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Where To Buy The Amazing Dr Clitterhouse VHS starring Edward G Robinson Humphrey Bogart Claire Trevor Allen Jenkins Donald Crisp At The Lowest Price?

The Amazing Dr Clitterhouse VHS starring Edward G Robinson Humphrey Bogart Claire Trevor Allen Jenkins Donald Crisp

Why Buy A The Amazing Dr Clitterhouse VHS starring Edward G Robinson Humphrey Bogart Claire Trevor Allen Jenkins Donald Crisp?
A stylish, often amusing crime drama, this 1938 feature revolves around a central, improbable plot twist that consciously serves its casting against type: as the eponymous doctor, Edward G. Robinson, who had helped define the Warner Bros. style for gritty gangster sagas, jettisons his signature snarl in favor of a plummy, vaguely English accent that underlines his urbane sophistication. Dr. Clitterhouse is a creature of privilege who embarks on a criminal life not out of desperation, but rather through intellectual curiosity; instead of slouch hats and suits, he has marcelled hair and first appears in white tie and tails. He begins pulling off perfect jewel thefts as research into the criminal mind, but his gradual immersion in New Yorks shadowy demimonde of thieves and fences eventually finds the good doctor between those two worlds.

Robinsons principal foils stick closer to their studio strong suits. Humphrey Bogart is Rocks Valentine, a sturdy if familiar variation on the hoods and have-nots that were his early stock in trade at the studio. Bogarts fence and former paramour is Jo Keller, played by Claire Trevor as glamorous, streetwise, and otherwise decent, apart from her knack for larceny. When the doctor asks her to fence his glittering contraband, shes intrigued, and Clitterhouse, known to the hoods only as the Professor, becomes their strategist. Jo is clearly falling for him, while Rocks is visibly jealous of the fastidious strangers rising influence and romantic rivalry.

In keeping with its ultimately goofy premise, the story navigates some eccentric plot turns with an aplomb that can be credited to the solid cast (including other studio stalwarts such as Allen Jenkins, Ward Bond, and Donald Crisp) and the three principals, who would work off each other to much more riveting effect a decade later in Key Largo. –Sam Sutherland

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Where To Buy Diagnosis Murder 5 The Past Tense by Lee Goldberg At The Lowest Price?

Diagnosis Murder 5 The Past Tense by Lee Goldberg

Why Buy A Diagnosis Murder 5 The Past Tense by Lee Goldberg?
Dr. Mark Sloan is startled to discover a dead woman—dressed as a mermaid—washed up on the beach outside his home. Even more bizarre, the autopsy reveals a digital memory card within a capsule inside the bodys stomach. The card contains the report of a forty-three-year-old murder in Los Angeles—the first homicide case Mark ever solved, when he was a struggling intern and newlywed father.

When a second body is discovered—a woman who was apparently the victim of an impromptu autopsy in her own kitchen—the good doctor realizes that he must find the connection between the two murders. And perhaps more urgently, the connection to his own past…

Over 7 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

I miss Dick van Dyke
I enjoy this series because the mystery is always well thought out and it keeps you guessing and second-guessing right up until the big reveal. They aren’t overly violent or filled with gory details. They are just clever, fun reads.
This book in particular is a departure for the series in that the bulk of it is a flashback to Mark Sloan’s early medical career and his first dabble in the detective world, told in first person. It mainly deals with new characters. With the exception of Dr. Sloan, the other regular characters from this series basically just bookend the story. Lee Goldberg really has the characters down, especially Dr. Sloan. You can’t help but picture Dick van Dyke when reading this book. Overall, I would say that The Past Tense is my favorite in this entertaining series.

Mark Sloan’s own past leads to murder.
Still suffering the emotional and physical after effects from the events in the previous entry, The Waking Nightmare, Dr. Mark Sloan takes a morning walk on the beach outside of his Malibu home…and finds a dead body. The mystery takes an immediate turn to the personal when a strange clue links the murder to the very first homicide case Sloan investigated, back in 1962. Sloan himself narrates the 1962 segment of the story, which is a fine little mystery, and the reader comes away knowing more about what makes the crime solving doctor tick than before. Lee Goldberg (who wrote and produced several seasons of the Diagnosis Murder television series) has added an emotional layer to this mystery that makes it the best in the series to date. Highly recommended.

Best of the Books
Lee Goldberg’s “Diagnosis: Murder” book series, based on the Dick Van Dyke TV series, got off to a promising start with “The Silent Partner.” The books that followed in the series were entertaining but inferior. Now, Lee Goldberg has redeemed himself of “The Waking Nightmare”, the previous entry that was mildly entertaining but mostly mediocre and disappointing, with “The Past Tense”, a book that’s even better than “The Silent Partner” and even the TV series that inspired it.

“The Past Tense” begins when a young girl is murdered during a rain storm in Los Angeles. Her corpse is then carried by the tide to the beach outside of Dr. Mark Sloan’s house dressed in a mermaid costume. Things become really interesting when Dr. Sloan discovers the murder is connected to a series of serial killings he solved in his earliest case as an amateur sleuth.

This leads into the most enthralling stage of the book. Lee Goldberg retells the account of Dr. Sloan’s first investigation in first-person from Dr. Sloan’s point of view. This account is set forty years before the initial start of the novel. Imagine Dick Van Dyke as he appeared circa “Mary Poppins.” Readers are finally allowed a glimpse inside the main character’s head. Dr. Sloan describes his early days as both a surgeon and a sleuth, as well as his relationship with his late wife and several old friends that take over the roles of the regular cast members of “Diagnosis: Murder” mysteries. The account fits well in its era, even involving the Red Scare in the plot.

This section makes up the entire middle of the novel and, in Goldberg’s tradition of providing two mysteries for one with each novel in the series, works as a self-contained mystery story with plenty of twists-and-turns. The approach also distinguishes “The Past Tense” from all of the previous entries in the series, but the novel doesn’t run out of steam when it ends. Dr. Sloan and his son Steve, a baby during the time of the `60′s killings, spend the final third of the novel sleuthing the connection between Dr. Sloan’s past and the murdered woman in the mermaid costume and attempting to catch another killer. These chapters are taut and suspenseful, and the climax is especially hard-hitting and will have readers on the edge of their seats. Lee Goldberg, a writer who worked on the “Diagnosis: Murder” TV series as well as several others, incorporates the quirky humor of the series into the novel, but, overall, this is the darkest and most suspenseful book in the series so far.

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The Last King of Scotland by Giles Foden – Save 20% Today!

The Last King of Scotland by Giles Foden

Why Buy A The Last King of Scotland by Giles Foden?
No, were not talking Bonnie Prince Charlie here. The title character of Giles Fodens debut novel, The Last King of Scotland, is none other than Idi Amin, the former dictator of Uganda. Told from the viewpoint of Nicholas Garrigan, Amins personal physician, the novel chronicles the hell that was Uganda in the 1970s. Garrigan, the only son of a Scots Presbyterian minister, finds himself far away from Fossiemuir when he accepts a post with the Ministry of Health in Uganda. His arrival in Kampala coincides with the coup that leads to President Obotes overthrow and Idi Amin Dadas ascendancy to power. Garrigan spends only a few days in the capital city, however, before heading out to his assignment in the bush. But a freak traffic accident involving Amins sports car and a cow eventually brings the good doctor into the dictators orbit; a few months later, Garrigan is recalled from his rural hospital and named personal physician to the president. Soon enough, Garrigan finds himself caught between his duty to his patient and growing pressure from his own government to help them control Amin.

From Nicholas Garrigans catbird seat, Foden guides us through the horrors of Amins Uganda. It would be simple enough to make the dictator merely monstrous, but Foden defies expectation, rendering him appealing even as he terrifies. The doctor couldnt help feeling awed by the sheer size of him and the way, even in those unelevated circumstances, he radiated a barely restrained energy…. I felt–far from being the healer–that some kind of elemental force was seeping into me. And Garrigan makes a fine stand-in for Conrads Marlow as he travels up a river of blood from naiveté to horrified recognition of his own complicity. As if this werent enough, Foden also treats us to a finely drawn portrait of Africa in all its natural, political, and social complexity. The Last King of Scotland makes for dark but compelling reading. –Alix Wilber


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  • Condition: NEW
  • ISBN13: 9780375703317
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Over 29 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Great book, great gift.
The book arrived on time and in the condition listed. It was a gift to a good friend of mine from Uganda! She couldn’t put it down and went right past her stop while reading on the bus. She couldn’t wait to tell me how much she loved it.

Absolutely fantastic story in my opinion. For the most part I had a difficult time putting the book down, but I must admit there were a couple occasions where I just skimmed the pages. However, do not let that turn you away. The novel is written in an intelligent yet easy to understand way, and provides bundles of fascinating information. Idi Amin proves to be a fascinating and compelling character who I personally found incredibly intriguing. How can a man with a behaviour that is almost child like be so brilliant, charismatic, and so horribly cruel? Not only that, the strange relationship between Nicholas and Amin is equally intriguing. This relationship makes you almost like Amin, until you remember the atrocious things he had done. Overall a great read, one that leaves you with a great feeling upon finishing it.

Mistah Kurtz–he alive again…
In Giles Foden’s fictionalized account of a Scottish doctor’s experiences as the personal physician to Ugandan dictator Idi Amin Dada, evil isn’t banal, after all–it’s pompous, unpredictable, oafish, ostentatious, alternately unspeakably cruel and imbued with childlike exuberance, and, perhaps most startling of all, it’s often more acutely wise to the ways of human nature than we care to admit. It throbs with the amorality of the life-force itself. Whatever else it might be, evil in the considerable form of Idi Amin is anything but boring.

*The Last King of Scotland* is a novel set firmly in the classic tradition of Joseph Conrad’s *Heart of Darkness.* In this version of the Conradian theme, a young white doctor, highly-educated, civilized, British, heads to an under-developed Uganda driven by a mix of boredom, aimlessness, and the dim intention of doing some good. He’s not there long when control of the country is forcibly seized by a Ugandan general named Idi Amin. Dr. Nicholas Garrigan and General Amin meet by accident–literally–when Garrigan is called to the scene of a roadside collision between a cow and a red Maserati drive by the new Ugandan president for life. Amin takes a liking to Nick–whose Scottish ancestry appeals to the general’s obsession with Scotland–and offers the young doctor the position as his personal physician. It’s an offer Nick can’t refuse, not that he tries too hard to do so. After all, it’s a rather prestigious post, better than working in the bush, and Amin is a dynamic and charismatic figure. There’ve been some rumors, but there are always rumors. Amin doesn’t seem so bad, no worse than dozens of others in his position…not yet.

And so begins Nick’s journey towards the heart of darkness and the beast who dwells there, propelled on his way by a quickening series of rationalizations, compromises, and choices that slowly erode his conscience and leave him a victim of circumstances. In the end, it’s all too clear and all too late. Idi Amin is a monster and Garrigan is his doctor, his confidant, and his apologist–if only because by explaining Amin, Garrigan explains himself.

Fiction in which major historical personages like Amin play a major role always runs the risk of straining credulity, ringing false, or offering a pale imitation of the original. What with truth being stranger than fiction and all. Especially such recent, bizarre, and well-documented history. How do you top the real-life stories of cannibalism, the heads in the freezer, etc.? But Foden does a remarkable job in breathing life into Amin’s larger-than-life persona and his many notorious exploits. Foden is equally remarkable in his portrayal of Nicholas Garrigan. Written in the first person, supposedly as a journal, Foden so convincingly and engagingly describes everything from the presenting symptoms of rare (and disgusting) tropical diseases to field dressing gunshot wounds, you’d think Garrigan must be a doctor himself, or at the very least, had some sort of extensive medical training, although his author bio doesn’t mention either. His Uganda is so vividly realized you don’t doubt his narrator for an instant. In any event, the cumulative result is a novel that often doesn’t read like fiction at all, but the memoir it’s fictionally supposed to be. Only towards the end of *Last King* does this verisimilitude quaver a bit with the doctor’s final confrontations with Amin and the consequences of Garrigan’s Ugandan adventure with the British government and media. But this is a novel, after all, and while *Last King* makes an intelligent “thriller” Foden also does a perfectly credible job of speaking for Amin, who is himself a very effective mouthpiece for the heart of darkness–by turns seductive and horrific, satanic and angelic, the source of a running stream-of-conscious monologue that expresses the ongoing dialectic between good and evil in our own hearts; a debate we begin uneasily to suspect–not the least of which in our own fascination with figures such as Amin–is not strictly a matter of either/or.

An old-school novel of adventure and ideas, politics and moral dilemma made new again for our ambivalent and morally bankrupt age, *The Last King of Scotland* might very well be a genuine classic itself one of these days and it’s depiction of an “innocent” man’s journey to the Kurtz of the late 20th century take on even more mythic proportions. Until then, it’s a timely, exciting, and excellently written story you’ll find hard to put down until you run out of pages–and even harder to forget when you do.

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Sony Anacondas Trail of Blood starring Crystal Allen Calin Stanciu Linden Ashby Danny Midwinter Ana Ularu – Save 22% Today!

Anacondas Trail of Blood starring Crystal Allen Calin Stanciu Linden Ashby Danny Midwinter Ana Ularu

Why Buy A Anacondas Trail of Blood starring Crystal Allen Calin Stanciu Linden Ashby Danny Midwinter Ana Ularu?
One of the slithering, genetically enhanced anaconda offspring has regenerated to live on in this next action-packed chapter of the Anaconda series. The dying mogul, Murdoch, hires a doctor to harvest a fresh supply of blood orchids and experiment with the regenerative nectar on a baby snake. Overnight, the offspring grows monstrous enough in size and appetite to devour the good doctor whole, before slithering free on a regenerative rampage. The beautiful herpetologist, Amanda, dedicated to destroying the vicious beasts she helped create, leads a team of young scientists against a ruthless pack of Murdochs armed thugs to get the coveted orchids before the snake hunts both factions down. The bloodthirsty offspring is seemingly invincible, sliding through explosions and gunfire only to regenerate and prey insatiably on anything in its path.

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Where To Buy Universal Interactive Studios Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex At The Lowest Price?

Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex

Why Buy A Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex?
Crash Bandicoot, the famous marsupial video-game icon, comes spinning into yet another solid action platform game in Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex. This is the first true platform game for the Xbox, and is suitable for cartoon-action lovin fans of all ages.

Evil is at an all-time decline, so Crashs arch-nemesis Dr. Neo Cortex is designing the ultimate weapon: Crunch, the extra-evil-bio-engineered-super-bandicoot! In order to complete Crunch, the good doctor needs more power–the kind of power that only evil, renegade voodoo masks can provide. Enter the Elementals.

Set free by the evil voodoo mask Uka Uka, the Elementals control various aspects of the environment. They are so powerful, and so dangerous, that they almost destroyed the Earth once, and were sealed in special crystals to protect the Earth from certain doom. Uka Uka believes that by harnessing the power of these evil masks, Dr. Cortex will have all the power he needs to complete Crunch, and finally finish off Crash.

So once again Crash returns to his crystal-collecting, box-bashing, bad guy-spinning ways. Can he stop the masks? Will he defeat Crunch? Only time, and your weary game-playing hands, will tell.

The Wrath of Cortex is the hardest game in the series history. There are 30 levels, seven different vehicles, bonus levels, and a time-trial mode. As you progress through the game, you fight five bosses. Each time you defeat a boss, you unlock a new move (double jump, bazooka, tiptoe, Crash dash, and death tornado). Although the coolest feature is that you get to play as Crashs sister Coco on some levels.

The game is good, but is it perfect? The graphics are solid, but not much of an improvement over the PlayStation2 version–the game definitely doesnt take full advantage of the Xboxs hardware. Also, the long load times for levels can be annoying. Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex was not developed by Naughty Dog, the company that started the series. The game, while faithfully following the traditional feel of the series, misses some of the polished quirkiness that Naughty Dog is known for.

Bottom line: The Wrath of Cortex is a great game for all ages, and will give you 40 or more hours of solid gameplay. –Bryan Karsh


  • Play as Coco
  • Seven vehicles
  • Fun new moves


  • New developer, new feel–it needs a little getting used to
  • Long load times
  • Good, but not great graphics–doesnt really look like an Xbox game


  • ESRB Rating: Everyone
  • Genre: Action/Adventure
  • Platform: Xbox

Over 36 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Fun for Hours
I am 11 and I first played this game at a friend’s house, and could not stop. I heard that it was not being made anymore. I found it used and new on amazon. it arrived two days later. it is fun for everyone in my family, me, my little sister, my mom, and my dad.

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