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2 boxes Habitrol Nicotine Gum 4mg MINT flavor COATED gum 192 Pieces – Save 57% Today!

2 boxes Habitrol Nicotine Gum 4mg MINT flavor COATED gum 192 Pieces

Why Buy A 2 boxes Habitrol Nicotine Gum 4mg MINT flavor COATED gum 192 Pieces?
Habitrol Gum helps you give up smoking by alleviating the unpleasant symptoms associated with nicotine withdrawal. These symptoms can include headaches, sweating, irritability, anxiety and mood swings. They are often a disincentive to quit smoking. When you chew Habitrol Gum, small amounts of nicotine become released and are absorbed through the lining of the mouth. This provides the smoker with a controlled way to satisfy the bodys craving for nicotine.

Habitrol Gum provides a flexible, convenient course of treatment for smokers who want to quit. Each pack contains 96 pieces of gum. It comes in either 2mg or 4mg strength in both mint or fruit flavour. Follow the recommended chewing technique of chewing and parking the gum in the side of the mouth to ensure its efficiency. If you have decided to kick the smoking habit once and for all, then Habitrol Gum is the product that can make your non-smoking dream a reality.


  • Can actually help reduce weight gain while you quit
  • Doubles your chance of quitting, even if youve tried before
  • Intense Minty flavor coating
  • Reduces withdrawal symptoms, including nicotine and food craving, associated with quitting smoking

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Habitrol Nicotine Gum, 4mg MINT flavor COATED gum. 96 pieces per box
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Perfect Pushup – Original

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Vheissu by Thrice – Save 22% Today!

Vheissu by Thrice

Why Buy A Vheissu by Thrice?
Image of the Invisible, the albums first single, starts with the sound of Morse code, then shifts into a stuttery beat before being consumed by post-punk guitar clamor and clattering drums. Just as it reaches its most aggressive point, tuneful call-and-response vocals flow through the mix, counteracting the menacing vibe. Then there is Atlantic, which features drifty, echoing keyboards and acoustic strumming and Like Moths To Flame, a sonic see-saw filled with moody piano, marching drums and a visceral wall of guitars.

Our biggest goal was to make something different, even if we didnt know at first exactly what that meant, singer Dustin Kensrue says. We just knew we wanted it to be atmospheric and create a space you could kind of live in. Our records have been kind of flat and two dimensional in the past, so we definitely wanted to try to do something more open sounding. I think I just got a little burned out on really aggressive, heavy music, adds drummer Riley Breckenridge. Suddenly, the stuff that was moving me was not inspiring me to get all riled up and want to tear somebodys head off, but something that had really dramatic dynamics and mood swings with the way the chords moved from verse to chorus.

Unlike their past albums, which were penned during downtime from touring, Thrice came up with many of the ideas for Vheissu while they were on the road supporting their 2003 record The Artist in the Ambulance. The extra time the band gained from writing in the bus gave them the ability to experiment without worrying about having to meet an impending deadline. In the beginning, we were actually swinging a lot further left than this record even is, says Kensrue. We were writing really slow, really weird stuff, but I think it was good for us to be able to push our boundaries like that, then come back to a place where we were still pushing out, but at the same time doing something that was more of a logical step from the last record.

Even after the songs were streamlined a bit, the songs were still packed with startling, ingenious touches, like the chain gang chorus that cuts through the murky, multifaceted strains of The Earth Will Shake, the sparse piano and underwater drum sounds of Of Dust And Nations and the swelling oppressive guitars in For Miles, which build like a sky full of dark clouds before erupting into a chaotic thunderstorm. One of the most alluring tracks is Music Box, in which a haunting Japanese music box melody overlaps a procession of lumbering beats, crashing guitars, angular licks and acoustic jangle.

Over 163 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

In Retrospect…
First off, I would like to apologize. Please forgive me Thrice (who will never read this) for being a stuck-up nancy-boy hardcore kid I was in my past years. I apologize to the people who didn’t like Thrice until this album leaked out. I apologize to anyone associated with inspiring the technical elements that fused Dustin & Co. to explore new horizons of creativity.

If you don’t understand just yet, I hated this CD for years since its inception. Why? Well, I was picky, snooty, prideful and frustrated that Thrice decided to venture out and completely abandon a sound that so tickled my fancy during those years. Since then I have repented of my sins against music, and am now a much happier person, especially when running these tracks on my iPod. Oh boy, what a journey!

Nonetheless, this is an incredible album layered with technical loops, chain gang vocals, sincere instrumentation and vocals, and a high dosage of technicality. Oh goodness, why have I denied thee? I mean, these guys really know how to write great music. Every album of theirs since First Impressions (EP) to the Alchemy Index have been absolutely solid cover to cover. And to think, I used to be bitter everytime I watched Fuse with Dustin portraying a prison break during the video “Image of the Invisible”. I didn’t like that song at the time, but the song gets me fired up now.

The point is that Thrice has found a way to grow exponentially each step. Dating back to their simple hardcore punk days of old, to the current experimental progressions they birth today. Vheissu was the step that made Thrice great without having to brand themselves to a particular genre. I missed it the first time, but after gaining much needed clarity and maturity, specifically in music, I can now enjoy Vheissu, and not feel like a sell out.

Notable tracks:

Image of the Invisible (1)
Hold Fast Hope (4)
Of Dust and Nations (7)

It’s all in the name
This being my first Thrice experience I must say I am thrilled! Their artistic talent is seen clearly in this album. Being a frequent student of Etymology, their artwork, lyrics, and overall mesh of the God and man connect the listener to the reigning goal of Thrice as artist, to give the Creator all the honor.

To anyone who is actually curious about this album, I have to apologize for the reviews that you would have to wade through to find an answer.

I wrote an extensive review on The Alchemy Index, which is thrice’s latest album. If you would like my complete thoughts on the band and these albums, please see those reviews.

The short version is that this album is wonderful. While their previous albums certainly have their merits for the time and place in which they were written, this album is them being secure in their identity. (Pun intended)
It showcases the change of a band that started within a certain genre and subculture, and has now matured and grown to the point where they are expressing themselves for who they are now, with no regard to finding identity or affirmation from a certain subculture.
Most bands stay bound to the subculture they are born out of. Thrice has learned to grow beyond the youthfulness of subculture.
They are musicians seeking to perfect their art…not kids seeking to gain popularity.

The start of Thrice’s journey into the realm of greatness
Vheissu is a groundbreaking album. It is not groundbreaking in the sense of its effect on the music industry but it is truly groundbreaking as it was the album where Thrice separated themselves from the massive pack of Post-Hardcore bands and ran miles ahead of the field in terms of creativity and genius. Vheissu was an album that definitely alienated a lot of fans, because many fans of the genre are the type who believe bands should stay true to the Hardcore and Punk roots and not attempt to branch out. Thrice undoubtedly recognized the risks in straying so far from the norm but still let their creative juices flow as they attempted to do something very unheard of in music – change their sound drastically and for the better! – this album works as a crystal ball at this point in Thrice’s career as artists (now on their 7th studio release with the album “Beggars”) as you gaze into the crystal ball you can see how this album laid the groundwork for the future road Thrice would take as musicians. It is the stepping stone that took Thrice from run-of-the-mill Post Hardcore and thrust them to the top of the mountain as THE Post Hardcore band and one of the most gifted musical groups making music today.

I highly recommend this album, absolutely 5 stars.

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Identity Crisis

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Raising Twins After the First Year Everything You Need to Know About Bringing Up Twins – from Toddlers to Preteens by Karen Gottesman – Save 12% Today!

Raising Twins After the First Year Everything You Need to Know About Bringing Up Twins - from Toddlers to Preteens by Karen Gottesman

Why Buy A Raising Twins After the First Year Everything You Need to Know About Bringing Up Twins – from Toddlers to Preteens by Karen Gottesman?
Every parent of twins knows that raising them can be full of unique challenges. Getting through the first twelve months may be especially difficult, but that is only the first hurdle. In Raising Twins After the First Year, author Karen Gottesman, a mother of boy-and-girl twins herself, guides parents through the many specific issues they will face as their twins grow from age one to ten. She covers ways to deal with the terrible two’s times two—potty training, the legitimacy of cryptophasia (twin language), sibling rivalry, managing double mood swings, how to start to give your twins independence, and much more. Completely practical and down-to-earth, Raising Twins After the First Year will be a useful and comforting resource for every parent bringing up twins.


  • Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, Over one million books sold! 98% Positive feedback. Compare our books, prices and service to the competition. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • ISBN13: 9781569243381

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Raising Twins: What Parents Want to Know (And What Twins Want to Tell Them)
Emotionally Healthy Twins: A New Philosophy for Parenting Two Unique Children
The Art of Parenting Twins: The Unique Joys and Challenges of Raising Twins and Other Multiples
Its Twins!: Parent-to-Parent Advice from Infancy through Adolescence

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The Food-Mood Solution All-Natural Ways to Banish Anxiety Depression Anger Stress Overeating and Alcohol and Drug Problems–and Feel Good Again by Jack Challem – Save 32% Today!

The Food-Mood Solution All-Natural Ways to Banish Anxiety Depression Anger Stress Overeating and Alcohol and Drug Problems--and Feel Good Again by Jack Challem

Why Buy A The Food-Mood Solution All-Natural Ways to Banish Anxiety Depression Anger Stress Overeating and Alcohol and Drug Problems–and Feel Good Again by Jack Challem?
Renowned nutrition expert Jack Challem isolates the nutritional triggers of bad moods, providing solutions that will help you stabilize your moods, gain energy, sleep better, handle stress, and be more focused. He lays out a clear-cut, four-step plan for feeding the brain the right nutrition, presenting advice on choosing the right foods and supplements as well as improving lifestyle habits to help regulate mood swings.

Over 8 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Full disclosure here: I’m a holistic doctor, so I’m biased towards natural interventions for mood disorders, and this is stuff that I talk to patients about on an almost daily basis. But I’ve seldom seen natural therapies for psychological conditions presented in such a balanced, clear, scientific fashion.

I sometimes blanch at the outlandish claims made by some health books that deal with mental conditions. I think they cruelly mislead patients to believe that there’s a vitamin or a supplement for every psychiatric complaint. Reinforcing denial is not good for patients at risk to themselves and others. But Jack Challem is versed in the latest science, and never strays far from the evidence in making his case for natural approaches.

There’s clearly a place for drugs in the treatment of mental disorders, but I wish books like this got wider circulation because we could relieve untold suffering with a few basic suggestions herein. Studies have actually shown that good self-help books cure sufferers of mild to moderate depression at a rate comparable to that of Zoloft, Paxil and other commonly used drugs. They’ve even coined a term for it: “Bibliotherapy”!

So take this book and call your shrink in the morning–it may really not be so far-fetched! I think I’ll start stocking it in my dispensary to give to my patients.

Ronald L. Hoffman, MD, New York City

It makes sense — and it works!
Jack Challem seems to have written this book just for me. I was so tired of seeing doctors who merely prescribed multi-bad-effects medications and who each told me a different cause of my problems. I had to became very proactive to save my own health.

I was always exhausted, in body and spirit. I felt like I was in a constant brain fog, getting early Alzheimer’s! I awakened more tired than when I went to bed, longing to take naps, no needing them. I have had fibromyalgia for 15 years and am taking medications for this, taking two medications which help tremendously but cause side effects. I have hypertension, am an adult with ADD. Like most people I am stressed, anxious, impatient, lack focus, taking care of an elderly parent……sound familiar? But I am an early retired teacher who loved her job and should be more relaxed and healthy. I want and need my active life-style back. I’m not “that old”!!

Well, I was literally sick from taking meds, so I picked up Mr. Challem’s book just by chance and found I COULD help myself, was doing so many wrong nutritional things, made some of his easy, suggested changes and, to my disbelief, found great relief within two weeks! I have always taken supplements and watched my health – so I thought – but still felt bad most of the time. And only the suggestions made in this book have helped me feel so much better. This author makes sense.

In the easiest reading and well organized presentation, Mr. Challem specifically presents HOW food affects mood and four steps to change. He discusses real, every day problems: how to realistically reduce our levels of stress and anxiety, how to handle our irritability, how to have more energy. And his suggestions, fully explained so even I would understand them, worked!

He goes on to take us step by step through a “recovery” process in which we can “fix” ourselves – armed with nutritional understanding and easy to do changes in our diet and life style. And best of all Mr. Challem clearly points out the specific connections between foods and moods and gives the reader things to DO and things to avoid….along with some of the best recipes I have ever tried.

While all his information is data based, I could easily understand the author and put his connections and suggestions to use immediately. And they have made a wonderfully positive change in my health, my entire life.
And he sells no supplements!

This book is a perfect gift for any friend or family member (underlining and notes will have you hold on to your own copy!) who has hypertension, fibromyalgia, ADD, exhaustion, depression, who is overweight or those irritating characteristics of impatience, irritsbility, stress, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, forgetfulness —- characteristics we certainly notice in THEM but seldom admit about ourselves!

Buy this book for your own health and sanity — and some to give as gifts to those you care about. These ideas make sense and work.

Excellent Expert Solutions
A concise, insightful, easy to understand read that can liberate the average person from the downside of the average American diet. Look around and see how right Mr Challem is, then test his theories in your own life. It’s a relief to see what great, quick results you can get when you try his solutions.

Eating healthy means feeling great
Controlling moods with food is nothing new for me. The trouble was I went to the wrong foods for a quick fix that had a negative effect on my health, weight and moods. Jack Challem’s book is full of stories I can relate to and it is worth the price for his recipes alone. They are terrific!

Enlightening & Informative – Several lightbulb moments!
I had difficulty understanding why I acted certain ways when my stomach was empty or full for that matter but now I know why I act the way I do after reading The Food-Mood Solution. My friends use to kindly remind me to eat something when I got too cranky for them to tolerate. Food really does effect your mood. If you don’t think so, you really do need to read this book! Enjoy……

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Dealing with Depression Naturally : Alternatives and Complementary Therapies for Restoring Emotional Health

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Mostly Posters How Are You Feeling Today Poster by Jim Borgman 18×24 sized for a standard readymade frame – Save 36% Today!

How Are You Feeling Today Poster  by Jim Borgman  18x24 sized for a standard readymade frame

Why Buy A How Are You Feeling Today Poster by Jim Borgman 18×24 sized for a standard readymade frame?
Rolled mint condition, ships in a sturdy tube


  • Rolled Mint Condition
  • Ships in a sturdy tube

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104 Activities That Build: Self-Esteem, Teamwork, Communication, Anger Management, Self-Discovery, Coping Skills
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