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Where To Buy Masters of Chant Chapter II by Gregorian At The Lowest Price?

Masters of Chant Chapter II by Gregorian

Why Buy A Masters of Chant Chapter II by Gregorian?
The second best selling volume of songs by a group that adapt and record popular songs in Gregorian chant style. This edition includes songs like The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Wish You Were Here, Lady DArbanville, In The Air Tonight, Hymn, Everybodys Got To Learn Sometime and all topped off by Stairway To Heaven.

Over 7 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

A moment of peace
I first saw Gregorian on a late night add show, the ones that run really late on free to air. I have always been interested in alternative music so I thought that it might be good to have a listen to it, then went to bed and promply forgot about it. Several years go bye and not a peep then I walk into a local music shop and see it half falling out of the rack. Remebering the night from years before I bought it, you know, just for a laugh. When I put it in, turned it on and the first track played ‘A Moment of Peace’ and I was hooked. The gentle harmonics and brilliant music were intoxicating. I had had really hard day at work that day, was snappy and agro but by the time I got home I was in a great mood. I played it for my family and they loved it too.

My mother, who is a school teacher took it to work and played it for the kids. Within minutes each one of them were more settled than they had been in months, and now even ask for ‘the music’ to be put on. We now fight over the disc, who is going to have it today and who is going to have it the next.

If you are looking for ‘A Moment of Peace’, something to play in the background or just great music there is very few to compare to Gregorian Masters of Chant.

PS. I you couldn’t get it by now I highly recommend ‘A Moment of Peace’, it’s the first track and my favorite.

Masters of Chant
There are 4 CD’s to date produced by this group. To call the CD Chant is misleading to anyone not Having heard one their CD’s before. All the melodys are popular and enjoyable to hear. The accompanyment is excellent and the singing performed in a slow manner – which is assumed to be the Chant. The total effect is very pleasing and I am sure would be enjoyed by a wider range of audience – if they realized that it is not dull liturgical music of a bygone era.

Masters of Chant Chapt. II:Gregorian
I found the soothing harmonies and lush musicianship of the CD quite relaxing. I found it stimulating in a contemplative manner, stirring rich emotions and thoughts. I have bought other CDs by this group, and will buy more–as time goes by.

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The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee PianoVocalChords by William Finn – Save 32% Today!

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee PianoVocalChords by William Finn

Why Buy A The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee PianoVocalChords by William Finn?
Arranged for Piano/Guitar With Lyrics. Contains all of the songs from the Tony Award winning musical plus full color photographs of the cast. Titles: The I Love You Song I Speak Six Languages I’m Not That Smart Magic Foot My Friend, The Dictionary My Unfortunate Erection Pandemonium Prayer of the Comfort Counselor 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Woe is Me


  • Click here to view our Condition Guide and Shipping Prices
  • Condition: NEW
  • ISBN13: 9780739038888
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Over 5 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Your Word Is Stupendous.
Although the information above is wrong, (the book is 102 pages) this book is worth far more than the $21.95, they’re asking for. True to form, William Finn keeps putting out comprehensive songbooks with exciting arrangements of his music dramas. The lyrics in 25th Annual are a bit more rational than his exercises in stream-of-consciousness poeticism like Falsettos or A New Brain, but Finn continues to be a hilarious, accomplished lyricist. Although I was disappointed at the omission of the reprises and a few finales, overall, I was quite pleased with this book, and I recommend it to auditioners, amateur musical theatre actors, or simply fans of the show.

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee spells out one thing for sure: F-U-N.

Great purchase!
The songs aren’t too difficult to play, and they’re all great. I only wish they had included more music from the show!

Great (G-R-E-A-T) Book as well as great music!!! (M-U-S-I-C)
The music for the funniest musical in years is now available!!! This book contains every song for the show except for the transitions (Goodbyes/Favorite Moments of the Bee/Spelling Rules) and contains more than just solo numbers! This show has music for that is all within range of anybody’s voice and can be used for auditioning as well as performing!

Last I checked this book is not available in any store, this is definitely a great Amazon buy for any vocalist and will never be regretted by the buyer!

Spelling Bee
I am very happy with this book. I includes everything except the finales, goodbyes, and My Favorite Moment of the Bee (Rona’s solos) the piano part is accompaniment and doesn’t have the melody in the piano part. It’s definitely worth the $21.95!

Get Amazon’s Lowest Price Today!

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Where To Buy The Angels of Light Sing Other People by Angels of Light At The Lowest Price?

The Angels of Light Sing Other People by Angels of Light

Why Buy A The Angels of Light Sing Other People by Angels of Light?
Another breakthrough for former Swans frontman M. Gira and company – short, sharply orchestrated, almost-pop songs that access a multitude of musical styles and references. These 12 finely hewn tributes to friends and heroes, stars and scoundrels make this easily the most accessible Angels of Light offering yet.

Over 7 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

never heard gira’s other work, but
i can say as a non-fan of gira’s previous work, that this album is pure beauty.

this album is so god damned melancholy, it makes me want to hang.

i get goosebumps.

it makes me think of eyes, and legs, and lips, and asses, and rejection, and hate, and love.

and her.

and the woods.

this album makes me want to go to the woods.

and hang myself.

Gira is still creating great music after all of these years
Michael Gira should be bigger than most of his contemporaries. In fact, he should have hit it big with Swans years ago for creating a truly original, unrelenting sound. However, it is an indisputable fact that the mainstream prefers a watered down, easily accessible sound as opposed to music that is actually challenging. Gira’s one and only major label release, The Burning World, proved to be a commercial failure. In many ways, The Angels of Light continue down the path that The Burning World opened up. And while Swans explored the depths of different textures of sound, The Angels of Light strips everything down to the most basic and intimate levels. With that said, Gira has become a fine singer/songwriter.

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Ross Lady Sings The Blues 1972 Film by Michel Legrand – Save 20% Today!

Lady Sings The Blues 1972 Film by Michel Legrand

Why Buy A Lady Sings The Blues 1972 Film by Michel Legrand?
Face it, when searching for female singers to portray the hard-knock life of troubled jazz legend Billie Holiday, Diana Rosss name shouldnt even have come to mind. But portray her she did, earning herself an Oscar nod in the process. The mother of all divas did Lady Days legacy proud. This soundtrack (which includes dialogue from the 1972 film) aint Holiday, but it aint bad; Ross is in fine and flavorful voice. She manages to both capture Holidays idiosyncratic sound (which such pretenders to the throne as Erykah Badu have trampled on) and still sound enough like herself to satisfy her own legions of fans. She conjures up Holidays vulnerability and phrasing without attempting to slavishly imitate. As an homage this works. –Amy Linden

Over 19 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Diana Ross is incredible
In my opinion, (surely due to strong bias because I have been listening to this album since I was a little girl) this album/DVD contains some of the absolute best versions of Billie Holiday songs ever recorded. Diana Ross exquisitely captured the perfect tempo(i), inflection, phrasing, and dynamics for every song (not to mention her incredible acting performance as well.) The movie is one that I can watch over and over and over again and always be captivated.

Good product
The Cd was new and in good condition. Also arrived before Christmas, when purchased late.

Great Music from a Great Movie
Wonderful!! Wonderful!! Wonderful!! Billie Holiday was a great artist, it’s a shame we lost her so young. Dianna Ross does a wonderful job of singing her music.

love it
I loved the movie and had the album. since i no longer have a record player the cd is a perfect addition to my collection.

Get Amazon’s Lowest Price Today!

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Dvd International Stargaze – Hubbles View of the Universe starring Ralph LaBarge – Save 10% Today!

Stargaze - Hubbles View of the Universe starring Ralph LaBarge

Why Buy A Stargaze – Hubbles View of the Universe starring Ralph LaBarge?
It looks like all that money NASA spent on the Hubble Space Telescope was worth it after all–at least from an aesthetic standpoint. Stargaze: Hubbles View of the Universe captivates the viewer with stunningly high-definition color images of galaxies, nebulae, and heavenly bodies closer to home. Each shot pans and lingers over the richly colored pictures as unobtrusive narration in English, French, German, or Spanish explains the history of the Hubble mission, its targets, and what weve learned so far. The music by 2002 is harmless and quiet, though viewers pathologically averse to New Age will scramble for the audio control. Including screensavers and Web features, Stargaze will keep spaceheads happy and entranced for hours, and convert the unbelievers. –Rob Lightner

Over 35 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Hubble pictures
If you have any interest in what “is out there” in outer space this is a film you can not miss. When we watched it we watched it twice in a row. This film is truely breathtaking. Watch it without the sound at least once so you can comment on the pictures.

great dvd
This dvd has outstanding stellar images with great music in the style of Enya. I have it in the background in my kitchen.

Paradigm Shift
This display of the Hubble space telescope’s work is changing the way people feel and think. Everyone I have watched this display with expressed some form of changed emotions from joy, to loneliness, to despair. As for the young, the question becomes one of why we cannot go there. Thus, the quest for knowledge of the universe continues. I am a science teacher and regard this disc as a must have.

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