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Jalapeno Madness The Hottest Little Jalapeno Cookbook by Michael Hultquist – Save 10% Today!

Jalapeno Madness The Hottest Little Jalapeno Cookbook by Michael Hultquist

Why Buy A Jalapeno Madness The Hottest Little Jalapeno Cookbook by Michael Hultquist?
Finally, a cookbook for the true jalapeno lover! Jalapeno Madness – The Hottest Little Jalapeno Cookbook has new and unique recipes for every meal, every snack, and every time of day. Youll never wonder again what to do with all of those delicious jalapeno peppers.

Over 1 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

The Hottest Lil’ Cook Book Ever
Awesome recipes. Could not believe the potential for hot peppers, (of which I have a garden full of). Very pleased as will be my family.

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sendmail Cookbook by Craig Hunt – Save 28% Today!

sendmail Cookbook by Craig Hunt

Why Buy A sendmail Cookbook by Craig Hunt?
The sendmail Cookbook provides step-by-step solutions for the administrator who needs to solve configuration problems fast. Each recipe in the sendmail Cookbook outlines a configuration problem, presents the configuration code that solves that problem, and then explains the code in detail. The discussion of the code is critical because it provides the insight you need to tweak the code for your own circumstances. The sendmail Cookbook begins with an overview of the configuration languages offering a quick how-to for downloading and compiling the sendmail distribution. Next, youll find a baseline configuration recipe upon which many of the subsequent configurations, or recipes, in the book are based. Recipes in the following chapters stand on their own and offer solutions for properly configuring important sendmail functions. The book also provides lots of new material that doesnt get much coverage elsewhere–STARTTLS and AUTH are given entire chapters, and LDAP is covered in recipes throughout the book.

Over 5 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

This book has something about sendmail for everyone
This book has something about sendmail for everyone.
I know sendmail very well, and have used it for years.

But even I and sendmail gurus I work with learned a lot.

this is a great book.

Just what I needed
Great book, exactly what I needed. I’m pretty good with Sendmail, but there is nothing like just looking up an issue and following through a solution. I would recommend this to anyone who works with Sendmail!

A must have for anyone who administers sendmail
Working with sendmail can be very challenging at times; while the documentation for it is very complete, finding real-life use-cases can be tough and messing up a configuration is very easy. Fortunately the sendmail authors and community adopted the m4 language to help make building and managing sendmail configurations less painful (I remember having bad dreams about sendmail configuration language when I started learning it). Even with m4, understanding what goes where when and why in a sendmail configuration file can be a real challenge.

O’Reilly helped we mere mortals out tremendously with the publication of “Sendmail: The Definitive Guide,” a book that helped demystify and clarify many of sendmail’s inner-workings and configuration options. Even with this book, it was still hard to answer real-life use case questions, like how to enable SMTP AUTH for sendmail, how do I use LDAP with sendmail, how do I use sendmail to accept email for multiple domains in a virtual hosting environment, how do I use blackhole list services?

Enter “Sendmail Cookbook.” This clear, easy to read, well-indexed book contains a wealth of useful recipies that make previously difficult to figure out tasks quite easy. The book is organized in typical Cookbook fashion; each chapter or section stands on it’s own, and if it does require knowledge of other sendmail configuration topics, the section includes cross-references to other relevant recipies and references to appropriate sections in the “Sendmail: The Definitive Guide” book, which is a nice additional feature.

This cookbook starts with recipies that step the reader through building and installing sendmail, with sections on configuring the build so that sendmail compiles with SSL/STARTTLS support, LDAP support, and SASL support. Chapters that follow deal with everything from enabling and configuring SMTP AUTH, to securing sendmail itself, to controlling spam. Recipies use m4 whenever possible and only dip into the sendmail configuration language when necessary, another feature I found very impressive.

I own quite a few O’Reilly books; this is one of a small number that I enjoy just picking up and flipping to a random page and reading; I always find something that I either didn’t know or had forgotten. I wish I had this book seven years ago when I was struggling to learn the basics of sendmail configuration and administration; I might have more hair left if I had! I highly recommend this book to anyone who works with sendmail, be that daily administration or occassional troubleshooting.

A Much Easier Way to Handle Sendmail
The first killer application of the Internet was email. For over twenty years, the most common program used to handle this was sendmail, written by Eric Allman. Over this time, sendmail has become a fully fledged language, with a very inelegant syntax. To learn how this, you need the book “Sendmail” by Costales and Allman.

The basic problem is that twenty years of ever increasing complexity in mail handling has created concomitant complexity in sendmail. For system adminstrators, the sendmail configuration files are probably the most complicated things they have to understand and maintain.

The rub is that most sysadmins have many duties, and little time to thoroughly read the above book. What is needed is a crib sheet, that lets you quickly solve very common sendmail configuration issues. Wherein the need for this book. Hunt takes a pragmatic approach. He tells you enough to handle these common issues. Sometimes, this comes at a slight cost. For example, he never really fully explains the the sendmail class notation. For a rigorous explanation, you still need Allman’s book. But as a practical matter, you probably not that curious about the notation anyway. Hunt’s approach may solve your problems quicker!

An interesting aspect of this Cookbook is that it shows the recent evolution of sendmail, as seen in the subtitle at the top of the cover, “Spam-Fighting”. Sysadmins who dealt with sendmail from 5 years ago or earlier will recall nothing pertaining to antispam techniques.

But just as email was the first killer application, the second killer application was the browser, starting in 1992-3. The third killer application was spam, often viewed via the second application. In the last 5 years, spam has grown amazingly. So much so that it has been debated on the floors of the US Parliament! It has gotten to the point that some alarmists are even claiming that this third killer app might be crippling the first app!

Well, this Cookbook has several sections, including an entire chapter, focussed on various antispam techniques, like procmail parsing, or hooking up to Real Time Block Lists like spamhaus.org. The efficacy of such methods may vary widely, but you do get a choice. Though none of these currently appear to offer a truly effective countermeasure. You are still getting tons of spam, aren’t you?

Perhaps some genius in the not too distant future can help us!

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Where To Buy Cooking with the 14 Super Foods by GR Publishing At The Lowest Price?

Cooking with the 14 Super Foods by GR Publishing

Why Buy A Cooking with the 14 Super Foods by GR Publishing?
The fourteen Super Foods are sweeping the country and this is one nutritional ride you wont want to miss! The idea behind Super Foods is plain and simple: some foods are just better than others at improving our health, protecting against disease and providing energy. Cooking With the 14 Super Foods is a great resource to help you increase the amount of energy-packed, disease-fighting foods in your everyday diet in a surprisingly simple and appealing way. Featuring recipes using each of the fourteen Super Foods, this cookbook makes a great gift for anyone!

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SuperFoods HealthStyle: Proven Strategies for Lifelong Health
The Complete Superfoods Cookbook: Dishes and Drinks for Energy, Detoxing and Healing

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Where To Buy Rival 8804-BL 4-Quart Oval Ice Cream Bucket Blue At The Lowest Price?

Rival 8804-BL 4-Quart Oval Ice Cream Bucket Blue

Why Buy A Rival 8804-BL 4-Quart Oval Ice Cream Bucket Blue?
4 QT, Oval Ice Cream Maker, Compact Design, Stylish & Value Added Update, East To Lock Motor Housing, Eliminates The Latch System, Transparent Canister Lid.


  • Aluminum canister
  • Compact design for easier storage
  • Easy to lock motor housing eliminates the latch system
  • Makes 6 quarts of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and other frozen confections
  • Translucent canister lid for easy viewing

Over 13 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Rival ice cream maker has NO rival!
I finally wore out out old Rival ice cream maker after 30 years and just bought this new Rival on Amazon. Tonight I made “Frozen Passion” ice cream for our family for my husband’s 77th Birthday party. It worked perfectly. Everyone needs a Rival Ice Cream maker!

Works perfectly for me…
I’ve had this machine for at least a couple years, and I’ve never had any problems with it. I’ve made ice cream many times and each time it has frozen perfectly. I’m sorry for all the people who’ve had problems with this machine, but for me it’s a winner.

Speedy Transaction
This was a speedy transaction. Perfect product and already well used by the buyer. Thanks

Just Plain Great
One of the best for the buck, it just makes great ice cream. Period. Also comes with great recipes, makes plenty. Isn’t nearly as loud as I thought it would be and rust hasn’t been a problem since it’s cleaned well after each use.

Get Amazon’s Lowest Price Today!

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Preserving Summers Bounty A Quick and Easy Guide to Freezing Canning and Preserving and Drying What You Grow by Rodale Food Center – Save 32% Today!

Preserving Summers Bounty A Quick and Easy Guide to Freezing Canning and Preserving and Drying What You Grow by Rodale Food Center

Why Buy A Preserving Summers Bounty A Quick and Easy Guide to Freezing Canning and Preserving and Drying What You Grow by Rodale Food Center?
Preserving Summers Bounty

Surefire techniques and great recipes for keeping the harvest!

Over 16 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Great Book for beginners
I was looking for a book about canning because I ran out of friends to give my harvest bounty to. This book is perfect for me. It teaches beginners everything they need to know about canning and has great recipies to boot!

Very Informative
This was my first year growing my own garden, so I purchased this book to guide me in all things preserving. I really used the heck out of it. I was able to learn everything I needed to freeze, can, jam, and dry a large variety of fruits and veggies. The book is laid out in a very clear, easy to find reference style, which made it easy for me to quickly flip through to what I needed at that moment.

Exactly what I was looking for
In my forays into preserving food, I’ve often gone to the internet to search for tips (how long do I blanch those beans again?). I finally got tired of having to do that, and purchased this book. I have a feeling this will be an indispensable part of my kitchen library. I never knew there were so many ways to preserve food, and this book has easy instructions for all of it! It has some recipes at the end, which look intriguing – and I was glad there weren’t so many recipes that it sacrificed the information on preserving food. I should’ve known Rodale would produce an excellent guide.

fantastic canning book
it was a birthday gift, and reading and understanding was so easy. it arrived in very good condition and quite fast and will be used after ather my garden is ready to be picked.
thank you

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