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Where To Buy Standards Vol 1 by Keith Jarrett Trio At The Lowest Price?

Standards Vol 1 by Keith Jarrett Trio

Why Buy A Standards Vol 1 by Keith Jarrett Trio?
While Keith Jarrett has ranged from extended solo improvisation to classical repertoire in his career, theres a special level of discipline in his trio playing with Gary Peacock and drummer Jack DeJohnette, heard here in a 1983 recording that marked the beginning of this particular collaboration. All veterans of the Miles Davis group, they bring strong personalities to traditional jazz repertoire and the piano-trio form. Its the taut discipline of the standard repertoire and the level of group interaction that keeps this music interesting, with Jarrett digging deeply into the melodies and changes of the songs for strong ballad playing on It Never Entered My Mind and rapid-fire bop on All the Things You Are. God Bless the Child is a 15-minute odyssey, a bluesy and spirited examination of a classic jazz song highlighted by Peacocks brilliant bass work. –Stuart Broomer

Over 15 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Sing Keith Sing!
I can hardly believe that a jazz fan should mind additional growls and moans produced by the great instrumentalist; as someone raised on the e-e-e-e-e by Lionel Hampton or occasional Oscar Peterson’s mumbling, I’m really confused how can they miss that Jarrett COMPLEMENTS his subtle playing with his vocal groans and moans?

Well, to each his own, but I think this CD is a MASTERPIECE!
If you like jazz, that is…

This is one of the all time GREATEST albums
For those of you that play jazz at cocktail parties for all your psuedo sophisticated, polar neck wearing,lexus driving friends, you will horified at the odd noises KJ makes while playing. That will be all you hear, and the album will be lost to you because you’re a listener that likes the “mood” of jazz, but can’t really decipher whats good from whats truly brilliant or just plain awful(for all you KennyG lovers). Your “mood’ sensor will be distracted by strange noises against a backdrop of music you don’t understand anyway. Too bad for you, this is definately one of the most brilliant jazz albums of all time. For those of you who are inclined to write reviews that only reveal the shallowness of your understanding, please save it. Don’t even try to diss this master. Any self respecting jazz musician will, without fail, sing the praises of Jarret and the rest of the trio. Test this statement: 1 Find self-respecting Jazz Musician. 2 Ask abou the master. 3. Document results.

God Bless the Trio
Perhaps I was just naive in thinking that my own reaction would be closer to the norm, but I must say, I’m surprised and even a bit disheartened to read that so many seem to find Jarrett’s vocalizations to be such a detractant.

Twenty years ago, when I first heard a Keith Jarrett album, I thought they were odd, and slightly distracting, but I very quickly got so used to them that they’ve long since ceased to be any distraction at all, being taken as no more than the applause at a concert or the crowd noise at a sporting event.

Indeed, they’re now so expected as to be anticipated at certain moments during listening, and I smile while thinking to myself, “Ah yes, that’s still Keith sure enough.”

The fact is that Jarrett and his two mates have long been the tightest and arguably the best working trio in jazz, that this album was the commencement of that association, and that it contains what is quite likely the best instrumental version of “God Bless the Child” ever recorded.

Historically aware jazz fans will recall that Jarrett is hardly the first great pianist to habitually vocalize while at the keyboard—the inimitable Erroll Garner immediately springs to my mind—yet great he was, nevertheless, and so is Jarrett, being almost absurdly talented.

This album is surely no less a showcase for that talent than are several others, and I would hope more people would be able to focus on that talent and not obsess on the vocalizations, which even if distracting, are a very tiny price to pay for such virtuosic music.

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Where To Buy Total Eclipse by Billy Cobham At The Lowest Price?

Total Eclipse by Billy Cobham

Why Buy A Total Eclipse by Billy Cobham?
First time on CD for this classic jazz album originally released in 1974 on Atlantic. Musicians include John Abercrombie, the Brecker Brothers & Milcho Leviev. 2000 release. Standard jewel case.

Over 8 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

The Moon And The Tower!
The “Tower” is the tarot card which depicts an interruption of the normal course of things. The “Moon” tarot card signifies action overcoming lethargy. Billy Cobham successfully disrupts the sluggish rhythm of typical R&B/Jazz and slips into the beyond with an energy unheard of during this period. This album was (and still is) WAY ahead of its time!


Cobham-Musician And Composer At His Cleverist
Considering that 1974′s ‘Total Eclipse’ is Mr.Cobham’s third studio recording (and was already in pretty heady company in his catalog even when it came out) this is a likely candidate for Cobham’s best album and trust me I have heard most of them.Why?Because with the exception of the closing “Last Frontier” (a drum solo) this album is basically devoid of alot of flashy bombastic drumming on Cobham’s part.Just great use of sustained intensity on the wonderful “Solarization” suite.
The title concepts for most of these tunes refer to various astronomical phenomenon.And in the case of the ultra funky “Lunarputians” just an excuse to use aliens as an excuse to groove (a concept later used with vocals by a guy named George Clinton).Some elements of this album are very heavily jazzy such as “Sea Of Tranquillity” and the title track emphasizes one of the most important parts of this albums appeal-the tunes here are some of the all time best compositions
Cohbam has created.
It wasn’t exactly a bad thing either that Billy had the help of ‘The Billy Cohbam Players’ as they are credited.These players include John Abercrombie,the Brecker’s, and the magnificant Alex Blake on bass.And I say that funnily in tribute to some community radio DJ’s in my neck of the woods playing acoustic jazz who love to list EACH band member followed by the instrument they play.They probably would never play an album like this on their shows but if I had a radio show I sure would play this….okay MASTERPIECE and proudly list the musicians and what they play because without Billy AND the mutual collaberation of these great artists this album would’nt be exactly what it was.Integrity at it’s finest!

Absolutely the BEST
Cobham is the best drummer and on this album he shows his composing ability. Total Eclipse is by far the best in the Cobham collection in my book. John Abercrombie’s guitar work is great and the opening piece will leave you on the edge of your seat. There’s a little funk and a little jazz and a whole lotta great drumming throughout. GET THIS MUSIC IN YOUR HANDS!!!!

Delivery of “Total Eclipse”
Very good service, and a very good album. I remember this from my college days in the 70′s and it brings back many good memories. Thanks for the excellent service, 5 stars.

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Know What I Mean by Bill Evans – Save 8% Today!

Know What I Mean by Bill Evans

Why Buy A Know What I Mean by Bill Evans?
Alto saxist Cannonball Adderly and pianist Bill Evans, bandmates on Miles Daviss epochal Kind of Blue, were band leaders by the time they teamed up in 1961 for this moody, yet lyrical, date. Though remastered with state-of-the-art digital technology, Riverside has kept the original artwork and liner notes, maintaining the flavor of this classic jazz LP. Adderlys robust, bluesy tone and buoyant phrasing make for an interesting contrast to Evanss rainy-day introspection. Coupled with the light touch of drummer Connie Kay and the gentle probing of bassist Percy Heath, the music projects a sophisticated and relaxed mood. On the sensitive ballads, such as Goodbye and Elsa, Adderly reveals his after-hours side, reveling in the fullness of his rich sound. –Wally Shoup

Over 20 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Very nice jazz album – it swings!
I’ve been listening to Jazz heavily for years now, but I just checked out “Know What I Mean?” by Cannonball recently. I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to actually listen to this album, but it was worth the wait. The group just plays so well together and with Cannonball and Evans fresh from their working with Miles it’s nice to hear how well they play together. The rest of the rhythm team – Percy Heath on bass and Connie Kay on drums – work very well together from their working with the Modern Jazz Quartet. It’s just top notch jazz — while I’d love to hear Bill Evans stretch a bit more his statements are very nice. His Village Vanguard recordings from the same year is a great example of the best jazz interplay, this group maintains a different type of interplay (not better or worse just different) with Bill (and Cannonball) responding to the rock solid rhythm. If you neglected to check this one out, like I did, now is the time to check it out!

Great Combo Playing Great Jazz
This is a fascinating collaboration. The result is far more rewarding than words can convey. Adderly is playing neither at his most blazing, or his most edgy; rather, he just lays back, relaxes and has fun singing out on some fairly straight-forward, cheerful standards. He occasionally lets his “Charlie Parker” show, but his performance is mostly “engaging”. It’s also technically wonderful, but the joy of the performance is what holds you.

Adderly shows his typical generosity with his guest musician. Bill Evans is just a few months removed from his legendary Village Vanguard performance. He might as well be hours away – his intriguing voicings and sparse accompaniments are very identifiable. However, he is not constantly trading off licks with the bass player like he did with his regular bassist Scott LaFaro; he has more room to work when it’s his turn to solo, so his playing is busier than when he plays with his LaFaro trio. Evans fans may miss LaFaro, but it is a rare treat to hear Evans do all the heavy lifting when it’s his turn to solo (at least in this stage of his career).

As a Bill Evans fan, I’m already covered up in “Waltz for Debby” renditions and thought this track would be a throw-away, especially since I have not been enamored with horn parts on the song. What a surprise – this version has quickly become my favorite version of the song and is one of my favorite cuts on the CD.

As a final note, the recording is “just right” here. There is a nice sense of space on this record that puts the listener right in the middle of things. The mix allows everyone to be heard clearly and stands out precisely because it is completely transparent.

These guys can play circles around just about anyone, but because they don’t let their technique overtake the music here and let the fun show through, this is a very successful recording as a result.

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Where To Buy Bending New Corners by Erik Truffaz At The Lowest Price?

Bending New Corners by Erik Truffaz

Why Buy A Bending New Corners by Erik Truffaz?
1999 release for the critically acclaimed French jazz & drum n bass trumpet player, winner of the 1991 Prix Special, Frances coveted jazz award. Ten tracks including, Sweet Mercy, Arroyo & More. Blue Note.

Over 8 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

An awesome listen….
I have THE DAWN, its a bit short but a great aural experience. This album though, takes the sound concept even further. Live Drums and percussion take form of acoustic drum n’ bass and hip hop(seigfried is brilliant), and the time signatures are not always 4/4, so thats kind of interesting. Muller on the piano and fender rhodes is as imaginative in his lines and chord progressions as could be, the bass is agressive and makes a statement, Nya is philosophical in his rapping, die hard hip hop fans may find this kind of music a tough swallow, but for creative and progressive minds, this just breaks any genre barriers. Eric truffazs’ lines are a bit miles davis like on some songs, but he flows from mood to mood and is relentless; the blowing technique he uses is kind of unique because it sounds quite ambient and soft and smooth as opposed to the usually heard brassy timbre.
This is an essential keep for any collector of jazz and cutting edge sounds and rhythms.

Just listen to it !!!!!!
This is what I call pleasure.
Can’t put it in words.

Bending New Corners – Breaking Old(/All) Borders
F A N T A S T I C !!!!! Where else can you hear such a great combination of classic and modern jazz, ballads and live drum&bass???

jazzy d’n'b (an example of successful fusion)
This is a superb album, with a great drum’n'bass drummer (with whom I worked I’m proud to say !!)…
Jazz and drum’n'bass are superbly blended in these finely composed tunes, and all of it is played with live instruments, which gives it that extra feel… You’ll find a little classic jazz, some powerful bass lines, some awesome drumming, some superb piano work, an ambient trumpet, some great intros, a small masterpiece…
I strongly recommend you get this CD, should you like jazz, drum’n'bass, ambient or the like, this album will cater for your needs. This is definitely the best Truffaz effort so far (to my mind), although “the Dawn” is good too, if not a little short.
“The Mask” was made for the American market and contains only instrumental work (however all the tunes come from “Bending New Corners” and “the Dawn”), since Blue Note apparently thought that the singer was superfluous on the tunes on which he appears. I personnally don’t agree with Blue Note on that one, and strongly recommend you get “Bending New Corners” !!

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Where To Buy New York Fever by The Toasters At The Lowest Price?

New York Fever by The Toasters

Why Buy A New York Fever by The Toasters?
Songwriter and Moon Ska Records CEO Rob Hingleys smooth, American-inflected vocal renditions of his original tunes and covers like Night Train mix neatly into this top-ranking outfits authentic-yet-elastic revival sound. And while New York Fever is founded on the best of the Jamaican and U.K. ska scenes, it also burns with the special fever of the hyperactive New York City outpost of skas international cosmos. The band is nothing short of stunning, with brilliant bursts of horns punctuating an airtight rhythm section that just wont stop. Every track provides the speedy rush that ska heads crave, but Johnny Forsake Her deserves mention for its inventive update on an older classic jazz style. With their Skaboom debut, Thrill Me Up, and this record, the Toasters set the galloping pace every other band has to follow today. –Elena Oumano

Over 1 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

SKA makes me wet my willie!!!
I could Skank 24 hours straight to this off beat masterpiece! If you’re to hip to be cool, then you sure as hell should have this in your CD selection! Original Rude Boy Style

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