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Aubrey Organics – Gpb Conditioner 11 fl oz liquid – Save 17% Today!

Aubrey Organics - Gpb Conditioner 11 fl oz liquid

Why Buy A Aubrey Organics – Gpb Conditioner 11 fl oz liquid?
For All Hair Types Feed your hair a healthy, balanced diet with our #1-selling conditioner. Nutrient-rich, protein-based GPB rehydrates and reenergizes your hair, strengthens hair fiber and repairs damage from salon treatments to restore softness, manageability and shine. Our most popular product ever. FEATURES BENEFITS Glycoprotein & Lactalbumin (milk protein)   Smooth hair fiber; strengthen & mend damaged areas   Organic Aloe   Replenishes moisture   Amino Acid Complex & Horsetail Extract   Balance & fortify hair & scalp   Non-vegan. Contains milk protein. INGREDIENTS: Coconut Fatty Acid Cream Base, Organic Aloe Vera, Wheat Germ Oil, Lactalbumin, Organic Rosemary Oil, Organic Sage Oil, Horsetail Extract, Coltsfoot Extract, Nettle Extract, Amino Acid Complex (Cysteine, Methionine), Glycoprotein (from oyster shells), Balsam Oil, Aubreys Preservative (Citrus Seed Extract, Vitamins A, C and E). &nbs


  • For all hair types
  • No parabens or petrochemicals
  • Nourishes & strengthens

Over 3 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Great for transitioning black hair 4a/4b
I purchased this product about 4 months ago. I am an African-American female with shoulder lenght 4a/4b hair. I am trying to space out my relaxers to every 3-4months. The worse thing about this is the transition in your hair-there is a distinct difference between the relaxed hair and the new growth. Despite the use of relaxer, I have been trying to use natural products. I stumbled onto Aubrey at my grandmother’s health foodstore. This stuff is great. I use the Aubrey (Island Naturals) or Burt Bees shampoo, which can leave my hair a little matted, but as soon as this stuff touches my hair…watch out, it becomes untangled and soft. Initally I left it on for 2-5 minutes while in the shower. Every once in a while, I will leave it on for an hour or 2. Because of the protein (vegetable and milk) I follow this with a Burt Bees moisturizing conditioner. My hair is the bomb! It has a great sheen to it prior to flat ironing. The sheen is even better after the flat iron (w/a HAI-ceramic). I wash my hair 2x/wk. I recommend this for my hair type-thick and nappy.

Very Nice Natural Conditioner
I really like the fact that I can love a conditioner that isn’t made with petrochemicals. I have thin, colored hair (to cover the gray), and use this conditioner daily. It does not weigh my hair down, and it has a nice mild balsam scent. The directions state that you can keep it on longer to use it as a deep conditioner. I have been using this conditioner for a year.

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Essence Beauty Basics and Beyond by Patricia M Hinds – Save 27% Today!

Essence Beauty Basics and Beyond by Patricia M Hinds

Why Buy A Essence Beauty Basics and Beyond by Patricia M Hinds?
From the beauty experts at Essence Magazine comes a must-have book for the African-American woman. Every woman wants to be told, You look absolutely fabulous! and this guide to looking your best easily shows you how. The Essence Beauty Book celebrates beauty both on the inside and the outside, and provides step-by-step advice to the best hair, skin and make-up for the African-American woman. Discover the how-to on flawless complexions, makeup shades that are right for your skin tone, natural and relaxed hair, the best hair color for you, and other techniques that maximize your strengths and minimize your flaws, the classic looks that will never go out of style…and more!

Over 4 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

I love this book!!!
This book is incredible with the information and helpful tips they provide for maintaining healthy hair and caring for your skin, etc. I love Essence Magazine and I was not dissappointed at all in this book!!

Beautiful Book
Presnets to the reader various images of black women and not only those with lighter skin or eurpopean features. Provides excellent information on hair care (relaxed, natural, locks), skin care and nutrition. The pictures are stunning and show the beauty of black skin. The advise and recommendations are excellent. Great book also to show to little black girls so that they can also learn how to take care of their skin. Enjoy!
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Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie

Lovin’ It
I didn’t purchase this book for its beauty tips and secrets. I love having it on my coffee table for visiting family and friends to look at. Its a joy watching their facial expressions as they look at the beautiful pictures. They only have admiring comments to share.

Good table book and overall great reading
This is a must have book for young black females, it has amazing photos of all different skin tones and hair types. Tips and tricks for makeup and hair care as well as taking care of your body. Even though its not a how to do book, it does have a wealth of information for you to take from. I just like looking through the book at the amazing photos. We as black women need more books like this which celebrate our diversity, black beauty is not just light brown skin and straight hair.

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APHOGEE Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer Strengthens Instantly, Prevents Breakage & Split Ends 8oz/237ml – Save 49% Today!

APHOGEE Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer Strengthens Instantly, Prevents Breakage & Split Ends 8oz/237ml

Why Buy A APHOGEE Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer Strengthens Instantly, Prevents Breakage & Split Ends 8oz/237ml?
ApHOGEE Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer is the ultimate one step strengthening treatment. ApHOGEE, the leader in hair protein restoration, has enhanced the benefits of Keratin with the natural anti oxidant, Green Tea. This gentle, Alcohol Free formula fuses into the hair shaft with natural body heat or that from styling tools. Regular use in salon, or at home, will help prevent breakage from chemical services and heat. Hair will exhibit more body for better styling and less frizz. Haircolor and chemical services will last longer.

Over 8 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Wonderful stuff!
I started using this product 2 weeks ago, and, having very curly hair (usually, I flat-iron it) I woke this morning with the most bouncy, defined curls I’ve had in a long time! I spray my hair after I’ve washed it, and then let it air-dry overnight to avoid further damage by using BOTH the hair dryer AND the flat-iron.

Highly recommended!

Definitely A Keeper!!
I normally only use creamy leave-in conditioners. However I did use this spray in conjunction with a creamy leave in. This was passed down to me from a friend who no longer uses it. Well I must say one person’s trash is another’s treasure!!! After the first use my hair felt stronger, and definitely had more body, which is very important to me because I have somewhat thin hair (from years of abusing my hair). Because I have relaxed hair it’s very important to use protein-based products on a regular basis. This condition of my hair has continually improved with the use of this spray. So it’s definitely earned “staple status”!!

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