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Where To Buy The Amazing Dr Clitterhouse VHS starring Edward G Robinson Humphrey Bogart Claire Trevor Allen Jenkins Donald Crisp At The Lowest Price?

The Amazing Dr Clitterhouse VHS starring Edward G Robinson Humphrey Bogart Claire Trevor Allen Jenkins Donald Crisp

Why Buy A The Amazing Dr Clitterhouse VHS starring Edward G Robinson Humphrey Bogart Claire Trevor Allen Jenkins Donald Crisp?
A stylish, often amusing crime drama, this 1938 feature revolves around a central, improbable plot twist that consciously serves its casting against type: as the eponymous doctor, Edward G. Robinson, who had helped define the Warner Bros. style for gritty gangster sagas, jettisons his signature snarl in favor of a plummy, vaguely English accent that underlines his urbane sophistication. Dr. Clitterhouse is a creature of privilege who embarks on a criminal life not out of desperation, but rather through intellectual curiosity; instead of slouch hats and suits, he has marcelled hair and first appears in white tie and tails. He begins pulling off perfect jewel thefts as research into the criminal mind, but his gradual immersion in New Yorks shadowy demimonde of thieves and fences eventually finds the good doctor between those two worlds.

Robinsons principal foils stick closer to their studio strong suits. Humphrey Bogart is Rocks Valentine, a sturdy if familiar variation on the hoods and have-nots that were his early stock in trade at the studio. Bogarts fence and former paramour is Jo Keller, played by Claire Trevor as glamorous, streetwise, and otherwise decent, apart from her knack for larceny. When the doctor asks her to fence his glittering contraband, shes intrigued, and Clitterhouse, known to the hoods only as the Professor, becomes their strategist. Jo is clearly falling for him, while Rocks is visibly jealous of the fastidious strangers rising influence and romantic rivalry.

In keeping with its ultimately goofy premise, the story navigates some eccentric plot turns with an aplomb that can be credited to the solid cast (including other studio stalwarts such as Allen Jenkins, Ward Bond, and Donald Crisp) and the three principals, who would work off each other to much more riveting effect a decade later in Key Largo. –Sam Sutherland

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Where To Buy Fangs for the Memories The Young Brothers Book 1 by Kathy Love At The Lowest Price?

Fangs for the Memories The Young Brothers Book 1 by Kathy Love

Why Buy A Fangs for the Memories The Young Brothers Book 1 by Kathy Love?
Oh, Brother!

Im watching my brother swagger through our New York City apartment…smiling. Rhys, the detached, surly man who turned brooding into an art form. But hes not brooding now. No, hes practically threatening to pistol whip me for shaking hands with the beautiful, half-dressed creature named Jane who just tried to sneak out of his bedroom. Weird. Brother Grim has a sex drive?

Thats not all that has me freaked out. Something terrible happened last night, something that made Rhys break his own rule and save the life of a mortal. Trouble is he doesnt remember anything from the past two hundred years. Like that hes a vampire, not a Regency viscount with an English accent.

All I know is this mortal woman has managed to touch my brothers frozen heart, and I, Sebastian Young, will do whatever it takes to help him keep her…


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  • ISBN13: 9780758211323
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Over 42 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

amazing book
Rhys is not used to being with someone who is truly good for him. He meets Jane and falls for her. Jane becomes a vampire just like Rhys. All and all, this is a fascinating read, interesting indeed.

“Oh, my” Indeed =^D
So I give this a 4.5 rather…And on a funny note, my book cover is definitely not the one you see on the amazon page. lol. I have this cheap looking cover with a yellow background and this vampire cape with pink kiss marks near the collar :) haha. Not the hunk I see dipicted now…

But I guess that goes along with its title, as well. “Fangs for the Memories.” Ha. You’d think with a name like that and with the cheesy book cover I got, the story would be ‘lightheartiness.’ Oooh, but oh no.

The pacing of the book is rather good. Appropriate to the situations that arise. Basically, the main focus of the story is that Rhys has been overcome with selective amnesia and Jane has been enlisted by Sebastian to look after the 19th century viscount….

This ridiculous happenstance calls for humorous attempts by Sebastian to keep things running smoothly and for us to get a full view of the budding relationship between Rhys and Jane.

As for the romance; if you really like a romance story, this book is worth getting. At first, I was hesitant to see a romance occur between Jane and Rhys because he wasn’t his bitter, brooding self anymore. He was the Rhy before the change and therefore MORE different so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see this sort of falsehood. But in reality, that IS Rhys. Naturally. He has just made himself numb with grief and guilt over the fact that he thinks he failed protecting his family (as he was the head of it.)

Then comes along Jane and the moment he notices her, is connected to her, you KNOW they will have their shot at romance. At not being alone or lonely anymore. A gratifying chance to feel ALIVE and be alive and happy, safe, cared for….So many good things about LOVE.

That’s why I love this book. You are constantly reminded of what they both have been through and how they can’t help feel this strong emotions for one another…It does not let up. The author demands you knowing that from what they’ve been through (heavy, dark pasts) it only makes the love they were meant to share all the more special, true, “fated.” There are many sweet moments in this book. Very honest moments. Definitely worth reading.

“Please, please let us be destined to be.” ah, simply to be. I revel in that simplicity, yet it means so much.

The villian, Christian, is written very well. And I only do not give it a full 5 stars because I wish the love scenes could have been improved more :) Though you MUST know that Kathy Love knows no need to rush the love scenes. My goodness, they were the longest I have yet to read. VERY detailed, yet classy and erotic at the same time. Rhys is such a giver in bed and I know he gets just as much through Jane’s reaction. However, I do wish we had more scenes with Jane giving him her total devotion rather than Rhys always giving her attention. Not that that’s bad. It’s just I wish she took more control for a few more times in the book ;) Oh and maybe another love scene near the end would have been awesome!!

Fang you :D

A slightly different take on the vampire genre
Fangs for the Memories by Kathy Love has a slightly different take on the contemporary romantic vampire genre. A vampire with amnesia? Rhys is a 200-hundred year old vampire who one night saves Jane from an attack. There is an immediate attraction between the two of them. During the attack though, Jane loses her necklace so she decides to go back and get it. When she does, she finds Rhys being viciously attacked by his brother, Christian, who wants to kill him. Christian hurriedly leaves the scene, but not before wiping out Jane’s memory of him. When Jane wakes up the next day, she is in bed with Rhys. Neither one of them can remember what happened the night before, plus Rhys has selective amnesia. He doesn’t realize that he is a vampire. He thinks that he is living in London as a viscount around 200 years ago. His other brother, Sebastian, tells Jane to go along with him so as not to confuse him. Jane still doesn’t know that Rhys is a vampire. Sebastian asks Jane to stay and help him take care of Rhys until his memory comes back. The only thing is now Rhys thinks that Jane is his fiancee. This just makes it even harder for Jane because she is falling head over heels in love with Rhys. She is worried though about what will happen when Rhys gets his memory back. Will he still want her and or will he see her as how she sees herself, Plain Jane. And Christian still wants to take revenge against Rhys because he blames him for his lover’s death. There are some very humorous moments and some very steamy moments in the book. It made me interested in reading the others in this series. 5 stars!

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TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX HOME ENT Charleys Aunt starring Jack Benny Kay Francis James Ellison Anne Baxter Edmund Gwenn – Save 10% Today!

Charleys Aunt starring Jack Benny Kay Francis James Ellison Anne Baxter Edmund Gwenn

Why Buy A Charleys Aunt starring Jack Benny Kay Francis James Ellison Anne Baxter Edmund Gwenn?
Nothing says comedy like a man in a dress, and Charleys Aunt is the archetypal man-in-a-dress comedy. In desperate need of a chaperone so they can woo their sweethearts, two college lads named Jack and Charley persuade their friend Fancourt (Jack Benny, one of the all-time great radio and television comics) to masquerade as Charleys aunt from Brazil, who had failed to arrive. Of course, the aunt also shows up (and is also in disguise), but not before Benny has had ample opportunity to run amok in petticoats while being chased by fortune-hunting beaus. Though the storys social milieu is woefully dated–the need for a chaperone is just the beginning–the movie has a number of classic comic bits that remain funny. Charleys Aunt doesnt suit Bennys dry style of humor as perfectly as does his next film, To Be or Not to Be, and Bennys English accent is a bit hit and miss, but he milks his wig and bloomers for all theyre worth. Also starring Kay Francis (Trouble in Paradise), Edmund Gwenn (Miracle on 34th Street), Laird Cregar (Heaven Can Wait), and a very young Anne Baxter (All About Eve). Extras include a chipper commentary from film historian Randy Skretvedt (who rattles off dozens of Jack Benny anecdotes) and a goofy promotional short in which Benny, Tyrone Power, and Randolph Scott compare their upcoming roles. –Bret Fetzer


  • Charley Wyckham and Jack Chesney pressure fellow student Fancourt Babberly to pose as Charleys Brazilian Aunt Donna Lucia. Their purpose is to have a chaperone for their amorous visits with Amy and Kitty, niece and ward of crusty Stephen Spettigue. Complications begin when Fancourt, in drag, becomes the love object of old Spettigue and Sir Francis Chesney System Requirements: Runnining Ti

Over 17 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Some really good laughs here,in this fun,clean comedy.
Saw the DVD copy of this last night,and enjoyed it immensely.It’s really funny,and the quality of the copy of a 1941 film is excellent. Comedy lovers age 10 and up should have fun with this,unless they only find profanity, crude/toilet humor and sexual innuendo a must,because they are absent from Charley’s Aunt.

Funny Funny
Jack Benny was a very fine comic actor which we all have seemed to forget–his performance in this is execellent..as are the other players. Oh it’s an old farce to be sure, but it has great characters and great character actors along with a very young Ann Baxter and a very beautiful Kay Francis. For those of you who like a great comedy, and fine acting this is one you will love.

Where the nuts come from!
If you liked the play, you’ll like the movie. If you’ve never seen the play, you may need to remind yourself of when this story was written, and when it was filmed. I could never picture Jack Benny in this role, and yet he was excellent. As for the DVD itself, the audio is a little weak in places, but the picture is remarkably sharp. Well worth the purchase if you enjoy this genre of classic comedy.

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A&E The Jewel in the Crown (25th Anniversary Edition) starring Peggy Ashcroft, Charles Dance, Art Malik – Save 12% Today!

The Jewel in the Crown (25th Anniversary Edition) starring Peggy Ashcroft, Charles Dance, Art Malik

Why Buy A The Jewel in the Crown (25th Anniversary Edition) starring Peggy Ashcroft, Charles Dance, Art Malik?
The Jewel in the Crown, adapted from Paul Scotts Raj Quartet novels, tells the story of the final years before India gained independence in 1947. It is rare for a filmed adaptation to successfully preserve the richness and complexity of a great novel, but this epic miniseries succeeds both as personal drama and historical panorama.

In 1942 Daphne Manners, a naive young woman newly arrived in the town of Mayapore, befriends Hari Kumar, an Indian-born journalist who has spent most of his life in England. With his dark skin and educated English accent, Hari feels like an outsider wherever he goes, but Daphne understands his plight and they become romantically involved. Their developing relationship is jealously observed by local police chief Ronald Merrick, a man haunted by his own demons. When the lovers are attacked in the gardens of the ruined Bibighar palace and Daphne is raped, Merrick seizes his opportunity, pins the crime on Hari, and has the young man jailed. Distraught, Daphne flees to her aunts home in Kashmir, where she dies giving birth to a half-caste child. The focus then shifts to Sarah Layton, a young Englishwoman who becomes fascinated by the story of Daphne and Hari, and who will have her own encounter with Ronald Merrick.

The events in the Bibighar gardens become a symbol of the violent struggle for Indian independence, and other symbols–Daphnes bicycle, a length of butterfly lace, a picture of Queen Victoria on an Indian throne–appear and reappear, linking people and events. This helps to give coherence to the plot even as it spans five years and expands to include many characters whose lives intersect in complex and unexpected ways.

With a huge cast and breathtaking location photography, The Jewel in the Crown was an enormous undertaking when it was made in the early 1980s. Twenty years later it has lost none of its power, and it remains one of the best films ever made for television. –Simon Leake

Over 64 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

The Jewel in the Crown
I’ve not had an opportunity to watch this fine series since it was originally shown on PBS in the mid-80s. This 25th Anniversary Edition is itself a jewel. The shipment arrived from Amazon both promptly & in excellent condition.

A Jewel in Television Production
Made when a budget for a project such as this was still realistic and the creme of talent were proud of their ability to perform for the camera and the public rather than big bucks and self promotion, this series is outstanding! The British Raj comes to life as if it were taken from individual life videos of each character portrayed. It has everything suspense,mystery,passion,love and death! Historically believable. It is a series you can watch straight through on the edge waiting for what follows next! Highly recommended for all Raj lovers and for those who know nothing of this part of British history, truly a gem.

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Memories, Dreams, Reflections by C.G. Jung – Save 32% Today!

Memories, Dreams, Reflections by C.G. Jung

Why Buy A Memories, Dreams, Reflections by C.G. Jung?
An autobiography put together from conversations, writings and lectures with Jungs cooperation, at the end of his life.


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  • Condition: NEW
  • ISBN13: 9780679723950
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Over 52 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Recently, I had an inexplicable craving for this book, which I first read when it was assigned by a high-school Teacher Who Changed My Life. In the name of time famine, I opted for the abridged audiobook version, read by Michael York—a fateful decision, as it turned out, since the contrast between York’s plummy, uppercrust English accent and Jung’s retelling of his “personal myth” (not his life, but his inner life) is as uproarious as it is surreal. Shove one of these tapes into your car stereo and let the man who channeled the Collective Unconscious, psychology’s answer to Lemuria—a consoling fiction that laid the cornerstone of the New Age (and obliterated beyond repair the notion that psychology was even remotely scientific)—provide a wonderfully incongruous voiceover to the geography of nowhere (Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Wal-Mart, Target, Costco…) as it flashes past.

Thrill to Jung’s formative childhood dream of a giant, one-eyed phallus sitting erect on a king’s throne—a monstrous thing “made of skin and flesh, and on top there was something like a rounded head with no face and no hair. On the very top of the head was a single eye, gazing motionlessly upwards.” Gird up your loins for a week of fear-crazed bedwetting: “The thing did not move, yet I had the feeling that it might at any moment crawl off the throne like a worm and creep towards me.” The one-eyed trouser snake of locker-room lore, as reimagined by H.R. Giger! Pure terror! Listen, in rapt fascination, to the account of the female patient who believes she travels to and from the moon, where the moonpeople are threatened by a hypnotically beautiful vampire, who turns out to be a buried memory of sexual abuse, risen from her childhood nightmares. Laff until the tears run down your cheeks as Jung recounts the Battle of the Titans, in which he and Freud struggle for control of the historical narrative of psychoanalysis, each interpreting the other’s dreams as maliciously as possible—as evidence of sublimated sexual pathologies, death wishes toward the father figure, or worse! (Profoundly unsettled by Jung’s interest in the then-recently discovered mummies of pre-Christian “bog people,” Freud is convinced that the Swiss analyst’s obsession with “these corpses” masks a death wish toward him, and faints dead away at the dinner table.)

Jung’s account of his childhood crisis of faith is worth the price of admission, all by itself. In it, we accompany the author on his way to school. Rejoicing in the chirping birds and exquisitely blue sky, he offers a silent prayer of thanks to the Creator God: “The world is beautiful and the church is beautiful and God made all this and sits above it far away in the blue sky on a golden throne and…and…and…” Suddenly, our narrator is struck with A THOUGHT TOO MONSTROUS TO THINK! Tormented for days by this soul-shriveling blasphemy, he finally decides, after much agony of mind, that God must have intended him to think this scaldingly sacreligious thought. This revelation “liberated me instantly from my worst torment, since I knew that God himself had placed me in this situation.” Abandoning himself to divine will, Li’l Jung allows himself to think the unthinkable: “I gathered all my courage, as though I were about to leap forthwith into hellfire, and let the thought come.” (Pregnant pause by York.) “God sits on His golden throne, high above the world and under the throne an enormous turd falls upon the sparkling new roof, shatters it, and breaks the walls of the cathedral asunder.” (That, Virginia, is why they call it a throne.) “I felt an enormous and indescribable relief; instead of the expected damnation, grace had come upon me, and with it an unutterable bliss.” (Where are the Farrelly brothers when we need them? Do not go in there!)

Let that be a lesson to the morbidly religious among you—not to mention those bibliocentrists who turn up their noses at the obscure pleasures of the audiobook.

The Wizard’s Journey, but No Mention of His Rape…
It begins with his first memories, and ends with his near-death experience, weeks before his actual death. Precious few are the books that one returns to time and again, and this is one of those. The language is simple, magical, and, to use Jung’s own term, numinous.

What is most interesting: there is absolutely no mention of Jung’s rape by an older man whom he regarded as a father figure, an incident which Jung confessed to Freud in correlation with his “religious crush” on his mentor. There are those that speculate it was this Amfortas-like wound that, after his break with Freud, deepened his crisis. But, it was also this crisis that propelled Jung into an explosion of creativity, the result of which was his groundbreaking Psychological Types.

Validation of the unknown!
I love this book because it goes beyond just personality catagorizations and static psychology formulas to show Jung’s understanding of the complexity of the phenomenon that is the human being and how much larger our existence is than just the material or mental worlds. Although he was a true empirical scientist of his time, he also was quite aware and affected by spiritual and psychic experiences and mysterious energetic forces that, to me, validates a universal intelligence that is not well acknowledged in Western philosophy. In fact his empirical process led him to not be able to dismiss his experiences because he could not disprove them, and he seemed singularly self-possessed and courageous in this way. He was prepared to delve into the greater forces at work that affect the psyche, beyond just what has been experienced and suppressed. It is a fascinating and deeply thoughtful and insightful book, but it will take a flexible and open mind to appreciate it.

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