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To Lie with Lions: The Sixth Book of The House of Niccolo by Dorothy Dunnett – Save 25% Today!

To Lie with Lions: The Sixth Book of The House of Niccolo by Dorothy Dunnett

Why Buy A To Lie with Lions: The Sixth Book of The House of Niccolo by Dorothy Dunnett?
With the bravura storytelling and pungent authenticity of detail she brought to her acclaimed Lymond Chronicles, Dorothy Dunnett, grande dame of the historical novel, presents The House of Niccol series. The time is the 15th century, when intrepid merchants became the new knighthood of Europe. Among them, none is bolder or more cunning than Nicholas vander Poele of Bruges, the good-natured dyers apprentice who schemes and swashbuckles his way to the helm of a mercantile empire.

The year is 1471. Within the circus of statecraft, where the lions of Burgundy, Cyprus, England, and Venice stalk and snarl, Nicholas wields a valued whip. Having wrested his little son Jordan from his estranged wife, Gelis, he embarks on the greatest business scheme of his life– beginning with a journey to Iceland. But while Nicholas confronts merchant knights, polar bears, and the frozen volcanic wastelands of the North, a greater challenge awaits: the vengeful Gelis, whose secrets threaten to topple all Nicholas has achieved. Here is Dorothy Dunnett at her best. Robustly paced, prodigiously detailed, To Lie with Lions renders the quicksands of Renaissance politics as well as the turnings of the human soul, from love to hate and back.


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Thank Goodness, The Story is Back
I was a bit disappointed with the previous two novels in the series, because I found them a bit to unplausible, but this book is a stunner!! We finally find out the result of the five year feud between Nicholas and Gelis, and the ending is still a cliff-hanger, but it does explain a few things.and gets us hyped up for the seventh book in the series. Ms. Dunnett is an excellent author. Yes, the history is good, but don’t get into this series just for that. It’s entirely too complicated and the continuous plot is a brain stretcher. I found that I actually started to like Nicholas in this book, and I really haven’t before. He is a brilliant manipulator, and his long term planning is incredible, but he is human after all. His friends and acquaintances are just as interesting. I love Tobie and was glad to see him back. He is such a foil for Nicholas and is almost like his conscience. Katelejna is wonderful, and we see more of her. I can’t wait to read the next book.

nicholas lives
This is an amazing series. At times I think the history is the best part of it – you must stop to check up on Trebizond, or Cyprus, try to untangle what Brugges is, figure out the connection between James III of Scotland and the later Jameses – the 15th century springs to life in Dunnett’s hands. And besides the history, Dunnett creates incredible characters, with Nicholas at the center, complex genius that he is. (In what guise does Nicholas live today?) Kathi Sersanders, the lively spirit who best understands him, represents the best of us, admiring and loving, and his son Jodi seems as familiar as all of our own children. Dr Tobias, the doubting and brilliant foil of Nicholas, is a magnificent creation, (and another way to represent the reader at his/her best). Okay, so it’s a (long long long) soap opera, but you just can’t go wrong: at the end you have Nicholas and his loyal band to dream of, and nearly a whole century of history that you never knew existed. Sign me up for the Dorothy Dunnett tour of the world!

my review
This is the sixth book of the Niccolo series. Here, the plot centers on the center of Europe: The Duke of Burgundy and the King of France and the King of Scotland: Nicholas serves them all to achieve success for his grand plan.

The competition between Gelis and Nicholas continues, only this time she lives with Nicholas in Scotland and their son, Jodi. Living together does not mean the race is over, only that it intensifies. The outcome will soon be revealed!

In this chapter, the author continues her description of Scotland, but also of Greenland and the great market for Cod that exists between this country and the great Hanse Merchants of Germany. Once again, Nicholas is able to beat his competitors and gain more wealth.

More descriptions of new places, new people and customs and all told with incredible with and knowledge.

I can’t wait to read the seventh chapter….

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