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Where To Buy A Cold Heart Alex Delaware by Jonathan Kellerman At The Lowest Price?

A Cold Heart Alex Delaware by Jonathan Kellerman

Why Buy A A Cold Heart Alex Delaware by Jonathan Kellerman?
In Cold Heart, the latest thriller from bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman, Dr. Alex Delaware picks up on clues missed even by his closest friend, LAPD detective Milo Sturgis. Leave it to this canny shrink to figure out that the only thing two otherwise unconnected murder victims have in common (theyre both artists making comebacks after early career burnouts) may hold the key to their deaths. Even for Alex, this unlikely link is a stretch, especially since Baby Boy Lee was stabbed outside a nightclub and Julie Kipper was bludgeoned in the bathroom of an art gallery. But when a concert pianist dies on the eve of his greatest triumph, Alex is sure that the murders are not only the work of the same killer but also connected to the unsolved slayings of a Boston ballerina and an L.A. rock singer. By an even greater coincidence, two of the victims were tangentially involved with Alexs former lover, Robin Castagna, which provides the good doctor a few well placed paragraphs to ruminate on what went wrong in their romance as well as rescue her from the serial murderer whos targeted her as his next victim.

As usual, Kellerman manages to make even a far-fetched plot like this one ring true, but after 17 Alex Delaware mysteries, his series protagonist holds few surprises for the reader, who longs for something to shake Dr. D. out of his smooth complacency. Losing Robin didnt do it–maybe the new woman in Alexs life will. –Jane Adams

Over 59 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Will Robin never be out of the picture??
Yeah, Robin irritates me. Okay, this one starts with the murder of Blues guitarist Baby Boy Lee in Hollywood – that’s Detective Petra Connor’s turf and she features prominently in this one. (She has a new partner now and I like Eric Stahl – hope he sticks around. Yeah, he’s weird, but so what?) A short time later, a talented young painter is murdered and Milo Sturgis is handling this case. Milo was recently promoted to Lieutenant, but isn’t tied to a desk like most Lieutenants – special deal worked out with the previous Chief of Police before he retired. He works alone and usually handles cold cases, but this dead girl was from his home town and he was specifically asked to look into it. He calls his good friend Dr. Alex Delaware in to help and Alex begins to suspect the two cases may be connected. And there may have been others – artists cut down just as they’re about to become famous.

Robin Castagna, Alex’s former lover, is a guitar craftsman (craftswoman?) and she had worked on Baby Boy’s instruments for years. She and Alex both are listed on the liner notes of Baby Boy’s most recent CD – will that make them both potential victims too? Alex goes digging, as usual – starts making broad connections, but he is also dealing with a new relationship and all the uncertainty that entails. We met Psychologist Allison Gwynn in The Murder Book and now he is pursuing her affections – it’s nice being with someone who gets it, as she puts it. Robin has a new guy too, but she just irritates me so bad – she wants her nice quiet life with Tim, but she wants to be able to run to Alex whenever she feels like it too – keeping him trapped in emotional limbo.

They’re dealing with a very clever and vicious killer and Alex ends up in danger, as usual, but this time it is Robin who puts him there. Allison actually helps keep him safe. I like Allison – hope things work out with her and Alex. Another great twisted tale from the king of great twisted tales.

You’re a part of the story!
Kellerman’s descriptive talents are incredible. Every character, landscape, building and room is a picture in your mind’s eye. Add that to his mastery of psychology and his talent for twist and you have a novel that you just don’t want to put down.

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Where To Buy LeapFrog LittleTouch LeapPad Educational Book Dr Seuss Mr Brown Can Moo Can You At The Lowest Price?

LeapFrog LittleTouch LeapPad Educational Book Dr Seuss Mr Brown Can Moo Can You

Why Buy A LeapFrog LittleTouch LeapPad Educational Book Dr Seuss Mr Brown Can Moo Can You?
Speech starts with sounds. And no one knows that better than the one of the worlds most beloved authors, Dr. Seuss. In this lively adventure, the good doctor introduces his littlest language learners to an array of adorable sounds that they can imitate and explore. Mr. Brown can moo, and now little ones can, too.

Mr. Brown has over 115 fun activities that introduce speech sounds and patterns, musical rhythms, rhymes and much more. For use with the LittleTouch LeapPad Learning System, sold separately.


  • Discover speech sounds
  • For infants and toddlers
  • More than 115 learning moments
  • Works only on LittleTouch LeapPad

Over 6 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

My daughter can moo too!
As the Little Touch books go, this is one of the best. The sounds effects and cadence of the story make this book serious entertainment for my 18 month old. She can play with this for a half hour straight without any attention from mommy.

If you like the book, you’ll love the talkie
She loves the book and the sound effects. It’s much tougher than the paper book and holds her interest longer.(21 months old)

One of the best LTR titles with lots of interaction
So far this is our favorite Little Touch Reader title. It is entertaining on every setting for my 2 year old. The background music is great for every page. And there are lots of interactive spots on each page – all of them change for each level. Someone really sat down and thought about where a kid would be drawn to on each page, and what a suitable response would be.

I should set the stage by confessing that the book “Mr. Brown Can Moo!” is one of our favorites – I had the board book memorized by the time my dd was 4 months old from reading it so often.

We only own two other LTR books, a spider alphabet book and “How much do I love you”. I was disappointed by the thin gloss of interaction in both of these titles. My dd will only give them a passing glance unless I play along with her. And even then, she’d rather read a regular book. But she’ll play with Mr. Brown any time!

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Gonzo The Art by Ralph Steadman – Save 37% Today!

Gonzo The Art by Ralph Steadman

Why Buy A Gonzo The Art by Ralph Steadman?
Hunter S. Thompson, in his drunken, rambling introduction to this volume of paintings and illustrations, calls Ralph Steadman the Albert Gore of twentieth century art. Its hard to imagine a less apt appellation: Steadmans drawings and paintings are the wild antithesis of the notoriously stiff V.P. His pop art is also the opposite of Warhols clean lines and soulless imagery; it screams with pain and nightmare power. While Steadman is best known for his illustrations to Thompsons Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and other works, here his art is given free rein, and works with titles like Earliest man, full of the sense of his own worth, screaming into the blackness, needing no god but himself… and Good time crucifix combine Steadmans trademark splattered ink and unfolded figures with collage and sloppy airbrush. Although the text may offend those with no sense of irony (Thompson compares Steadman to artist manqué Adolf Hitler; Steadman relates the story of his first bowel movement), the hyperactive visuals are sure to delight even those whove never snorted ether while tripping on pure human adrenochrome. –James DiGiovanna

Over 19 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Gagga over Gonzo
A comprehensive collection for fan’s of the gonzo artist, filled with stories or explanations that accompany each piece. Very satisfied

Steadman and the good doctor…
I’m very pleased with my purchase…It arrived promptly, well packaged, and in stellar condition. A flawless venture.

This book was sooo much cheaper than any website or bookstore I looked at. I loved it!

Steadman is great
any book by Ralph Steadman requires serious and not so serious reading. his perspective on life is truly unique and worthy of consideration.

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Where To Buy The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor (First Time Books(R)) by Jan Berenstain At The Lowest Price?

The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor (First Time Books(R)) by Jan Berenstain

Why Buy A The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor (First Time Books(R)) by Jan Berenstain?
Its time for a routine check-up with Dr. Gert Grizzly. Sister Bear is brave about her booster shot, and Brother Bear is fine, but–achoo!–is that Papa Bear sneezing? A light-hearted approach to the subject with straightforward information.–Appraisal. IRA Childrens Choice.


  • Click here to view our Condition Guide and Shipping Prices
  • Condition: NEW
  • ISBN13: 9780394848358
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Over 8 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

good doctor book
This book was the favorite book for my young children (now grown) when we
were preparing for doctor visits. It is still beloved by my retarded son
who is now 31, and I have bought many copies for him through the years. It
covers all the important topics: anticipation (dread), waiting room, routine
exams, and possible shots. All of this is with pictures and words.

Its the cubs time for their first check-up. Sister is VERy nervous, but both of them are worried because they thing that they might get a shot.

It is a good book to read to your kids if they are going to be going for their first check-up or anytime.

Not All Doctors Are Bad.
Most children are afraid of going to the doctor (well a lot of adults are, too, but for completely different reasons). When the word doctor is mentioned to kids images of needles, blood, bandages, and strange looking objects come to mind. Reading THE BERENSTAIN BEARS GO TO THE DOCTOR may help relieve some of the fears that children have when they know they are going to the doctor.

In the story, Brother and Sister Bear have to go to Dr. Gert Grizzly to have a checkup. Brother isn’t too bothered by the whole thing, but Sister is a bit worried. The next day Sister is able to help out some frightened younger cubs while she is in the waiting room and sets an example for all the children to follow.

Overall, a delightful little book that helps relieve children’s fears of going to the doctor and gives them a broader perspective about life.

The world lost a real gem of a writer when Stan Berenstain passed on November 29. Together, Berenstain and his wife, Jan, and eventually their two sons, created books featuring lovable but flawed characters who tackle just about every real issue that faces families.

All kids have fears of the doctor, and why shouldn’t they? Most doctor’s visits for young kids involve lots of uncomfortable poking and prodding, and, more often than not, shots. Yikes! However, going to the doctor is still necessary, we all have to do it. This book will help open a dialogue to let your child discuss their fears, and let you discuss why visiting the doctor is so important. Kids will enjoy the gentle humor and honest portrayal of a doctor’s visit (yep, Sister Bear has to get a shot!) and the consequences when you don’t go to the doctor (Papa gets sick). A great conversation starter!

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The Tennis Partner by Abraham Verghese – Save 22% Today!

The Tennis Partner by Abraham Verghese

Why Buy A The Tennis Partner by Abraham Verghese?
What is it about sports that makes some men wax as mystical as a Castanedan Yaqui? In the hands of writers such as David James Duncan and Norman Maclean, the simple, repetitive motions of baseball, fly-fishing, and golf have acquired almost numinous significance. In The Tennis Partner, Dr. Abraham Verghese takes on his own fascination with tennis and comes up with as good an explanation as any: In the way we controlled the movement of a yellow ball in space, we were imposing order on a world that was fickle and capricious. Each ball that we put into play, for as long as it went back and forth between us, felt like a charm to be added to a necklace full of spells, talismans, and fetishes, which one day add up to an Aarons rod, an Aladdins lamp, a magic carpet. Each time we played, this feeling of restoring order, of mastery, was awakened.

For both Verghese and his tennis partner, a fourth-year medical student named David Smith, the game is a much-needed island of order in the midst of personal chaos. Both men are struggling to rebuild their lives, Verghese undergoing a painful divorce, Smith struggling with an intravenous cocaine addiction. For a brief, idyllic period, their friendship flourishes; Verghese mentors Smith in the examining room, while Smith, an Australian who competed briefly on the pro circuit, ends up Vergheses teacher on the court. But there are dark corners to Davids personality, and under the mounting pressures of medical school and his increasingly complicated love life, these come to the fore. Even as he learns how to inhabit his new life, Verghese watches with horror as his friend relapses, dries out, then relapses again. The author of the powerful My Own Country, a chronicle of caring for AIDS patients in rural Tennessee, Verghese once again proves that the skills of a good doctor are strikingly similar to those of a good writer. Careful observation, compassion, restraint: these are the instruments Verghese uses to stunning effect in The Tennis Partner. A paean to the healing powers of tennis, this book is also a moving meditation on friendship, fatherhood, love, addiction, and the particular loneliness of physicians. –Mary Park

Over 59 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

A moving important story
This book was not what I expected, but so much more!
With the drug problem we are experiencing in the world today, this novel opened my eyes as to how pervasive and devasting addictions are and how far reaching the effects spread.
Beautifully written and the characters were so well developed as to come alive and stay with me long after I finished reading it.
Looking forward to reading his newest novel, CUTTING FOR STONE as this author is a master storyteller!

One of the best…ever
I read this many years ago and was reminded of it when I saw Verghese had a new book coming out. If you get a chance, read this book because it is one of the best, most heart-breaking stories you will ever find. The only thing better would be to meet this man in person.

I was one of many individuals to have the privilege of knowing Dr. Verghese and David Smith through my association with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso. The story relating to David’s tragic life and death hit me like it happened only yesterday. David was a person that everyone liked. He had a promising career as a physician who wanted to specialize in Emergency Medicine. Unfortunately, his drug addiction brought about his tragic end. This book should be read by anyone that has or is suffering from a drug addiction. From Dr. Verghese’s story, one will be drawn into the promise and the darkness that overtook a young man before he could visualize and follow his dream.

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