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Where To Buy Mattel Barbie Peek-a-Boo Petites PJ Party Includes Pajama Jam Jocelyn 36 Funtime Slumber Fallon 37 At The Lowest Price?

Barbie Peek-a-Boo Petites PJ Party Includes Pajama Jam Jocelyn 36  Funtime Slumber Fallon 37

Why Buy A Barbie Peek-a-Boo Petites PJ Party Includes Pajama Jam Jocelyn 36 Funtime Slumber Fallon 37?
The cute petite princess dolls come tucked inside locket necklaces in adorable Birthday Party and Slumber Party themes, with lots of charms and play accessories that mix and match within each theme! Each doll sold separately. Doll measures approximately 3.

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Where To Buy Slumber Party Point Paperback by Christopher Pike At The Lowest Price?

Slumber Party Point Paperback by Christopher Pike

Why Buy A Slumber Party Point Paperback by Christopher Pike?
It was a perfect weekend … for murder.Lara thought the ski trip would be a blast. The old gang was getting together for the first time in years. But then theres a very unexpected visitor….

Over 20 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

“It was eight years later, and it was happening again….”
In “Slumber Party,” 17-year-old Lara Johnson (the protagonist) and her five girl friends (Celeste Winston, Dana Miller, Rachael Grayson, Nell Kutroff, and Mindy Casey) travel to Cedar Stream, California, for a weekend ski trip. Shortly after they arrive, strange and dangerous things start to occur: a snowman mysteriously melts; Dana goes missing, leaving unusual ski tracks in the snow–both events leading Lara to a “supernatural hypothesis”–and then Mindy’s arm gets seriously burned in the fireplace. What it all leads back to is a fiery slumber party eight years ago when one of them was disfigured and her sister died. And someone wants to make sure they never forget it.

“Slumber Party” wasn’t quite as engaging as some of Pike’s later books (I think this is his first published book under this pseudonym), but it was still a fast-paced mind twister, with a little bit of romance thrown in between Lara and a 22-year-old guy (Percy Chand) she meets at the lodge. It vaguely reminded me of “Weekend” (the book published just after this one), because of its conspiratorial vacation setup; though instead of heading South, this one heads for the slopes. If you’ve read “Weekend,” then you may be able to uncover the mystery in “Slumber Party” a little quicker. This is certainly worth picking up if you’re a Pike fan and/or like teen suspense.

Couldn’t put it down!
This book is really awesome and I would reccomend it to anyone, because it’s very exciting and quite creepy. Out of all the books I have read, I will never forget this one. You are constantly trying to figure out what the mystery is to it, therefore you HAVE to keep reading it. I highly suggest that you read it!

The book that hooked me on reading
I read this book when it was new and I was 8 years old. After reading it I continued to read books by Christopher Pike through my teen years. I am now tring to hunt down all those great titles so my daughter will enjoy reading as much as I did/do.

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Where To Buy The Picture Perfect Purloiner starring Amber Michaels Sadie Atkins Julie Simone Cara Ryan At The Lowest Price?

The Picture Perfect Purloiner starring Amber Michaels Sadie Atkins Julie Simone Cara Ryan

Why Buy A The Picture Perfect Purloiner starring Amber Michaels Sadie Atkins Julie Simone Cara Ryan?
Sexy big busted Amber Michaels plays the perfect thief and young Sadie Atkins the hapless art gallery salesgirl. Amber claims to be the representative of a billionaire art collector interested in purchasing many of the gallerys rare erotic paintings. Sadie bends over backwards in order to please her potential patron and the hilarious turn-of-events causes her to get tied up by Amber many times (each with a different excuse) — never suspecting shes restrained so that Amber can pilfer the gallerys collection. Find out if Sadie ever wises up and catches the purloiner in the act! Following is a sizzling new story, The Slumber Party Self-Tie, in which Julie Simone shows her na├»ve overnight lingerie-clad guest (Cara Ryan) the highly erotic art of being subdued by ropes. Then the amazingly talented Julie ties herself up — into a hogtie! Starring: Amber Michaels, Sadie Atkins with Julie Simone and Cara Ryan. Directed by Oak OKork.

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Where To Buy Slumber Parties by Penny Warner At The Lowest Price?

Slumber Parties by Penny Warner

Why Buy A Slumber Parties by Penny Warner?

25 Exciting Slumber Party Themes!

This book offers 25 complete slumber parties, including ideas for invitations, decorations, games, activities, food, favors, and videos.


  • Fabulous Fashions, in which guests parade down a fashion show runway.
  • Silly Olympics, in which guests compete in crazy events like the Sleeping Bag Obstacle Course.
  • Sixties Hippie Party, in which guests tie-dye pillowcases, make flower crowns, and compete in a sixties dance contest.
  • Cool Camp-In, in which guests tell spooky ghost stories, sing camp songs, and eat campfire fare — all indoors.
  • Karaoke Celebration, in which guests perform their favorite tunes and have fun with activities like Wacky Lyrics and Rap It!

    Over 3 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

    Not Just for Sleepovers!
    This is an amazing book that is filled with many great ideas. Even though it is geared towards sleepover parties, it has so many wonderful and creative ideas that can be used at any child’s birthday party. The sleepover themes gave me many great ideas; I never realized that a sleepover party could be so much more, such as a glamour salon or a rock studio! This is definately a great book if you are planning a sleepover party and are looking for ideas to make your party a true success.

    A must-have for anyone with daughters
    Fun, practical tips and ideas for girls’ parties — any kind, not just slumber parties. The book is divided into themes, which include suggestions for invitations, decorations, food, games, etc. My daughters *love* the book, and we use it frequently. But wait — you’re wasting your time reading this.

    This book was the best book I have ever read on slumber parties. With 25 different ideas, you are bound to find at least a couple that suit your daughter’s needs. Also, some of these parties can apply to boys, like the circus party and sorcerer’s magic party. Each party idea has ideas for invitations, movies (with the ratings) to watch, what people should bring, decorations, games, activites, ideas for prizes and favors, refreshments, and recipes. They also give you a 3 page introduction in the beginning of the book, which is very helpful when you are planning a sleepover. Here are the ideas listed in the book. I hope you buy this book, because it’s very useful, and I hope that your slumber parties are filled with fun!

    1.Academy Awards
    2.Arty Party
    3.Cartoons and Comic Books
    4.Castaway Island Luau
    5.Cool Camp-In
    6.Crack-Up Comedy
    7.Creative Crafts
    8.Custom Circus
    9.Drama and Dreams
    10.Fabulous Fashions
    11.Fifties Sock Hop
    12.Foreign Feast
    13.Friends Forever
    14.Karaoke Celebration
    15.Midnight Mystery
    16.Miracle Makeover
    17.Music n’ Mayhem
    18.Now You’re Cooking
    19.Pillow Pals
    20.Scavenger Hunt
    21.Secret Seance
    22.Silly Olympics
    23.Sixties Hippy Party
    24.Sorcerer’s Magic Party
    25.TV Talent Show

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    Where To Buy Forever by Judy Blume At The Lowest Price?

    Forever    by Judy Blume

    Why Buy A Forever by Judy Blume?
    Awkward, sweet, passionate, innocent, secretive . . .

    Do you remember your first time?

    Katherine and Michael wont ever forget theirs. They were seniors in high school. Totally crazy for each other, they thought they had found the one. It was first love, and it was perfect: long talks on the phone, ski trips, and double dates when they simply couldnt wait to be alone.

    But was Katherine and Michaels relationship the love of a lifetime, or merely the beginning of a lifetime of love?

    Relive the memories in this new edition of Judy Blumes classic and beloved novel. Fall in love all over again with Forever . . . .


    • Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.
    • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, Over one million books sold! 98% Positive feedback. Compare our books, prices and service to the competition. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    • ISBN13: 9781416947387

    Over 6 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

    Excellent Read
    I didn’t know of this Judy Blume book until I was an adult. I love Judy Blume’s books, so I ordered this one. “Forever” follows a female high school senior who falls in love and begins exploring her sexual side. But will their relationship survive after high school graduation?

    Must Read
    Judy Blume – you can never go wrong when its written by J. Blume.

    Great book, especially for the angst filled teen years.

    Loved it
    This book shows how even when you think that life is perfect it can come crashing down… it shows that in life their is good and bad times, but make the most of the good. I loved this book from the start to the finish….

    My 6th grade birthday party
    I remember having a slumber party for my birthday and all of us girls taking turns reading from this book. It was one of the best nights of my life. As we shared our experiences as pre-teens, we peered into what was to come in the safety of my home.

    Judy Blume has accompanied me through the stages of life and I thank her for it. I recommend all of her books!

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