 year old wants me to read this book EVERY night. She’s memorized almost all the words and LOVES to finish the rhymes. Squirt learns he can pursue a noble goal – finding the mother of the egg – through lots of dangers. Parents are reassured that they ARE teaching their children to be “brave and good”. One of my favorite books… I’ll be setting it aside in my kids’ “memory boxes” for them to read to their children, and I’m buying more copies for Christmas gifts this year.

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Where To Buy Body and Soul by Eddie Jefferson At The Lowest Price?

Body and Soul by Eddie Jefferson

Why Buy A Body and Soul by Eddie Jefferson?
Japanese only SHM-CD paper sleeve (Super High Material CD – playable on all CD players) pressing. Universal.

Over 2 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Eddie Jefferson sing-talks Soul into my Body !
As a die hard King Pleasure fan I’m always looking for the same style of fine music. Via Amazon I learnd that the real great inspirior of King Pleasure was Eddie Jefferson. This ‘Body and Soul’ iss the second CD I bought from Mr. ‘Skat-Chat’ Jefferson and it’s certenly not my last !!!! Keep the music playin’ and my computer surfin’ !!

Hard Swinging Vocalese Classic On A Roll ! ! !
First, before I say another word, check out the personell on this one…
Barry Harris – Piano
James Moody – Flute, Tenor
Dave Burns – Trumpet
Billy Gene English – Drums
Steve Davis – Bass

Barry Harris and James Moody – - need I say anything more…? and if you’ve never heard Eddie before, I guess it becomes clear that this isn’t your typical Jazz vocal album. It begins with a spoken poetic tribute to him with some sweet flute in the backround… then suddenly the master walks through the door with a funky tambourine’s a shakin’ soul Jazz number that if it was a church, auditorium, Jazz club or whatever would definitely get some booties shaking…

If I’m not mistaken, Eddie was experiencing a bit of resurgence at the time this album was recorded (a.k.a. getting work). Though the Jazz master’s he traveled, toured and paid tribute to in his music loved and respected him, for the most part he did not receive the attention he deserved… however, by the time he hit the studio to record this one, he must have felt that he was on a roll… it definitely sounds like it.

Redoing a number of tunes he was already known for, and on top, chosing a repoitoire of (then) contemporary Horace Silver/Adderly type soul Jazz – - in a nutshell, this album is energetic from start to finish.

Almost all the tunes on the album are worth special mention. When Horace Silver recorded Psychadelic Sally and Filthy McNasty they were solid and funky houserockers… Eddie’s vocal versions are just as wild if not wilder, because in addition to hearing Sally and Filthy’s groove (which is DEFINITELY there), you now get to hear their story… Psychadelic Sally with her painted face… and Filthy, who hangs out in bars and has a few scars.
(A few years later Gil Scott Heron tells a similar story on one of his own albums – - a tune called “A Legend In His Own Mind”… “He’s a legend in his own mind, a god’s gift to women, on a day God wasn’t giving up a thing…”

Of course There I Go, There I Go is an Eddie Jefferson classic (its been redone countless times) – - Eddie’s vocal version of So What has also become a vocalist standard even though nothing is standard about the way he hips the listener to Miles Davis(from his solos, to his fashion and mannerisms and why he’s like that.) – - Another hard swinger on the album is Oh Gee, which like Filthy has been re-done quite well by the vocalist Kevin Mahagony (Larry Goldings on organ I believe) – - and another organist has tackled a tune on this CD as well (*ahem)… I did Eddie’s tribute to Charlie Parker via Now’s The Time (come remenisce with me, and think about bird, remember all the things he did and all the things you heard…”) on my Eddie tribute album with Giacomo which finally has a label (!) – - (“Eddie Jefferson ? What kind of market is there for an Eddie Jefferson tribute ?”)

All in all, there is no doubt that this may be the most influential Jazz album you never heard… its full of Eddie’s far out lyrics, great solos, swings hard… so what are you holding off on…. GET IT ! ! ! (Also check out his follow up to it… the equally great COME ALONG WITH ME…)

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