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2 boxes Habitrol Nicotine Gum 4mg MINT flavor COATED gum 192 Pieces – Save 57% Today!

2 boxes Habitrol Nicotine Gum 4mg MINT flavor COATED gum 192 Pieces

Why Buy A 2 boxes Habitrol Nicotine Gum 4mg MINT flavor COATED gum 192 Pieces?
Habitrol Gum helps you give up smoking by alleviating the unpleasant symptoms associated with nicotine withdrawal. These symptoms can include headaches, sweating, irritability, anxiety and mood swings. They are often a disincentive to quit smoking. When you chew Habitrol Gum, small amounts of nicotine become released and are absorbed through the lining of the mouth. This provides the smoker with a controlled way to satisfy the bodys craving for nicotine.

Habitrol Gum provides a flexible, convenient course of treatment for smokers who want to quit. Each pack contains 96 pieces of gum. It comes in either 2mg or 4mg strength in both mint or fruit flavour. Follow the recommended chewing technique of chewing and parking the gum in the side of the mouth to ensure its efficiency. If you have decided to kick the smoking habit once and for all, then Habitrol Gum is the product that can make your non-smoking dream a reality.


  • Can actually help reduce weight gain while you quit
  • Doubles your chance of quitting, even if youve tried before
  • Intense Minty flavor coating
  • Reduces withdrawal symptoms, including nicotine and food craving, associated with quitting smoking

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Habitrol Nicotine Gum, 4mg MINT flavor COATED gum. 96 pieces per box
4 boxes Habitrol Nicotine Gum, 4mg MINT flavor COATED gum. 384 Pieces
Perfect Pushup – Original

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Colic Solved The Essential Guide to Infant Reflux and the Care of Your Crying Difficult-to- Soothe Baby by Bryan Vartabedian – Save 22% Today!

Colic Solved The Essential Guide to Infant Reflux and the Care of Your Crying Difficult-to- Soothe Baby by Bryan Vartabedian

Why Buy A Colic Solved The Essential Guide to Infant Reflux and the Care of Your Crying Difficult-to- Soothe Baby by Bryan Vartabedian?
For generations, doctors have been diagnosing babies with colic, offering little comfort and few solutions to worried, weary parents. But recent medical advances made through cutting-edge technology now reveal that many if not most cases of colic are actually caused by acid reflux. In this revolutionary book, Bryan Vartabedian, a noted pediatric gastroenterologist and the father of two babies with acid reflux, provides hands-on, practical advice about this hidden epidemic–and how to make your own baby happy again.

• Recognize the seven signs of reflux in infancy.
• Discover the role of milk protein allergy–the other colic.
• Learn what, when, and how to feed an irritable baby and the best positions for sleep.
• Recognize the role of formula, breast milk, bottle systems, burping, and pacificers in your baby’s fussiness, and irritability.
• Understand when and why your baby may need testing for reflux.
Weigh the pros and cons of available treatment options.
Identify when a specialist is needed and where to find one.

Complete with inspiring real-life cases of colic solved, plus tips, sidebars, and illustrations, this essential guide provides real answers to a problem that has been upsetting babies–and parents–for years. Help and hope are at hand!

“This is the book for every parent whose young baby is a ‘bundle of misery,’ in pain, and hard to feed, and for that baby’s pediatrician, too.”
–Laura Nathanson, M.D., F.A.A.P., author of The Portable Pediatrician

“Great news for exhausted parents and for suffering babies! Colic Solved gets to the root of what is making many babies cry, and offers powerful, real-world solutions. This is a must-have book for desperate parents everywhere.”
–Alan Greene, MD, FAAP, author of From First Kicks to First Steps and founder of DrGreene.com

Over 31 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Very happy with purchase!
I felt so much better discussing my daughter’s silent reflux with her Pediatrician after reading this book. I knew from reading the book that she had silent reflux with esophagitis and after discussing this with her doc, I felt very involved when it came to deciding her course of therapy. This book was easy to read, and helped me to feel empowered in caring for my little one. I highly recommend it (and have to friends!).

colic solved
This book is easy to understand written in mom language. It is obvious from the start this pediatrician is not like the other medical experts- he actually talks from experience and has lived with a GERD baby. He dispells myths and addresses that a mom of a GERD baby is a tired mom. He has great suggestions in a clear and easy to understand format. I recommend this book to anyone with a fussy and crying baby.

I bought this book because my granddaughter was hospitalized with severe infant reflux. We have read several books on the subject but this book is the Mac Daddy ultimate guide, bible, word, on everything connected with Colic, Infant Reflux, and a continuously screaming infant. It even documented the battle we had to fight with doctors to get the proper treatment. It is by far the most comprehensive book on the subject.

Easy read, sound science and extremely helpful: a must have book for all parents
My Son suffers from Silent Reflux and I decided to buy this book to help me understand what’s going on. My spouse and I are both Ph.D’s and we have a slightly academic approach to things. The book cleared so many unanswered questions for us.

This is the most useful book I have in my stock as a new parent. I would recommend it to all first time, second time and nth time parents. Dr. Vartabedian gives excellent examples throughout the book. If you can identify with one of his case studies it’s time to ask your Ped to recommend you to a Ped-GI. Don’t put your child on Zantac forever if there is no improvement, seek help from a specialist.

We are going to buy multiple copies of this book and gift it to all our friends who are expecting. A huge number of children have reflux and if you have a happy spitter, you are lucky. However, if your Ped keeps telling you to change formula and wait for the colic to go away, ask right questions. This book is a step by step guide to identify problems of reflux early. It will help you ask the right set of questions to your pediatrician and you can start reflux treatment as early as possible.

I wish our friends had gifted us this book. My child suffered from silent reflux for almost three months. Things got out of hand and now he has terrible feeding aversions.

Dr. Vartabedian also has his own blog: parentingsolved.typepad.com
there are many new updates on this one along with lot of useful information.

For Parents of GERDlings
This isn’t a book about ‘colic’. It is a book about Reflux in infants. This is an invaluable tool in helping you make changes in what you do as a parent to help alleviate the symptoms of acid reflux. It is also useful in helping you prepare for visits with the pediatrician armed with information, questions, and the kind of demeanor that is most likely to get the doctor’s cooperation. As a desperate parent of a GERDling, I found the book practical and realistic.

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Where To Buy Colon cleanse Complete #7 Colon Cleanse Complete 7 2670mg daily 90 capsules with superior natural herbal ingrediants and dosage for WEIGHT LOSS and overall health management At The Lowest Price?

Colon Cleanse Complete 7 2670mg daily 90 capsules with superior natural herbal ingrediants and dosage for WEIGHT LOSS and overall health management

Why Buy A Colon Cleanse Complete 7 2670mg daily 90 capsules with superior natural herbal ingrediants and dosage for WEIGHT LOSS and overall health management?
Colon Cleanse Complete #7
2670 mg per daily serving, 90 pills per bottle
From Life Smart Labs: Colon Cleanse Complete #7, a safe, natural way to improve your health and help achieve optimal weight loss. Colon Cleanse Complete #7 is a carefully developed formula that was created after several years of research, testing and time. Detox with Colon Cleanse Complete #7 for great results!
Please note: if you compare dosage and ingredients to competitive brands, you will see that Colon Cleanse Complete #7 has superior value in terms of health benefits!
Colon Cleanse is manufactured at an FDA approved, state of the art facility.
Although Colon Cleansing helps in Detox and reduction of constipation, thats just the beginning; it does a lot more than that!
A poor diet or lack of certain essential nutrients can cause a build up on the intestinal walls. This inhibits the passage of waste and the absorption of minerals and vitamins. Colon cleansing can also aid in eliminating diarrhea by helping to remove the toxins that cause it.
The majority of our bodys immune system is close proximity to the digestive system and an improperly working colon can cause headaches, fatigue, irritability, cramps, weight gain, and sometimes more serious illnesses.
Colon Cleansing with Colon cleanse Complete #7 will also aid in helping to avoid colon cancer.
Weight Loss: The average colon weighs about 3.9 pounds but colon cleansing can actually flush away 10 to 30 pounds of stagnant fecal matter; although surprising, this is not uncommon.
Some of the other benefits: more clear skin, sometimes better breadth and higher energy levels.
Main Ingredients:
Fennel Seed, Aloe Vera, Cascara Sagrada, Ginger, Goldenseal, Pumpkin Seed, Buckthorne Root, Licorice Root, Rhubarb, Licorice Root, Cayenne Pepper, Senna, Oat Bran, Prune Juice, flax seed oil, and Acidophilus.
Through testing, we found that a careful combination of these ingredients yielded the best results in an affordable formula


  • Aids in Weight Loss and cancer prevention
  • Colon Cleanse Complete Natural Herbal supplement
  • fights cancer risk, headaches, nervous anxiety
  • Great aid in nutrition value, increases energy
  • Large value 2,670 mg. per daily serving, 90 caps, 3 per day

Over 2 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Great product.
Satisfied with the product! This great product is also sold in a set of 3, which is more economic if you have a chronic problem. The set of 3 is sold for $29.00.

Nice Product, twice as much as typical brands
I have tried several of the leading brands and have found this combination to be the best. The doses are large so you get a lot for the money and the ingrediants are very beneficial to weight loss and good health.

Get Amazon’s Lowest Price Today!

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ACAI Juice Extreem – 100% PURE, HIGH POTENCY ACAI Berry Natural Nutrition, Energy and also used for Weight Loss Detox Diet 3 Months 180 Caps, 1200 Mg
ACAI Juice Extreem – HIGH POTENCY ACAI BERRY Natural Nutrition, Energy, for Weight Loss Detox Diet 60 Caps, 1200 Mg
Acai Berry Fruit Capsules- Easy to Swallow- Amazon Gold-now with 1200 Mg Per Serving-60 Capsules- Powerful Antioxidant- Great for Diet & Weight Loss
Acai Berry Extreme All-In-One Colon Cleanse, Weight Loss, Antioxidant, Appetite Suppressant, Metabolism Booster
Natrol Acai 1000 mg Capsules, 60-Count Bottles (Pack of 2)

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Where To Buy The Mom Walk Keeping in Step with Gods Heart for Motherhood by Sally Clarkson At The Lowest Price?

The Mom Walk Keeping in Step with Gods Heart for Motherhood by Sally Clarkson

Why Buy A The Mom Walk Keeping in Step with Gods Heart for Motherhood by Sally Clarkson?

Sally Clarkson, popular speaker, author, and cofounder of Whole Heart Ministries, inspires women to look beyond the culture’s view of motherhood as a task to manage efficiently and see it as a God–given calling.

With biblical guidance and personal insight, Sally accompanies women through the qualities of a mother’s walk with God to help them:

  • embrace their home–based ministry
  • discover the gift of sacrifice
  • cultivate a heart for God’s Word
  • set spiritual goals for themselves and their children
  • nurture fellowship and support other mothers

The Mom Walk reaffirms the role of mothering as a divinely designed calling and encourages moms to lean on God’s strength to prepare their children for whole, fulfilling, and Christ–centered lives.

Over 4 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Clarkson’s methodology is conservative, concrete and uncompromising
Author Sally Clarkson, co-founder of Whole Heart Ministries, and husband Clay work side by side with evangelicals across the country and throughout the world, speaking, teaching and encouraging Christians to aspire toward godly parenthood.

Clarkson, whose previous titles include THE MISSION OF MOTHERHOOD and THE MINISTRY OF MOTHERHOOD, writes with candor-laced humor, yet her message is resoundingly bold with biblical mandates. A mother of four who homeschools her children, Clarkson lives out her message. Readers will appreciate her brief narratives and insider looks into her own family, where grace isn’t always so visible — where irritability, tiredness and exhaustion sometimes reign supreme…but only temporarily.

Clarkson’s desire is to share honestly with other women about the long, often wearying journey of motherhood as she transparently displays her own struggles with discouragement and depression. She likewise provides the biblical larger-than-life picture from which every mother can draw strength. As a member of a family who has devoted their entire lives to ministry and offering hospitality, Clarkson recounts moments, even seasons, when her family questioned their sacrifice in the face of not-so-gracious guests, specifically Christians. Understanding her youngsters’ feelings, Clarkson admits that it’s difficult to give and give and give. But still, the fallback is always understanding and focusing upon Christ and His call upon their lives.

The author inspires and energizes readers with her soulful retellings of humorous events that plague every growing family: illness, financial troubles, housing problems, career moves, extended caregiving responsibilities. And in every scenario, she skillfully brings the life lesson back into proper eternal perspective with a winsome grace that will leave her readers warmed and comforted.

Throughout this four-part text, Clarkson invites moms to view mothering as a PATH: walking with purpose, walking with assurance, walking with trust and walking with heart. She discusses such pertinent topics as living with integrity; understanding how restful times are spiritually productive and physically rejuvenate the body; developing a quiet heart that sets aside time to invest in seeking God, His wisdom, His understanding and His purpose; embracing grace for the unknown issues of today and for tomorrow; realizing that forgiveness from past mistakes is total, complete and worth celebrating; and pairing the power of God’s truth and love with the motivation never to give up, no matter what the circumstances. Also, there are introspective questions to ponder for further self-examination and as thoughtful send-offs.

Clarkson’s methodology is conservative, concrete and uncompromising. Even those moms who don’t necessarily agree with all her tenets will find the heart of her message delightfully palatable and nourishing.

— Reviewed by Michele Howe

Inspiration for all Moms
I wish I had come across this book years earlier. Sally has a way of pulling you into the book. I can hardly put it down. A great encouragement for all moms.

Great Book!
The Mom Walk is a great book to challenge moms to walk hand in hand with the Lord to be the best moms we can be. We cannot do it alone, and will easily be distracted by the world without the Lord’s guidance every day. I highly recommend this book as a morning devotional to get your day started on the right foot!

Encouragement for the weary, or even the energetic I suppose!
Once again, Sally Clarkson has made me feel like I have sat down to tea with a beloved friend while reading this her latest book. Although we have never met, Sally has become a dear “book friend” and a true kindred spirit. I am refreshed and renewed and once again girded up for the tasks and indeed the joys of motherhood. I “wholeheartedly” recommend this book as well as all others by the same author!

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The Ministry of Motherhood: Following Christs Example in Reaching the Hearts of Our Children
Seasons of a Mothers Heart
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Parenting a Bipolar Child: What to Do & Why by Nancy B. Austin – Save 32% Today!

Parenting a Bipolar Child: What to Do & Why by Nancy B. Austin

Why Buy A Parenting a Bipolar Child: What to Do & Why by Nancy B. Austin?
When a child or adolescent is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it’s hard for his or her parents to know exactly what to do. What constitutes an effective therapeutic approach to help their bipolar child navigate childhood and adolescence? In this book, a psychiatrist and a psychologist, both specializing in mood disorders, offer a comprehensive overview of the available treatment options and most effective parenting strategies for dealing with this serious condition.

In addition to a thorough explanation of the often necessary medical treatments for bipolar disorder, the book also details the importance of emotional regulation in bipolar children. Techniques for dealing with displays of rage, anger, and irritability in children are covered. The book also addresses sleep deprivation, one of the most common symptoms of childhood bipolar disorder, and the issues young people with bipolar disorder face in school. Subjects of particular interest to parents of older children and adolescents are covered, such as substance abuse, eating disorders, violence, and suicide. All of this information is complemented by advice on parental self-care and integrating the care of the bipolar child with the needs of the rest of the family.

Over 12 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

I have been parenting bipolar children for 25 years. My youngest is now 5. I wish this book had been available when I was raising my oldest. There are many good books on BP in children (and I have most of them), but if I could only have one, this would be the one. The section on the importance of sleep habits was worth the price of the book all by itself.

Clear Advice on a Confounding Condition
As the parent of a child with bipolar, I have collected many books on the subject since my teenage son was diagnosed five years ago. PARENTING A BIPOLAR CHILD now holds a prominent place by my bedside. It is clear, concise and compassionate. It helps me to navigate through the difficult times and reminds me of the basic ways I can help my child succeed. I have given a copy to our pediatrician. I want to give it to all his teachers.

Get Amazon’s Lowest Price Today!

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The Ups and Downs of Raising a Bipolar Child: A Survival Guide for Parents
Bipolar Kids: Helping Your Child Find Calm in the Mood Storm
Understanding the Mind of Your Bipolar Child: The Complete Guide to the Development, Treatment, and Parenting of Children with Bipolar Disorder
The Bipolar Teen: What You Can Do to Help Your Child and Your Family

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