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Circa Joan & David Circa Joan David Womens Darius Sandal – Save 60% Today!

Circa Joan  David Womens Darius Sandal

Why Buy A Circa Joan David Womens Darius Sandal?
Platform chic meets timeless T-strap design in the Darius from Circa Joan & David. Glossy patent leather dresses up this smart thong sandal, and its elasticized heel strap makes it a delight to wear. A dash of gold-toned bling livens up your everyday slacks and denim ensembles.

Over 4 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

elegant and comfortable
On my recent trip I had to spend a lot of time on my feet, and the sandals proved to be not only elegant looking but very comfortable as well. Needless to say, they are true to size.

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Gojo 12 Oz Original Purell Instant Hand Sanit – Save 23% Today!

Gojo 12 Oz Original Purell Instant Hand Sanit

Why Buy A Gojo 12 Oz Original Purell Instant Hand Sanit?
Sanitizers – Skin Soaps, Lotions & Barrier Treatments Container Size: 12 oz. Bottle Container Type: Pump Bottle Trade Name: PurellĀ®


  • Hypoallergenic Dermatologist tested non toxic.
  • Kills 99.99% of most common germs that may cause illness, in as little as 15 seconds.
  • No water or towels needed; gentler to the hands than most soaps.

Over 1 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

A little dab of hand sanitizer just won’t do it, but proper useage of Purell Instant hand Sanitizer will!
With cold and flu season coming right up, many people even hesitate to go into a pharmacy or crowded store to purchase their hand sanitizer so online buying can sometimes be a real bonus. A twelve-ounce bottle of Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer will go a long way. I leave one on my kitchen counter in addition to my antibacterial hand washer for when I’m on the run and can’t thoroughly wash my hands. I have one of the Purell Jelly wraps attached to the strap of my purse for easy access. I used to keep a bottle inside my slacks pocket or one in my purse, but often found they decided to empty themselves, making a smelly mess. If you are worried about finding smaller bottles of Jelly wraps, just simply unscrew the top and refill from this twelve-ounce bottle . . . which by the way, will last you a long time.

Now, a note proper usage: a little dab, just won’t do it. I squirt at least enough to make my husband yell I’m making a mess of his hands. That is a bit more than the size of a quarter. Rub in thoroughly, but make SURE you get the tips of your fingers and carefully go between each finger. I keep rubbing until it has air dried . . . think of those auto hand dryers in restrooms and you’ll get an idea of how long it takes. If you have ever seen your germy hands before and after putting your hands under a black light you’d be amazed (and disgusted). You are not only protecting yourself from the flu, you are also protecting your family and friends by keeping your hands clean. I am very cautious when I’m around the elderly. I use my Purell Sanitizer before I even knock on the door.

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Refill: 20 fl. oz. PURELL Original Refill Bottle

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Where To Buy Naturalizer Womens Follie Pump At The Lowest Price?

Naturalizer Womens Follie Pump

Why Buy A Naturalizer Womens Follie Pump?
The super padded insole of the Follie pump from Naturalizer will keep you comfortable and confident. Its leather upper, intricate topstitching, and block heel deliver a timeless look.


  • 2 1/2 inch heel
  • cushioned insoles
  • fabric and leather upper
  • Womens Naturalizer, Follie

Over 3 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

comfortable heel
This heel is a little high compared to my usually daily work shoes, but nonetheless they are very comfortable.
I bought a pair perhaps a year ago, and liked them so much, that I came back to order the black ones when I needed a new pair of black heels. I can wear them for 12 hours without foot pain!

Nice looks and comfortable
I had always thought of Naturalizer as frumpy, comfort shoes, but I have changed my tune. These shoes are very comfortable and have a classic style that goes with dresses, slacks, or jeans. I got lots of compliments on how cute they were. They are very well made and overall are a very high quality shoe.

The fabric on the uppers has give that makes this a very comfortable and the naturalizer sole really helps for long days. I do not wear heals hardly ever, and I found that these shoes were comfortable for many hours.

I also have a very high instep so the band across the instep of my foot was slightly snug, but the give in the fabric really helped. While it was slightly snug, typically I am not able to wear shoes that cut across the instep at all, so these are great.

I would highly recommend these.

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Master Lock 3061DAT 6-Foot-by-1-Inch Spring Clamp Tie Downs with Retention Hooks – Save 16% Today!

Master Lock 3061DAT 6-Foot-by-1-Inch Spring Clamp Tie Downs with Retention Hooks

6 X 1 Spring Clamp Tie Down, S style hooks w/retaining clips, Capacity – 1,200 lbs. break strength and 400 lbs. actual use.


  • 1,200 lbs. break strength and 400 lbs. actual use.
  • S style hooks w/retaining clips keeps hooks secure and in place

Over 2 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Safety Measure — Product Excellence
“Mousing” a hook “As A Rule” — a hook should always be moused as a safety measure to prevent a tie down from coming off. If the load shifts a little and the tie down slacks up, the spring clamps on these hooks keep the tie down in place. With an open hook, the tie down can fall away and the load can come loose. On the highway, these straps are a must! I’m glad to find these because they are still rare in the marketplace. I won’t buy open-hook tie downs anymore.

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The Packing Book Secrets of the Carry-on Traveler by Judith Gilford – Save 32% Today!

The Packing Book Secrets of the Carry-on Traveler by Judith Gilford

Why Buy A The Packing Book Secrets of the Carry-on Traveler by Judith Gilford?
Do you need this book? Ask yourself the following questions: Do you take 40 pounds of luggage with you when all you really need for that beach weekend is a toothbrush, a nightgown, and a swimsuit? Do you wait until the last minute to pack, then end up tucking odds and ends into a bulging bag even as youre loading it into the taxi for the airport? Do you hate spending hours at the baggage carousel or battling for that last luggage cart? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, The Packing Book is for you. In it, author Judith Gilford offers travelers a simple yet radical idea: it really is possible to pack everything you need into a single carry-on bag; all thats required is planning.

From choosing the right kind of luggage and the appropriate travel gear (money belts, ear plugs, etc.) to customizing your wardrobe according to the length and type of your intended travel, Gilford covers all the bases. She provides plenty of checklists so you wont forget the essentials, gives detailed instructions (complete with illustrations) on just how to pack items such as skirts, jackets, and slacks to minimize wrinkling and maximize space, and offers suggestions on packing for children and teens. Medical needs, entertainment needs–even security tips–are included in this invaluable guide to getting the most out of the least amount of luggage. The Packing Book takes the anxiety out of preparing for a trip, and even the most seasoned travelers may be surprised at how much they never knew about packing light.


  • Click here to view our Condition Guide and Shipping Prices
  • Condition: USED – GOOD
  • ISBN13: 9781580087834
  • Notes:

Over 16 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Very practical
This book is full of good ideas for making the ordeal of packing easier. I have implemented some of those ideas for my recent trips and it has made my life easier.

Dropping Weight
I love travelling when I get a chance (which never seems to be often enough it seems) but with longer lines and more restrictions, I tried to find different ways to get where I was going with less things to carry.

I did get better, and some friends who travel often gave me some good tips, and mentioned this book, so I picked it up.

It is very detailed and makes good sense in order to cut down weight and size. Though some may seem basic, overall there are so many tips that one or two will work for anyone, and being able to review and think about packing helps alot.

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