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Winsome Syrah Hall Table with Frosted Glass Shelf – Save 51% Today!

Syrah Hall Table with Frosted Glass Shelf

Why Buy A Syrah Hall Table with Frosted Glass Shelf?
Our new Syrah series Console/Hall Table with shelf and frosted glass top has contemporary styling and matte espresso finish. This 40L x 16.3W x 30H table is great behind a couch or against the wall to showcase decorative pieces. Combine with other Syrah furniture to complete your look.


  • 40L x 16.3″W x 30″H
  • Contemporary Espresso finish
  • Place behind sofa or against the wall for display or flowers, books and artwork
  • Ready to assemble with hardware and tools included
  • Solid wood console table with shelf and frosted glass top

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Fellowes 32057 Powershred P-57Cs Shredder

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Fiskars PowerTooth 10-Inch Sliding Saw 9365 – Save 20% Today!

Fiskars PowerTooth 10-Inch Sliding Saw 9365

Why Buy A Fiskars PowerTooth 10-Inch Sliding Saw 9365?
10 stainless steel blade slides into handle for safe storage. Patented triple angle tooth design planes away wood faster and promotes faster healing than regular pruning saws. For use on limbs over 2 in diameter. Lifetime warranty.


  • Blade safely slides and locks into handle for storage
  • Fully hardened stainless steel blade holds sharp edge, resists rust
  • Lightweight, rugged FiberComp fiberglass composite Lifetime warranty
  • Triple-grind PowerTooth® 10-inch blade cuts on push and pull stroke for smooth, clean and healthy cuts

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Fellowes 32057 Powershred P-57Cs Shredder
Canon CanoScan 8800F Color Film/Negative/Photo Scanner (2168B002)

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Where To Buy The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie (Leisure Historical Romance) by Jennifer Ashley At The Lowest Price?

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie (Leisure Historical Romance) by Jennifer Ashley

Why Buy A The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie (Leisure Historical Romance) by Jennifer Ashley?
The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie


  • Click here to view our Condition Guide and Shipping Prices
  • Condition: NEW
  • ISBN13: 9780843960433
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Over 42 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Really enjoyable
What a surprise this book was! Despite the title I was sure that Lord Ian Mackenzie wouldn’t be mad – what author would have a mad hero. But Jennifer Ashley surprised me.

Well, he wasn’t strictly mad – instead he apparently had a form of autism with various savant abilities thrown in. This meant that Lord Ian didn’t look directly at people, didn’t understand lots of their conversation, couldn’t lie, had total recall memory, and more. It also meant that he apparently didn’t have any emotions.

So when Beth Ackersley, widow, finds herself drawn into his world, she discovers a very strange man – a man who apparently proposes marriage to her as she is something worth collecting, like the porcelain bowls he so loves. But a man who can’t love. As her life entwines with his she discovers some darker aspects to his history, including the fact that he or his brother may have murdered a prostitute.

With Inspector Fellowes trying to prove that Ian or his brother Hart murdered two prostitutes, with Beth trying to understand Ian and with Ian himself attempting to find his place in the world, this is a many-layered book with some excellent characterisation along with interesting people, not least Ian’s brothers Cameron, Hart and Mac.

But the real impressive part of this book is how the author portrayed an autistic man in a believable way so that the love story between him and Beth was authentic. Beth is clearly an impressive woman, able to see and understand more than most, and tenacious and brave in many difficult situations. I believe that this is the first of four stories about the Mackenzie brothers and I very much look forward to the rest if they are as good as this!

Originally published for Curled Up With A Good Book © Helen Hancox 2009

This book is so wonderful. You will fall in love with Ian yourself. He’s honest and true by nature. Unforgettable read!

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie
Ian Mackenzie is known throughout the ton as being a madman. There are rumors that he spent most of his life in an asylum, and everyone is in agreement that he is rather odd. Beth Ackerley, is a widow who has recently come into fortune. From the moment Ian sets his sights on her he decides that he must save her from her engagement and marry her himself. Beth has decided that she will never remarry and instead wants to live her life as a widow traveling and taking up hobbies – no drama. Little does she know that Ian has different plans for her.

Considering that I hadn’t read a good historical in quite some time, I read two in one week. This was fantastic and not your average story. Firstly, Ian Mackenzie seems to be suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome. He has difficulty looking at someone in the eye, can’t seem to focus while in crowds, he’s a bit on the obsessive compulsive side, can go long periods of time without speaking, etc. Yet through all this Beth loves him – that love actually brought tears to my eyes. Secondly, the story has plenty of action, steamy romance and wonderful characters. I actually read this in a couple of hours – yes, it was that good.

This is the first book in the Highland Pleasures series. Ian has three brothers and a half-brother and from what it seems they will all get their own books. So although this is my first Jennifer Ashley book, it definitely will not be the last.

Considering that there are some great reviews for this fabulous book already – I am not going to detail the plot.

I will say that I absolutely fell in love with this book! One of the most poignant and beautiful stories I have read in a long time – I read it in one sitting – and considering the font is so small – that was a feat to devour it so quickly for me!

The Mackenzie brothers are all marvelous – all with their flaws and their individual areas of genius, which in those days – their genius and eccentric behavior could be labeled as Mad.

The most flawed of all Mackenzies is Ian. Who suffers from severe Aspergers – a very unusual disease and one that today is hard to comprehend – let alone in that era. Ian exhibits all the traits – a photographic memory, genius with numbers, vivid fixations to patterns and his inability to make direct eye contact.

His inability to lie is another trait coupled with his directness of speech. It is hard for Beth at the beginning to understand his condition, but her forthright and caring manner makes her an ideal candidate for Ian’s direct manner.

The level of sensuality is high – as their love scenes are graphic, and the marvelous dialogue, intrigue, brilliant secondary characters and tenderness from Beth, weave a magical spell that makes this book a truly fabulous and poignant read.

Highly, highly recommended – I am eagerly awaiting Ashley’s next installment – LADY ISABELLA’S SCANDALOUS MARRIAGE – which is scheduled to release in 2010. Read this book – you will be surprised at how wonderful it is!

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Unknown 10.4mm Jewel Case Single Black 100pcs/pack – Save 32% Today!

10.4mm Jewel Case Single Black 100pcs/pack

Why Buy A 10.4mm Jewel Case Single Black 100pcs/pack?
100 piece packed High Quality Polystyrene, assembled, clear jewel cases with a black tray.


  • 10.4mm Jewel Case Single Black
  • Capacity: 1 disc
  • clear jewel cases with a black tray
  • High Quality Polystyrene, assembled
  • Material: Polystyrene (PS)

Over 3 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

I thought these things all died. What a pleasure to be able to print labels and once again put info on the spine to find them in a rack.

The slim ones, pushed by some marketing genius’s because they’re cheaper, probably never had to sift through a few hundred cd’s or dvd’s to find that one disc. I just wish they’d sell regular dvd’s packaged with these “golden oldies”.

Best Purchasing Decision In Years
Reasonably priced…. timely delivery …. surperb packing and packaging.

I have a constant need of jewel cases and in the past I have
gone to a retailer to buy. Out of frustration – out of stock, not having the quantity I needed, having to special order a particular style I wanted, I turn to the tried, true and reputable Amazon. As usual, they came through.

Thank you Amazon staff!!!

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Memorex 700MB/80-Minute 52x CD-R Media (100-Pack Spindle)
Memorex 16X DVD-R (100-Pack Spindle)
Memorex White CD Labels, Matte Finish. 300 Count (32020403)

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Where To Buy FEL10024 – Wire Study Stand At The Lowest Price?

FEL10024 - Wire Study Stand

Why Buy A FEL10024 – Wire Study Stand?
Wire Study Stand


  • Fellowes Wire Study Stand
  • Sold as 1 Each
  • Width : 9 1/2 in
    Book Rack Type: Study Stand
    Color(s): Silver
    Depth ominal] : 6 in
    Height ominal] : 5 1/2 in
    Material(s): Metal
    Number of Sections : 1

Over 14 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

excellent product
I read the reviews before purchasing this product, and I have no trouble turning pages or adjusting books. The design is clever and you can’t beat the price. I bought three of them (grad student) for research and writing. Fits easily in my backpack, too. The arms are 1.5″ wide, so thick books won’t fit. Most library books fit fine; you’d need a different device for something like a dictionary or other reference book.

great book holder
love this bookholder. simply does the job.
it folds so it doesn’t take any space when it’s not used.

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