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Mclemore Avenue By Booker T. & The Mgs

Mclemore Avenue By Booker T. & The Mgs

Why Buy A Mclemore Avenue By Booker T. & The Mgs?
Stax Reissue of 1970 album on the Stax label for the r&b combo, known as the house band of the Stax label, featuring four tracks, that is three Beatles medleys & the track Something. 1990.

Customer Reviews & Opinions

A Forgotten Gem
I first acquired a vinyl copy of this album a couple of years after its release, in 1970, after stumbling across it at one of the many record shops I used to frequent. Always a great admirer of Abbey Road by The Beatles, it was immediately visually intriguing, for obvious reasons. Having long ago lost track of that initial copy, it wasn’t until I bought the Booker T & The MGs “Time Is Tight” box, that I remembered just how brilliant this album-long Abbey Road tribute was.

It consists of instrumental covers of Abbey Road, more or less in its entirety, albeit not in corresponding sequential order. It is everything and more anyone familiar with the legendary Stax house band’s sound might expect: soulful, organic, inspired and, above all else, so tight – it’s obvious these guys have played together before.

McLemore Avenue – the address of Stax studios – is one of those albums you can put on when you feel like listening intently to masterful musicianship, alone in the dark, perfectly positioned between the speakers; or when you feel like moving to that wonderful MGs groove; or just as pleasant, yet almost always engaging, background music. If you’re a Beatles fan, and have somehow managed to miss this album, you have an unexpected treat in store.

Frustratingly, copies of McLemore Avenue appear to be difficult to find. This Japanese reissue, is an expensive option, especially given that it is not one of those limited edition, vinyl replica paper sleeve items, as you might expect. It is one disc in a standard jewel case. The sound is everything you would expect, however, and I am pleased to now have a pristine CD of this much-loved album.

McLemore Ave.
Love it!!!! It makes me happy. The base line keeps turning my lights on and off (I have the clapper).

Very very tasty versions!
I looked for this CD every since I heard “She’s So Heavy” on a local college radio show. The CD is a wonderful interpretation of the Abbey Road Tracks by the Beatles. Booker T and the MG’s put a shine to this material instrumentally as only they can do. This is such a nice CD to relax to. I would recommend this to any Booker T/Beatle fans! Many times the organ sound makes it sound like Gary Brooker of Procol Harum is playing and that’s a compliment. So that sonic texture is there too, like a cherry on the cake.

McLemore Avenue Still Sounds Good
I came across this CD when I visited the Stax Museum this past October. I decided to buy a copy of it for a friend’s birthday present. I just mailed it to her, so I have not heard her opinion about the album.

From the album cover photo to the music on the CD, Booker T & the MGs do a great job paying homage to the Beatles and their album “Abbey Road.” I would have loved hearing Booker T & the MGs do a similar project based on the Beatles “SGT Peppers’ Lonely Heart Club Band”.

This CD and all of their other releases are proof that there was (and is) more to Booker T & the MGs than just “Green Onions.”

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