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MPI A Touch of Frost: Season 14 starring David Jason – Save 50% Today!

A Touch of Frost: Season 14 starring David Jason

Why Buy A A Touch of Frost: Season 14 starring David Jason?

Award winning actor David Jason (Only Fools And Horses) returns as maverick detective Jack Frost in three intriguing new episodes of the successful crime drama series. In the first, a murderer is released from prison, and with grim new evidence – the body of the murdered woman killed 20 years before – Frost is forced to question everything that happened all those years ago. In the second, Frost is involved in a race against the clock to rescue kidnap victims, and solve a twisted revenge plot. In the third episode, a shallow grave is uncovered and three bodies are discovered. Could this be a ritual killing?

Featured Episodes:
Mind Games
Dead End
In the Public Interest

Over 8 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

A Touch of Frost: Season 14
Very good, but then all his series are. The English detective series tend to be more realistic, I believe, than a lot of their American counterparts. The characters are developed more – ie they are warts and all.

More excellent Frost.
Much better than the 13th “Season”…we get to see a world-weary but still sharp Detective Frost work through some twists and turns…all three episodes are great entertainment..only downside is the sound-track volume that fluctuates wildly from time-to-time…

Fans of Frost will not be disappointed!

Great series, but
I have all of the inspector Frost series and have enjoyed immensely the gruffiness of the title character and the well played mysteries he undertakes to solve. There is quite an array of characters, all of them likeable in some way, even Supt. Mullett. But in this set the enthusiasm for the show seems to have waned a bit. Still good and worth owning but all of the key actors have aged and the writing is not quite up to par with the previous series. David Jason is still great and I would like to see more of Frost. But I think I read somewhere that he is retiring from the series, possibly this year. Without him the show would not be the same since he truly embodies the character created by R.D. Wingfield in his “A Touch of Frost” books. Again, a great series if you are a fan but if you are thinking of buying this as your first Frost DVD, go back and view the earlier series first. You will be able to see what an entertaining series this is.

Jack Frost Is Still My Favorite Detective
There are a couple of reasons why Jack Frost, played by, David Jason, scores high with me. First, I am 61 and I enjoy seeing an older detective solving cases. Even though he may not be able to physically keep up with most everyone else, his brain is as sharp as ever, and he leaves everyone in the dust mentally. Secondly, when he came as Del-Boy (Only Fools And Horses) to American tv-dvd, he completely won my heart for all time and it is hard not to like him in just about anything.

There are three really solid mysteries here, which is a real improvement over the prior season. I’m looking forward to seeing this a second time as I really see so much more going on during a second viewing.

If you buy the audio versions of the novels from the UK, you can get David Jason reading them. You cannot get these from a USA seller. I’ve listened to the USA audio novels and they are pretty good. I’ve read the print novels and they are pretty good too but there weren’t that many of them so they are way, way beyond those novels in this series. I’ve noticed that Frost and Mullet have developed a grudging respect for one another this far along in the tv series. Mullet has become more likable too. That is NOT in any of the novels. In fact, he is a bigger idiot in the novels than in the tv shows. However, the author died after too few Frost novels so there’s no telling where he might have gone with Mullet had he lived to tell the tales himself.

A Touch of Frost: Season 14
Like a good wine Frost gets better with age. Just wish there was more.

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Where To Buy Lions Gate Diamond Men starring Robert Forster, Donnie Wahlberg, Bess Armstrong, Jasmine Guy, George Coe At The Lowest Price?

Diamond Men starring Robert Forster, Donnie Wahlberg, Bess Armstrong, Jasmine Guy, George Coe

Why Buy A Diamond Men starring Robert Forster, Donnie Wahlberg, Bess Armstrong, Jasmine Guy, George Coe?
Eddie is an aging traveling diamond salesman working the back roads of Pennsylvania. He’s developed longstanding relationships with his clients and prides himself in his knowledge of the trade. After a heart attack, management deems him too high a risk to be carrying the expensive collection of diamonds. His last assignment is to train a rookie salesman, Bobby, whose cocky sales tactics promise to estrange Eddies long-standing clientele. Needless to say, the relationship between the two men gets off to a rocky start but eventually, the two find that each has something valuable to offer the other.

Over 21 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

A Delightful Surprise – Loved it, loved it, loved it
I had never heard of this film until it was shown at our Cinema Society, with an in-person visit from Robert Forster. It is a totally charming, very funny, light-hearted but very human crime drama/comedy and redeeming love story. Bess Armstrong is terrific. So it the plot and surprise ending. Brilliant, this was a cinema favorite this year. A great Indie film, it won’t disappoint. (Not a chick flick.) Too bad it got very limited release.

Great Independent Movie
Great movie, don’t know why most people missed this. Starts strange, but one of those movies where when you get to the end, you really like the whole experience. Amazon shipped quicker than they said. Great job Amazon.

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SONY PICTURES HOME ENT Shottas starring Ky-Mani Marley, Spragga Benz, Paul Campbell (IV), Louie Rankin, Wyclef Jean – Save 36% Today!

Shottas starring Ky-Mani Marley, Spragga Benz, Paul Campbell (IV), Louie Rankin, Wyclef Jean

Why Buy A Shottas starring Ky-Mani Marley, Spragga Benz, Paul Campbell (IV), Louie Rankin, Wyclef Jean?
In Jamaican patois, a gangster is a shotta or shot-caller. Like The Harder They Come and Third World Cop, Cess Silvera choreographs his crime drama to a reggae beat. Bob Marley’s son Stephen provides the music, while Wyclef Jean drops by as a dealer. The saga begins in late-1970s Kingston. Teenagers Biggs (J.R. Silvera) and Wayne (Carlton Grant Jr.) have had their fill of poverty, so they get a gun and start looting and shooting like the shottas they idolize. Flash forward 20 years and Biggs (Stephen’s actor/musician brother, Kymani Marley) has just been deported from the States. He picks up where he left off, joining Wayne (DJ Spragga Benz) and the psychopathic Mad Max (Paul Campbell, Dancehall Queen) in the thug life. As with Pacinos Tony Montana, Miami is their ultimate port of call. Silvera acknowledges the debt to Brian De Palmas Scarface, but there isnt as much drama here–just a lot of violence (spurting blood is a running motif). Cinematographer Cliff Charles uses all manner of visual trickery to lively up the joint, like grainy black and white, slow motion, and jump cuts. The soundtrack also helps to keep things moving, but its hard to feel sympathy for those who feel no sympathy for anyone but themselves. Vicious as he was, Montana still had a smidgen of sensitivity. As with The Harder They Come, this English-language production is subtitled due to strong accents and pervasive slang. –Kathleen C. Fennessy

Over 34 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

I first heard about this movie from watching the previews on DVD of another movie I was watching, so I rented the movie and was blown away!!

I now own my own copy of Shottas and never tire watching… each time is like watching for the first time.

The story is a powerful one! I can understand why this movie has quickly spread via the underground, but I do not understand why Shottas hasn’t received the full recognition it deserves from Hollywood.

If you love ScarFace then you’ll love Shottas even more is all I have to say.

I’m so glad there were subtitles…lol and the Shottas dictionary, there was no way I would’ve understood what some things being said were. I didn’t know how one word “bloodclat” could have so many synonyms: bumboclaat, rassclaat and pussyclaat, lol.

I can’t wait until the sequel comes out!!

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Where To Buy UNI DIST CORP. (MCA) The Underneath starring Peter Gallagher, Alison Elliott, William Fichtner, Adam Trese, Joe Don Baker At The Lowest Price?

The Underneath starring Peter Gallagher, Alison Elliott, William Fichtner, Adam Trese, Joe Don Baker

Why Buy A The Underneath starring Peter Gallagher, Alison Elliott, William Fichtner, Adam Trese, Joe Don Baker?
Whereas most movie remakes are straightforward updates of older (and usually better) movies, this 1994 crime drama tries to revitalize an old story with a few tricks of its own. Using the 1949 film noir thriller Criss Cross as his primary inspiration, director Steven Soderbergh takes a different, stylistically adventurous approach to the story of a habitual screwup (Peter Gallagher) who returns to Austin, Texas, for his mothers wedding and tries to pick up where he left off. He left a lot of people angry at him, including his abandoned wife (Alison Elliott) and some book-makers looking for payment on old debts. He concocts a robbery scheme after taking a job with an armored car company, and from that point forward Underneath lives up to its title, using multiple flashbacks to relay the story of a man who slips below the border of propriety and gets himself into all kinds of trouble. Although its too low-key to generate consistent excitement, the movie draws you in with its intriguing plot and characters, and the flashback structure keeps you guessing about what will happen next. Not a great film by any means, but in hindsight it can be viewed as valuable preparation for Soderberghs highly underrated 1998 thriller Out of Sight. –Jeff Shannon

Over 8 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Underneath Much Under-rated
I have read the other reviews of this film and I am disappointed. Certainly, the film’s narrative style contains jumps from one time period to the next. But that would only be interesting if the script and performances were interesting, too. And they are excellent. The film screwdly portrays the hero as a witty, angst-ridden nihilist surrounded by other nihilists (Tommy D and the hero’s ex)who are one, and two, steps ahead of the hero, respectively (of course the Joe-Don Baker figure is three steps ahead). The unpretentious psychological depths of the film are one of its strongest features: Michael wears his Dad’s suit to his mother’s wedding, misuses the word “divorce” for marry” with respect to his mother. The homely, trite, but nevertheless tender relation between the mother and her new husband is a wonderful counterweight to Michael and Rachel’s wicked (though much sexier) egotism. Settled age, age that has seen its limits, lived a lot, and wants the pleasures of company and routine are counterpoised to Rachel’s cunning, calculating, perverse ambition. The brother figure – brilliantly acted – is an alternative to Michael – for he is dutiful to his mother and law-abiding. And yet, he also simmers with plots, and secretly envies his brother’s bad-boy charm, good looks, and way with women. Michael tells his brother, in effect, that only the exhilirating, selfish highs make life worth living: winning a bet, seduction, etc. “There’s what you want, and there’s what’s good for you. And they never meet.” That’s pretty good writing, and a good example of the diamond-hard-boiled phrasing that this excellent work is full of. I really detest pseudo-knowledgeable film reviews that tell you “the plot lags” or that there are “flashbacks-within-flashbacks.” Who cares about special effects for their own sake? This is a movie that brilliantly weds selfishness with our common existential yearning for more and more possibility. It is a morality tale to the extent that it shows how destructive can be the pursuit of total ego-gratification, but it shows us this without also denying that Mom’s tranquillity and comfort in old age consists in a vacant stare into the television, hoping to win the lottery. A watered down form of the same despair her son expresses through gambling, irony, and deceipt. A magnificent film.

underrated classic from director soderburgh……
style over substance wins out at the end of this classic, but the performances are excellent and easily overcomes this problem. a remake of “criss cross”, this is twist upon backstabbing twist until finally everbody is turning secretly against each other. mind you, it is slowmoving yet atmospheric.
it seduces you into its neon lit world and brings into one hell of a story. confusing at times since it flashbacks from past to present continously, it always manages to stay intense. alison elliott is amazing as the coldhearted, icy girlfriend. ["The Spitfire Grill" is another film starred in, also a good movie].

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6ixtynin9 starring Black Pomtong, Lalita Panyopas, Sirisin Siripornsmathikul, Tasanawalai Ongarittichai – Save 10% Today!

6ixtynin9 starring Black Pomtong, Lalita Panyopas, Sirisin Siripornsmathikul, Tasanawalai Ongarittichai

Why Buy A 6ixtynin9 starring Black Pomtong, Lalita Panyopas, Sirisin Siripornsmathikul, Tasanawalai Ongarittichai?
Shortly after losing her job, Tum finds a mysterious noodle box full of money on her doorstep. The clever beauty attempts to hold on to the loot and soon finds herself at the center of a thrilling, high stakes caper between Thai boxing gangsters, corrupt executives and the bungling authorities.

Over 9 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

An amazing introduction to Thai Film!
“A Funny Story about 6 and 9″ kept me enthralled the entire way through! Every time I’ve seen it. I must have seen it at least five times in the past year and a half. Not quite a travelogue, but definitely a window into a different world, blending the cinematic worlds of Thailand, crime drama, and melodrama, the film actually works best with an open mind and a fluid interpretation to what these genres “signify.” Enjoy the darkly comedic underbelly of Bangkok by one of Thailand’s groundbreaking directors… 6ixtynin9

What a Coincidence!?
This movie is a really good example of chance,karma,yin yang,and any crazy situations that you can think of, that in the end would bit you in the butt! The main character finds money on her door step after loosing her job and has to decide whether to keep it. Obviously it belonged to someone else and they (criminals of course) will do anything to get it back. The dirty money was for a rigged kick boxing match, and she ends up in the middle of the search for the money because she has it. From cop to hit men, to her boss, and her best friend, all end up in the middle of it and die in the process. If there is anything you can learn from this movie, it doesn’t matter how desperate you are, never take anything that doesn’t belong to you!

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