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Where To Buy Organic Cotton Alternatives Buckwheat Cylinder Neck Pillow At The Lowest Price?

Buckwheat Cylinder Neck Pillow

Why Buy A Buckwheat Cylinder Neck Pillow?
14 cylinder pillow filled with 2 pounds of certified organic buckwheat hulls – acknowledged by our customers as the most comfortable neck sleeping pillow.


  • Buckwheat hulls are lightweight, very maleable and conform easily to the shape of your head and neck
  • Encased in 100% organic cotton canvas, the casing is sealed with a zipper to fill and for cleaning
  • Made in USA – in Albuquerque, NM
  • Other nice features of buckwheat is that it provides good insulation and will not take on odors
  • These are a favorite for travelers and those who have neck stiffness from the normal pillow shape

Over 4 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Neck & sholder relief
I’ve used these pillows for 20+ years and find they prevent neck and sholder pain. Finding a good reliable source for them is wonderful. This seller responds promptly and the quality of the pillow is fantastic. They last for several years however I keep ordering them just to make sure I will always have one. My grandchildren love them so much, they talk me out of them when they stay with me and use one of my extras.

Great Product and Seller!
I bought one for myself and my mother-in-law. It’s a wonderful product – provides great relief when stressed or for neck aches/pains.

The seller was also courteous and prompt!

Good support for problem necks
I love the fact that the cover is organic cotton and that you can take out the buckwheat to adjust the firmness. My morning headaches have stopped since I threw out my ld, conventional pillow and have started using this one.

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DreamTime Warm Embrace Body Wrap Cranberry Velvet – Save 29% Today!

DreamTime Warm Embrace Body Wrap Cranberry Velvet

Why Buy A DreamTime Warm Embrace Body Wrap Cranberry Velvet?
Caress your body with warm, cozy comfort, and transform everyday stress into a sense of well-being and relaxation. DreamTimes Warm Embrace Body Wrap imparts a healing warmth or cooling touch that comforts the body and soul, while the exclusive fragrant fill of cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus soothes the senses. Its generous size and shape lets you blanket any area in need of nurturing while the luxurious fabric elevates your experience to absolute bliss. Wrap yourself in DreamTimes Warm Embrace and get carried away to a world where relaxation is the rule.


  • Premium fabrics and ingredients are effective and long- lasting
  • Quilted inner lining keeps heat or cold distributed evenly
  • Use as heat therapy to increase circulation and ease muscle tension
  • Use cold therapy to reduce swelling or body temperature
  • Washable and removable cover

Over 14 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

great product
After years this thing is still the bomb. My kids and wife all use one at night and they smell great.

excellent product
I have had an older version of this product for many years, it still works great and I would recommend this product to anyone!

Wonderful warm bootie
I gave these Dreamtime Foot Warmers to my mother-in-law for Christmas and she loves them. Just put them in the microwave and put on your feet for a long lasting heat treatment. The lavender Aromatherapy is a wonderful added x-tra. I purchased a similar item years ago for my wife and she loves them. I will surprise her with a new pair of Dreamtime Foot warmers because after she saw the ones we gave her mother nothing could top them.

Love it! Need it! Worth the wait :)
I ordered this in lavender, my favorite color. I had to wait a week or two for it to come back in stock. Definitely, worth the wait.
I put it in the microwave for 1.5 minutes and put it across my neck and shoulders. It goes far enough to cover the tendons on the front of my shoulders while it does the top of my shoulders and my neck. It relaxes the muscles very nicely.
My son and daughter-in-law had given me one very similar to this years ago. When I looked for a replacement, it turned out to be $60 at Nordstom. Economic reality sent me on a search. This is as good as the $60 one and has a nicer fabric. Also, my favorite color.
Life is good. Light a candle and pray for peace. :)

This aromatherapy wrap is wonderful. It is not small & wimpy. It is soft, smells wonderful, stays warm for long periods of time and is exactly what I was looking for!

Get Amazon’s Lowest Price Today!

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Where To Buy Babyland by Holly Chamberlin At The Lowest Price?

Babyland by Holly Chamberlin

Why Buy A Babyland by Holly Chamberlin?
Bestselling author Holly Chamberlins new novel is a smart, funny, moving story about love, marriage and the next big step – not necessarily in that order.

Pink used to be Anna Trauslens favorite color. Just yesterday, she was a fabulous, single, happening thirty-seven year old event planner. Then the stick turned pink. Pink as in positive…as in pregnant…as in pure, unadulterated panic. This wasnt supposed to happen: Shes scheduled to marry the handsome, successful, and very appropriate Ross Davis in six months. Unfortunately, while Ross may not rock her world with kitchen-table sex, his technique worked well enough to put a bun in her thiry-something oven- a fact of which hes surprisingly proud, considering theyd agreed not to start a family.

Now instead of a fabulous rooftop apartment, fabulous clothes, and regular drinks with the girls, all she has is a nasty case of morning sickness; a future mother-in-law whos become obsessed with Rosss Baby; a slew of unsolicited name suggestions for him or her;and a custom designed wedding dress shell soon be too fat to wear. Although shes trying to take some small comfort in the fact that one is never too bloated for a really cute purse, impending motherhood also has her reassessing more than her wardrobe-wondering if thirty-six more weeks is enough time for her to finish growing up.

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Where To Buy The Unknown Ajax by Georgette Heyer At The Lowest Price?

The Unknown Ajax by Georgette Heyer

Why Buy A The Unknown Ajax by Georgette Heyer?
The family of the irascible Lord Darracott are unprepared for the arrival of the weaver’s brat and heir apparent to Darracott Place.

Over 14 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Can’t Get Enough of Heyer
Here’s my sister, Shannon Hyle’s feelings on this author (and I heartily agree):
“I hate it when I get in the mood for a certain author and nothing else will do. Sometimes one book will satisfy and I can move on, but right now it’s Georgette Heyer or nothing! I read The Masqueraders, The Toll Gate, Sprig Muslin, The Black Moth, These Old Shades, and Cousin Kate all in a row and still I hunger. I have a few more Heyers somewhere, but apparently the book thieves have been to house and I can’t seem to find them.
I yearn for them. My mother-in-law had said she had some in her motorhome. Maybe she’s been holding hostage my False Colours or Faro’s Daughter or Sylvester, the Wicked Uncle. But once we arrived, she says they must have packed them up and put them in the shop. Aggh! She’s killing me here!
This accelerating addiction to Ms Heyer is a troubling sign. It’s not like a candy bar, I can’t run to the nearest store and pick one up. As far as I know, all of her titles are out of print. There was a brief revival of some of her titles 2000-2004 but most of her 54 books have been out of print long enough that used book stores won’t take them in trade.
Yeepee! We happened past a Borders and I begged to stop-just in case. They had single copies of three Heyer reprints snuggled deep in their romance shelves. The Grand Sophy, which I know I own somewhere, These Old Shades, just read-see earlier and Beauvallet! Yeepee…one I haven’t read even!”

Witty funny, a grin from start to finish, a great pleasure
The Unknown Ajax is so good that I once read it cover to cover twice in a row (and these were perhaps my third and fourth readings).

Wit, Romance, Ghosts & Crime -Another Georgette Heyer Winner
Georgette Heyer, the reigning monarch of romance fiction, has contributed another winner to the genre with “The Unknown Ajax.”

Lord Darricott calls his entire family together at his estate, Darricott Place, on the border between Kent and Sussex. His son, two daughters-in law, three grandsons and a granddaughter, are all present when he informs them that they are to prepare for a visit from his new heir within the week. Lord Darricott’s son and former heir had been recently killed in a boating accident and Darricott has had the unfortunate duty of recognizing the grandson he has never met, who will inherit the title and all his worldly goods upon his own demise. Hugh Darricott, the new and recent heir, had been raised in the North country, far away from the family seat, and now, in his mid-thirties has left the military with the rank of major. Hugh’s father was disowned by the family patriarch after marrying a common weaver, and never seen by the family since. Lord Darricott, who rules his clan with an iron fist, except for granddaughter Anthea, who fears him not at all, has made plans that Hugh is to be schooled in the ways of a gentleman by his cousins. He also plans for Hugh to eventually marry Anthea, to prevent him from making an unsuitable match like his father did. The family, forming all kinds of stereotypical ideas about this base born cousin, is prejudiced against him before he arrives on the scene. And he is the last man Anthea wishes to marry.

Hugh arrives and, finding the group predisposed to dislike him, puts them on and plays the country bumpkin. He discovers each family member’s weaknesses and strengths, their characters, and comes to know each of them, perhaps, better than they know each other. Hugh Darricott is much more intelligent and adept than the family gives him credit for and manages to uncover some family secrets, a ghost or two, and a crime in the making. He also finds the way to Anthea’s heart, not to mention into his grandfather’s and the rest of the group’s good graces.

As always Ms. Heyer’s humor is delightful, as are her characters. Hugh Darricott makes a wonderful hero as he bumbles along, so sure of his own intelligence and common sense that he is not at all embarrassed to play the clown in order to become better acquainted with his family, without intimidating them. His courtship of Althea is funny, romantic and endearing. His solutions to the many problems that confront his relatives are unusual and creative. This is a wonderful story, beautifully told – one of Georgette Heyer’s best. I highly recommend it.

Wonderful and different — Heyer’s Regency has some suspense!
Hugo Darricott is a handsome and charming former military major whose father was disowned by his family when he married a common weaver instead of someone who befitted his station in life. But now Hugo will be welcome to the family because he is the new heir to his grandfather’s title and estates. His cousins will train him to behave like a gentleman so that he’d marry Lord Darricott’s granddaughter Anthea (they are cousins) just to ensure that he won’t marry someone below his rank like his father had done. But his cousins and other family members dislike him, including Anthea. Hugo decides to play along the role of ignorant country bumpkin, and through his act he discovers many secrets, deceit and a possible crime. He also manages to woo the spirited and independent Anthea in the process. There are various twists throughout the novel.

Georgette Heyer is one of the best historical writers I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The Unknown Ajax is more unique than the other books I have read because she adds a suspense subplot here (I know that Heyer jumped to the contemporary romantic suspense bandwagon later on in her career) and that the novel focuses more on the hero than on the romance between the two characters. Anthea is quite an interesting heroine as well. I wasn’t thrilled with her conceit at first, but I like the fact that she couldn’t help falling for Hugo in spite of thinking that he isn’t educated enough for her. The secondary characters are all interesting and they somehow resembled characters in a mystery theater or film noir. But they are also wonderful and colorful and add great humor in the dialogue as well as the narrative. And as always, Georgette does a wonderful job with the historical accuracy. Regency England is seldom written so well by a romance author. A friend of mine tells me that she finds Heyer’s writing style “challenging” because she uses a lot of exclamation points and emphasized words in italics. Heyer was an author during the early to mid twentieth century, which may explain her writing style. Jane Austen used lots of semi-colons and emphasized words a lot as well, but I was never put off by her writing style either. It is enjoyable to see how writers from other centuries write, which is better than many of today’s popular authors. The Unknown Ajax is another enthralling offering by the gifted Georgette Heyer. As said earlier, this one is kind of different from her other efforts because a touch of romantic suspense is added into the mix and because it focuses more on the hero’s point of view than on the heroine, but it is just as wonderful and readable as her other books. I have purchased several more of her novels and I look forward to giving them a whirl. In the meantime, I recommend this gem.

Major Darracott, an unusual hero
I just finished re-reading this book, and once again, it was great. This is one of my favourite Georgette Heyer books. I am quite in love with the hero of the story… he’s clever, he’s modest, he has a great sense of humour, he’s charming, and he has a knack of making everything come out right. This story is really more about Hugo Darracott than it is a romance, although of course we do have a heroine, and also some mystery thrown in.

Hugo whose father was banished for marrying a weaver’s daughter instead of a proper wife, returns to meet his estranged family when he unexpectedly becomes Lord Darracott’s heir. Expecting the worst, they prepare themselves for an unschooled, foolish yokel, and poor Hugo is thrust amidst an argumentative and scornful family. Hilariously, they have no idea who actually has the upper hand.

Look for: Claud, whose manner of speaking is a bit like Freddy from Cotillion, but not as lovable, and more dandyish and clothes-mad. Lady Aurelia who is truly majestic and a prototype Earl’s daughter.

Even though I’d read this book before, I still had to stay up all night to finish it!

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The Everything Fathers First Year Book A Survival Guide For The First 12 Months Of Being A Dad Everything Parenting and Family by Vincent Iannelli – Save 25% Today!

The Everything Fathers First Year Book A Survival Guide For The First 12 Months Of Being A Dad Everything Parenting and Family by Vincent Iannelli

Why Buy A The Everything Fathers First Year Book A Survival Guide For The First 12 Months Of Being A Dad Everything Parenting and Family by Vincent Iannelli?
If youre about to become a new father and you dont know your outlet cover from your elbow, you need The Everything Fathers First Year Book. This all-in-one guide shows you how to prepare the house, ready the nursery, and welcome your baby home-and thats just the beginning.

Change a diaper? Prepare a bottle? Soothe your crying infant? You can do it all-with a little help. Complete with baby names, safety considerations, and medical advice, The Everything Fathers First Year Book is your key to raising a happy and healthy baby.

Impress even your mother-in-law as you:

  • Bond with your new baby
  • Childproof your house
  • Choose the right car seat
  • Feed your newborn
  • Interpret your babys cries
  • Respond to common medical problems

    With your newly acquired superlative parenting skills, youll never panic-even when you find yourself home alone with your new baby for the first time. With The Everything Fathers First Year Book at your side, youll become the father you always wanted to be in no time.

    Over 2 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

    Practical and easy to read!
    I purchased this book for my brother, who is about to become a new dad. This book was very easy to read with practical advice from both the pediatrician’s standpoint, but more importantly, the advice of a father with real life circumstances and experiences. I highly recommend this book to all new fathers.

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