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Where To Buy Movado Womens Amorosa Two-Tone Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet Watch 0604760 At The Lowest Price?

Movado Womens Amorosa Two-Tone Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet Watch 0604760

Why Buy A Movado Womens Amorosa Two-Tone Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet Watch 0604760?
Movados signature Museum dial stands out beautifully against a background of two-tone polished stainless steel in this elegant watch from Movados Amorosa collection. This watch features a round black dial with gold-tone Dauphine hands and a concave dot marker at the twelve oclock position. This is the minimalist look made famous for Movado by American designer Nathan George Horwitt in 1947. Horwitt intended his design to be evocative of a sun dial, with the dot representing the sun at high noon. The dial is housed in a silver-tone stainless steel case that measures 24mm in diameter, and it is framed by a perfectly round silver-tone steel bezel. It presents on a beautifully polished steel bangle bracelet with gold-tone accents. The bracelet measures 6.5 inches and fastens with a jewelry clasp. Other notable features include a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and precise Swiss quartz movement. Water-resistant to 30 meters, this watch can withstand splashes and brief immersion in water; however, it is not sufficiently resistant for swimming.

About Movado
Movado, one of the most celebrated watch brands in the world, traces its origins to the small village of La Chaux-de-faunds, Switzerland where, in 1881, a young watchmaker named Achille Ditesheim hired six assistants and opened a small workshop. He called his company Movado, a word which means, roughly, always in motion. The company grew and prospered, evolving from a small pocketwatch manufacturer into a leading innovator and designer of precision wristwatches. Throughout its history, Movado has maintained its place at the pinnacle of innovation and excellence in design, craftsmanship and technology. Movado watches are crafted by highly-skilled watchmakers to meet the exacting standards of Swiss time technology. They are accurate to within seconds a year. All Movado watches are sealed and protected against water, moisture and dust, and individually tested to meet strict international standards of quality. A long-time dedicated supporter of the arts, Movado has, itself, been the recipient of over 200 international awards. Movado watches can now be found in the permanent collections of over 20 museums worldwide.

Amorosa Collection
Sleek, chic and sizable, this contemporary bangle watch features removable links for a custom fit. Offered in polished solid, two-tone or 18K gold-plated stainless steel. Available with diamonds. Museum dial. Swiss quartz movement. Sapphire crystal. Water resistant to 3 atm.


  • Polished stainless steel case with polished two-tone bracelet finished with a jewelry clasp
  • Precise Swiss-Quartz movement
  • Scratch resistant sapphire crystal
  • Water-resistant to 99 feet (30 M)

Over 42 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

great deal low price good shipping
great deal here. much less than at dept store. shouldve got the one with diamonds.

Movado – pure quality – great looks
We have bought many Movado’s over the years – from the Museum piece to men’s standard watches – this style is great – looks good – more compliments then on any other watch we own – and priced right… it is an original (took it to a dealer for sizing) and was purchased far under the best price we saw in a store on Amazon … don’t know how they do it – but highly recommend the watch and buying from Amazon!

A Lot Of Watch For The Money
A timeless time piece presented in a beautiful black case with all its beauty. The Movado watch company continues to design products for todays consumers with elegance & class. World known to always make a watch still affordalbe at reasonable pricing using only the finest materials. This product is my fifth (5) movado I own, and again Movado has not let me down. I impell anyone who is considering to make a watch purchase to not let this watch pass through there fingers.

Wife loves it
I bought this for my wife and she loves it. It is just her style and she wears it proudly. Beautiful yet simple – simple elegance I would call it.

Great purchase
I bought this as a gift for my wife, and she wears it everyday. If you can deal with the clean face design, you’ll love this watch. I bought her the two-tone because she has a lot of yellow gold jewelry, but the gold finish on most watches wears off quickly. This one has held up very well. I highly recommend it.

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Where To Buy Preemptive Strike by DJ Shadow At The Lowest Price?

Preemptive Strike by DJ Shadow

Why Buy A Preemptive Strike by DJ Shadow?
This set compiles much of DJ Shadows pre-major label material in one convenient package in an attempt to foil bootleggers and bring new fans up-to-date in the curriculum. The results are naturally varied, but all point to a marvelous evolution of talent. The collection is kept together primarily by its propensity for jazzy beats and psychedelic loops. Shadow (nĂ© Josh Davis) moves through everything from old school funk (In/Flux) to grungy 60s-style guitar raveups (High Noon). The centerpiece of the set, however, is a four-part composition called What Does Your Soul Look Like, which is likely to be the first ever entirely sample-driven rock opera. Its a brilliant piece of work, laced with intriguing sounds, sound bites, and a detectable set of motion. It is also quite possibly better than anything on the critically -acclaimed Entroducing. –Aidin Vaziri

Over 48 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

A cd never to be forgotten
Preemptive was my introduction to DJ Shadow and in my opinion he never disappoints. In a world of musical copy cats it’s extremely refreshing to listen to music of this caliber. This album is a true classic and should be enjoyed by everyone. For best results listen to this album with headphones on, you will not be disappointed.

The best of early Shadow b-sides and rare tracks
As the liner says, this release encompasses much of Shadow’s early work that predated Endtroducting, or was released outside of North America. Also, the title suggests what Shadow acknowledges as a protective measure against the clamping-down of sampling by the recording industry. Much of Shadow’s early work relied very heavily on sampling, so to put these track on a release for popular distribution was a very wise release.

In/flux, Organ Donor (extended overhaul) and the What Does Your Soul Look Like (pts. 1-4) are monumental accomplishments in the realm of the modern sample and digging DJ scene, which Shadow pioneered and popularized, to the delight of millions. What can we do but listen and praise?

Better than Entroducing
As a DJ Shadow enthusiast for about a year now i was amazed that i didn’t find this gem sooner. I initially bought entroducing, quickly followed by private press and then branched out to bands like uncle and lemon jelly. Finding this album reminded me of what i liked so much about DJ Shadow in the first place. The mixture of jazz instruments and a beat that makes you tap, this album is the most pure of all the acid jazz / drum bass albums i own to date. A must buy!

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Sony 3 Ninjas Trilogy 3 Ninjas Kick Back High Noon at Mega Mountain Knuckle Up starring Victor Wong – Save 30% Today!

3 Ninjas Trilogy 3 Ninjas Kick Back  High Noon at Mega Mountain  Knuckle Up starring Victor Wong

Why Buy A 3 Ninjas Trilogy 3 Ninjas Kick Back High Noon at Mega Mountain Knuckle Up starring Victor Wong?
Includes kick back knuckle up high noon. Studio: Sony Pictures Home Ent Release Date: 07/24/2007

Over 8 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

3 Ninjas trilogy
This product was brand new great condition and fast shipping — great!

Good, but not as good as one remembers
Childhood memories are a hit and miss – you either enjoy them as much as you did in the past, or you end up criticizing it for its faults.

3 Ninjas are a novelty item. You’ll love it for its existence, but I doubt you’ll enjoy it as much as you once did. I haven’t watched any for at least 6 months, but I just remember getting kind of bored of them. On the other hand, Surf Ninjas is an all time favorite (can’t go wrong with that one).

My Boys Love it!!!
All of the 3 Ninjas movies keep my children laughing! They even call themselves Colt and Tum-tum (the kid’s ninja nicknames in the movie). My 4 year old is addicted to all of the movies, that is why I purchased the trilogy. It keeps him occupied for hours! Great for the whole family too! I highly recommend!!!

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Father and Son Winner of the Southern Book Award by Larry Brown – Save 25% Today!

Father and Son Winner of the Southern Book Award by Larry Brown

Why Buy A Father and Son Winner of the Southern Book Award by Larry Brown?
Larry Brown is the master of the raw and the sparse and of bringing Mississippi to the world in a language that is as stripped down and bare as Faulkners is dense. Brown is at his best when he writes of the tensions between one screwed-up man and another, in this case a father and son. One has just been let out of prison, and he shouldnt have been. The other is drunk and disabled and intends on staying that way. To make things worse, there is a conflict with the sheriff, who is good and righteous but who tried to put the moves on the parolees woman while he was in prison. To tell more would be to violate Browns mastery of dialogue and of that which goes unspoken in this sly story of father, son, and misery.

Over 47 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

You’ll cheer the ending of this gem.
This is a story that is the anthisis of The Prodical Son. Instead of a repentent son asking fogiveness of his father, “Father and Son” by Larry Brown tells of a rebellious son, Glen Davis, fresh from prison and angry with the world.

Bobby Blanchard is the sheriff who put Glen in jail after he killed a young boy while Glen was driving drunk. To add drama, Bobby is in love with Jewel, Glen’s girlfriend and the mother of Glen’s illegitimate son. Think of Gary Cooper walking down Main St. in “High Noon” and you have the picture of Blanchard.

Glen’s mother, Emma, died while he was in prison. Glen is a viscious drunk treating everyone with hatred. This includes his father, Vernon, a WWII vet who was wounded and partially disabled in the war.

Almost as soon as he gets to town, Glen takes his father’s rifle and robs and kills a local bar owner with whom he had a grudge.

Brown has written a compelling novel describing rural life in Mississippi in the mid 1960′s. In his detailing of the downtrodden, there are similarities of fellow Oxford, Miss. native William Faulkner. In the descriptions of the poor, the numerous misfortunes that befall them and their acceptance of tragedy as a way of life Brown bears a strong resemblance to Steinbeck. I could even view the characters here as kinfolk to the Oaklahoma characters in “The Grapes of Wrath.”

The history leading up to events in this novel include Vernon having an affair with Mary, Bobby’s mother. She became pregnant but by the time Vernon knew of it, he was in the army and couldn’t get leave. She married another and he was killed during the war. Vernon only married Emma after the war when she became pregnant with Glen. During his life, Emma constantly spewed her hatred for Mary to Glen, she felt that Vernon was having a prolonged affair with Mary.

The story is superbly written with tragic and heroic figures at crossroads. Once finished, the story of Glen and his half-brother, Bobby, will stay with the reader for a long time.

Highly recommended!

You can never go home again….mm
Perhaps Glen Davis shouldn’t have gone back. The authorities should have kept him in prison, he should have started in a more structured work release elsewhere, there are so many alternatives.

But, he did go home. And not a day later, he committed a treble homicide of a bar owner, his employee and the bar’s mascot monkey. He did a lot more than that before he was through.

“Father and Son” is about several paternal pairings: Glen and his father, Virgil. Sheriff Bobby Blanchard and his father Virgil. Getting confused? Glen and the good Sheriff are half brothers—and Sheriff Blanchard is the one born on the ‘wrong side of the blankets.’ And, of course, Glen and his son David–also born out of wedlock and Glen doesn’t want to have anything to do with his son.

Glen had originally gone to jail for killing a kid while he was driving drunk. His thoughts–he could handle his whiskey, the parents should have watched the kid.

Sheriff Blanchard is trying to solve several murders–including a son killing his father, a homeless father killing a sick son, and then he has a terrible feeling that Glen’s killed the bar owner in another county.

Meanwhile, Glen’s drinking and still wreaking his own special brand of havoc on the community. Jewel, the mother of his son, wants to get married but she’s realizing Glen’s not a good bet. His aging father wants to have a relationship with his son, but recognizing he spent too much of Glen’s formative years in a bottle.

Brown’s writing is spare and harsh as Mississippi, but in no way impoverished. His tale comes to life with searing economy and is sometimes painfully too real. “Father and Son” is not a story for the faint of heart or the light of mind, but it is a worthwhile addition to the growing collection of Southern fiction.

This was one of the best American novels I’ve ever read. Larry Brown proved himself a master with this baby and I thank Vicki Hendricks for turning me on to Larry Brown. Everything I’ve read so far by Brown has been top notch writing … every bit as good as Steinbeck for me … and better than Faulkner.

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Play Dirty A Novel by Sandra Brown – Save 28% Today!

Play Dirty A Novel by Sandra Brown

Why Buy A Play Dirty A Novel by Sandra Brown?
If nobodys playing by the rules, play dirty in this explosive New York Times bestseller by Sandra Brown, author of Smoke Screen.

Over 86 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Play Dirty
Always enjoy a Sandra Brown book…they keep me hooked until
I finish the story and goodness always prevails.

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