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Where To Buy On the Right Track by The Skatalites At The Lowest Price?

On the Right Track by The Skatalites

Why Buy A On the Right Track by The Skatalites?
Without the killer grooves and syncopated horn blasts of the always wonderful Skatalites, life on this planet would be a far duller thing. — L.A. Daily News The Skatalites are Jamaicas answer to the Motown house band and Booker T. & The MGs combined. — Rolling Stone The Skatalites took influences from jazz, calypso and US rhythm `n blues to help create the sound that dominated Jamaican sixties music … This is a must have album for anyone interested in Jamaican music and a great introduction for those who wish to learn. — BBC.co.uk More than a band, The Skatalites were and are an institution, an aggregation of top-notch musicians who didnt merely define the sound of Jamaica, they were the sound of Jamaica across the 50s and 60s. — All Music Guide The second wave of ska produced some good bands and some great music, the third wave fewer, but if you want to really hear the music played with respect for its deepest roots, you need to go to the source, and that is undoubtedly The Skatalites … The band is more musically sophisticated than many of its contemporaries were and than pretty much all of its present day imitators are. — PopMatters

Recorded in Byron Bay in 2006, On the Right Track mixes the coastal island vibes of Australias and Jamaicas hippest towns with a heavy jazz influence. Among a myriad of reissues and compilations, this album stands out as having the best new original material on an international Skatalites release since 1964. Studio sessions were held in the style of a classic jazz session, much like the one-take upbringing Studio 1 provided the group in the early days. From the late 50s into the 60s, The Skatalites transcended popular music, introducing and defining Jamaican music and culture to the world. Combining the best of American boogie-woogie with R&B, jazz, and big band swing, The Skatalites created the up-tempo syncopated island beat dubbed ska, which evolved into rocksteady and reggae. The original backing band for Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, and Toots & The Maytals, these two-time Grammy nominees have toured extensively worldwide since the 80s.

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Great introduction to The Skatalites
This is the first Skatalites album I bought, and I think it’s a great way to get into their sound. Now that I know a little more about these amazing musicians, and after hearing most of their classic 60′s records, I find this album their best since their reformation, in the 80′s.
I agree with the last review, these songs are really true to their ska roots, plus you won’t get the poor sound quality of the 60′s recordings. It’s well recorded, now you can in fact hear the bass lines and the terrific job by Lloyd Knibb on the drums. This senior citizen never got the recognition he deserves for inventing the SKA beat, which is the same beat as the reggae beat, the reggae drummers just slowed it down. I was lucky enough to see him play 2 weeks ago, with the reformed Skatalites.
The tracks sung by Doreen Shaffer are the icing on the cake.
Buy it!

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Where To Buy Warner Brothers Taming the Tiger by Joni Mitchell At The Lowest Price?

Taming the Tiger by Joni Mitchell

Why Buy A Taming the Tiger by Joni Mitchell?
Following the Grammy triumph of Turbulent Indigo by four years, Joni Mitchell rewards our wait with an album thats even better. Taming the Tiger finds Mitchell playing her guitar through a Roland VG8, adding fresh texture to her continuing musical association with Wayne Shorters sax and the rhythm section of Larry Klein and Brian Blade. Happiness is the best facelift is the line youll hear quoted, but it isnt truly representative. Song painter Joni knows that light creates infinite gradations of shadow, and this is as varied a collection as shes given us. Love has many faces, she sings in Love Puts on a New Face; and her portraits of longing (Man from Mars), abandon (Crazy Cries of Love), and quiet fury (No Apologies) are exquisite. –Ben Edmonds

Over 47 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Joni strikes again, Meeeeow
Joni is probably one of the best songwriters of all time, while her
voice on the early stuff is a bit shrill this CD sounds great !!

I’m not really a Jazz fan and I normally avoid this type of CD but
the marriage of Joni & some of the finest jazz session men works great.

6 Stars. No. 7
JM sounds better than ever. Music, Lyrics, arrangements; you name it. Hejira, Night ride home and Turbulant Indigo are among my favorites, yet “Taming the tiger’ wins them all.
I own a huge collection of Original and rare CD’s; In the female Singer songwriter, Folk Rock Jazz composition; it’s simple; no other Female comes even close. If you like Pink Floyd in their creative music and songwriting; Joni Mitchell in “Taming the Tiger” surely is in that category; to say the least.
Highly recommended; breathtaking; simply amazing

In the middle of our time on earth…
Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R1XFHKI5XUCBJG

Warm & deeply affectionate.
“Taming the Tiger” was Joni’s last album of original material, & it’s well worth it. Every song is beautiful & personal. Her lyrics remain creative & thought-provoking. There’s a mixture of wonderful odes of love (Man From Mars, Stay In Touch, The Crazy Cries Of Love, Etc.) To socially aware song like “Lead Balloon” which explores sexism & double standards of men & woman. Or “No Apologies” which is about American hypocracy & corruption. Or the title track, Taming the Tiger, which is about the often disposable music industry which Joni has grown hostile & intolerent of. She brilliantly says:

“The moon shed light
On my hopeless plight
As the radio blared so bland
Every disc, a poker chip
Every song just a one night stand
Formula music, girly guile
Genuine junkfood for juveniles
Up and down the dial
Mercenary style”

Joni certainly is in a category of her own when it comes to music of quality & heart. From the smouldering “Harlem In Havana” to the wonderful instrumental reprise of “Tiger Bones” This is another glimmering jewel in her catalogue.

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