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Where To Buy On the Right Track by The Skatalites At The Lowest Price?

On the Right Track by The Skatalites

Why Buy A On the Right Track by The Skatalites?
Without the killer grooves and syncopated horn blasts of the always wonderful Skatalites, life on this planet would be a far duller thing. — L.A. Daily News The Skatalites are Jamaicas answer to the Motown house band and Booker T. & The MGs combined. — Rolling Stone The Skatalites took influences from jazz, calypso and US rhythm `n blues to help create the sound that dominated Jamaican sixties music … This is a must have album for anyone interested in Jamaican music and a great introduction for those who wish to learn. — BBC.co.uk More than a band, The Skatalites were and are an institution, an aggregation of top-notch musicians who didnt merely define the sound of Jamaica, they were the sound of Jamaica across the 50s and 60s. — All Music Guide The second wave of ska produced some good bands and some great music, the third wave fewer, but if you want to really hear the music played with respect for its deepest roots, you need to go to the source, and that is undoubtedly The Skatalites … The band is more musically sophisticated than many of its contemporaries were and than pretty much all of its present day imitators are. — PopMatters

Recorded in Byron Bay in 2006, On the Right Track mixes the coastal island vibes of Australias and Jamaicas hippest towns with a heavy jazz influence. Among a myriad of reissues and compilations, this album stands out as having the best new original material on an international Skatalites release since 1964. Studio sessions were held in the style of a classic jazz session, much like the one-take upbringing Studio 1 provided the group in the early days. From the late 50s into the 60s, The Skatalites transcended popular music, introducing and defining Jamaican music and culture to the world. Combining the best of American boogie-woogie with R&B, jazz, and big band swing, The Skatalites created the up-tempo syncopated island beat dubbed ska, which evolved into rocksteady and reggae. The original backing band for Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, and Toots & The Maytals, these two-time Grammy nominees have toured extensively worldwide since the 80s.

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Great introduction to The Skatalites
This is the first Skatalites album I bought, and I think it’s a great way to get into their sound. Now that I know a little more about these amazing musicians, and after hearing most of their classic 60′s records, I find this album their best since their reformation, in the 80′s.
I agree with the last review, these songs are really true to their ska roots, plus you won’t get the poor sound quality of the 60′s recordings. It’s well recorded, now you can in fact hear the bass lines and the terrific job by Lloyd Knibb on the drums. This senior citizen never got the recognition he deserves for inventing the SKA beat, which is the same beat as the reggae beat, the reggae drummers just slowed it down. I was lucky enough to see him play 2 weeks ago, with the reformed Skatalites.
The tracks sung by Doreen Shaffer are the icing on the cake.
Buy it!

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Jazz Samba by Charlie Byrd – Save 32% Today!

Jazz Samba by Charlie Byrd

Why Buy A Jazz Samba by Charlie Byrd?
Guitarist Charlie Byrd was invited to travel and play in Brazil during a cultural goodwill tour sponsored by the Kennedy administration in 1961. He was completely enamoured by the music, and when he returned, he headed straight for the recording studio to make the now classic Jazz Samba. Collaborating with Stan Getz on tenor sax and backed by a band that included Gene Byrd (bass, guitar), Keter Betts (bass), and Buddy Deppenschmidt and Bill Reichenbach (drums), Byrd forged a new and brilliant sound. American record companies were to churn out hundreds of watered bossa-pop albums that have since given the style its lounge-addled image, but this album stands as a tribute to the vitality and adaptability of jazz. –Louis Gibson

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Back in 1962, Stan Getz (tenor sax) and Charlie Byrd (acoustic guitar) collaborated to produce ‘Jazz Samba’ – an album which combines the sounds of West Coast cool jazz with the swaying rhythms of the Bossa Nova. I don’t listen to much jazz, so I’m hardly qualified to review the album from this perspective; nonetheless, ‘Jazz Samba’ has a lot of appeal for me, as someone with more mainstream tastes in popular music.

Whilst the playing of Stan Getz is far from aggressive, it is the dominant feature of the album. He has a fluent and unforced style of playing – one which gives the impression that he is breathing into the saxophone rather than blowing into it. By contrast, the delicate playing of Charlie Byrd is far more subdued. Even if there are times when his playing seems to be relegated to that of accompaniment only (at least, that’s how it struck me), he also presents the listener with a number of exquisite short solos. The supporting musicians (on acoustic bass, 2nd. guitar and drums) provide the rhythmic impetus for the album, and their playing is also a delight.

I like the whole album but, because I tend to prefer music with a somewhat slower tempo, ‘Desafinado’, ‘Samba Triste’, ‘Samba de Uma Nota So’ and ‘Bahia’ are the songs that I enjoy most. There is a bonus track (compared to the original vinyl release) but, as far as I can tell, this is nothing more than a 2 minute radio edit of ‘Desafinado’. My version of the album was advertised as ‘re-issued and re-mastered’, but the word ‘re-mastered’ appears nowhere in the liner notes/production credits. My copy is a ‘Verve Master Edition’ with liner notes boasting ‘High-resolution, 20-bit digital transfer’ – this sounds pretty impressive, and I must say that, subjectively, I thought the sound quality was exceptionally good.

‘Jazz Samba’ features a lot of fine playing from all of the musicians, and I think the sound quality is outstanding. The music creates a spacious atmosphere, and it also has a high ‘chill factor’. I think ‘Jazz Samba’ is an essential purchase for anyone who likes the sensuous and infectious rhythms of modern Latin American music.

Jazz Samba
The sound of the sax which I like Samba Triste, and hear only this is the best

Stan Getz enters the peak of TOP 20 Pop-list all over !
Jazz Samba and Bossa Nova enters the peak of pop music !
And the music lives with Stan Getz and Louis Bonfa.
I`ve got my first item on an EP`vinyl in 1964 !

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Where To Buy Crosswinds by Billy Cobham At The Lowest Price?

Crosswinds by Billy Cobham

Why Buy A Crosswinds by Billy Cobham?
First time on CD for this classic jazz album originally released in 1974 on Atlantic. Musicians include John Abercrombie, the Brecker Brothers & George Duke. 2000 release. Standard jewel case.

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Second Solo Album
Grreat 1974 release from Billy Cobham, the follow-up to “Spectrum”,, which came out the year before. Any jazz fusion album with Billy Cobham, John Abercrombie, the Brecker Brothers and George duke has GOT to be good, ifnot great……………….

Billy Cobham is one of the very greatest names in Jazz Music, period, and this album is just one of the reasons why. The playing is brilliant, jaw-dropping, amazing, and unbelievable. If you think I am overstating this, just listen to “Flash Flood”. This type of fusion jazz turned the music world upside down. Cobham is a bonafide drum hero to millions, and a music hero to many more. This is a jazz-rock masterpiece. GET IT!!

Heather rules
I have the original vinyl pressing and have been waiting for a quality high end release of this on CD. Heather my all time favorite Cobham song featuring a soaring Michael Brecker solo is timeless excellence.

Somehow sometime they need to release it as they did Spectrum will a choice of high end formats.

One Word- “Heather”
This and Spectrum have always been my favorite Cobham releases. Crosswinds features a tune called “Heather” which as one of the previous reviewers mentioned, is one of the mellowest sweetest tracks ever. Michael Breckers playing on this track is simply outstanding. The whole recording is awesome, but believe me…it’s worth grabbing for Heather alone.

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Where To Buy The 2nd Crusade by The Crusaders At The Lowest Price?

The 2nd Crusade by The Crusaders

Why Buy A The 2nd Crusade by The Crusaders?
The Second Album the Former Jazz Crusaders Recorded Originally for the Blue Thumb Label (Later Acquired by MCA). Original Members Stix Hooper, Joe Sample, Wilton Felder and Wayne Henderson Are Joined by a Trio of Guitarists, Prominently featuring Solos by Larry Carlton. (As Well as Fret Work by Arthur Adams and David T. Walker.

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Stunning 2nd release of The Crusaders
Amazing 2nd release of the group formerly known as The Jazz Crusaders. Every song is great. Funk, jazz, gospel, soul etc. all mixed together into a masterpiece of this genre that later morphed into the ubiquitous “Smooth Jazz” of the last few decades. Crusaders 1 also highly recommended.

Nice Cd to Start witth
when i first got this cd i knew i got it because i was looking for a queen latifah sample and to my amazement it was there and i heard the song in its entirety..and i must say its a really great song its number 8 and the sample comes in around 6 mins in…its recognizable horn sample to unity.

The Crusaders
The original funk. This is the standard in jazz, rock, funk fusion!

Crusaders Classic
The 2nd Crusade is one of the most classic jazz albums ever recorded. It’s one of those rare albums, with one great track after another. A must have for any true jazz lover.

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Where To Buy Mood Indigo by Little Jimmy Scott At The Lowest Price?

Mood Indigo by Little Jimmy Scott

Why Buy A Mood Indigo by Little Jimmy Scott?
Do not pass go, go directly to the Grammy awards. This is one of the most emotionally gripping, deeply satisfying vocal recitals in a month of Sundays. Jimmy Scotts roots in classic jazz and R&B give him a lifetime of experience to call upon, and now with Mood Indigo, producer Todd Barkan has placed Little Jimmy in the type of context his talent deserves. Barkan has surrounded the vocalist with a prime selection of mature modern jazzmen, self-assured in their own mastery and dedicated to the goal of creating an open, swinging canvas on which Scott can portray his genius for storytelling and emotional inflection. On Imagination, Scott evokes a chilling sense of longing and resignation, as saxophone legend Hank Crawford and harmonica player GrĂ©gorie Maret offer spare, impeccably crafted solo ripostes, which only deepen the impact of Scotts fragile, lived-in instrument. Even more engrossing is Scotts convocation with pianist Cyrus Chestnut, bassist George Mraz, and drummer Grady Tate on the title tune, one of the most harrowing readings of the standard on record. Each tune is a little gem, bejeweled with elegant details only master jazzmen can provide, as with Joe Becks sinuous alto guitar on Without a Song. Scotts ability to immerse listeners in the emotional subtext of a song, with nothing more than that eggshell falsetto, broad vibrato, and halting phrasing, is miraculous. He is the closest thing extant to the Billie Holiday of Lady in Satin, and thats saying a mouthful. –Chip Stern

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A wonderful record!
Well, I’m really not sure what to write, i just remembered that it’s possible to review stuff on Amazon so I felt like sharing some of my thoughts on this album with you…I’ve not been listening to jazz records for a long time, so far I only own three of them. My first jazz record was a Louis Armstrong, then another Armstrong and then one with Jimmy Scott. I had seen him in some jazz documentary, there many people talked about how great he was and so on but from the short clips they played with him singing I couldn’t really tell wheter I agreed or not. Well, now I know! :o ) He’s gotta be the best jazz vocalist ever, nature’s given him a great voice but it’s really in the way he uses it! This is best shown in “Mood indigo” where he starts singing a bit too slow and then his voice slowly – without letting us notice the change – starts swinging! Well, that’s about it… ;o)

Great Scott
Live or on a cd, Jimmy Scott is absolutely fabulous.

I am a Jimmy Scott fan and I find this to be one of his best. His voice and the production are excellent. This is a must for any Jimmy Scott or jazz aficionado.

What a guy!
I would never have imagined that Jimmy Scott could have bettered the performances he gave on his last album “Holding Back the Years,” but he’s done exactly that. I thoroughly enjoyed the previous album, but I think what may have moved Jimmy to surpass it are the very fine jazz instrumentalists that he’s singing with. This is an album that you want to put on, and then lie down on the couch and really listen too. This is a very satisfying jazz performance, and considering Jimmy’s age it is an even greater accomplishment. If you like Jimmy Scott, you’ll surely be very pleased with “Mood Indigo,” and if you’re not familiar with his work this album is a very special introduction.

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