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Where To Buy Movado Womens Amorosa Two-Tone Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet Watch 0604760 At The Lowest Price?

Movado Womens Amorosa Two-Tone Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet Watch 0604760

Why Buy A Movado Womens Amorosa Two-Tone Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet Watch 0604760?
Movados signature Museum dial stands out beautifully against a background of two-tone polished stainless steel in this elegant watch from Movados Amorosa collection. This watch features a round black dial with gold-tone Dauphine hands and a concave dot marker at the twelve oclock position. This is the minimalist look made famous for Movado by American designer Nathan George Horwitt in 1947. Horwitt intended his design to be evocative of a sun dial, with the dot representing the sun at high noon. The dial is housed in a silver-tone stainless steel case that measures 24mm in diameter, and it is framed by a perfectly round silver-tone steel bezel. It presents on a beautifully polished steel bangle bracelet with gold-tone accents. The bracelet measures 6.5 inches and fastens with a jewelry clasp. Other notable features include a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and precise Swiss quartz movement. Water-resistant to 30 meters, this watch can withstand splashes and brief immersion in water; however, it is not sufficiently resistant for swimming.

About Movado
Movado, one of the most celebrated watch brands in the world, traces its origins to the small village of La Chaux-de-faunds, Switzerland where, in 1881, a young watchmaker named Achille Ditesheim hired six assistants and opened a small workshop. He called his company Movado, a word which means, roughly, always in motion. The company grew and prospered, evolving from a small pocketwatch manufacturer into a leading innovator and designer of precision wristwatches. Throughout its history, Movado has maintained its place at the pinnacle of innovation and excellence in design, craftsmanship and technology. Movado watches are crafted by highly-skilled watchmakers to meet the exacting standards of Swiss time technology. They are accurate to within seconds a year. All Movado watches are sealed and protected against water, moisture and dust, and individually tested to meet strict international standards of quality. A long-time dedicated supporter of the arts, Movado has, itself, been the recipient of over 200 international awards. Movado watches can now be found in the permanent collections of over 20 museums worldwide.

Amorosa Collection
Sleek, chic and sizable, this contemporary bangle watch features removable links for a custom fit. Offered in polished solid, two-tone or 18K gold-plated stainless steel. Available with diamonds. Museum dial. Swiss quartz movement. Sapphire crystal. Water resistant to 3 atm.


  • Polished stainless steel case with polished two-tone bracelet finished with a jewelry clasp
  • Precise Swiss-Quartz movement
  • Scratch resistant sapphire crystal
  • Water-resistant to 99 feet (30 M)

Over 42 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

great deal low price good shipping
great deal here. much less than at dept store. shouldve got the one with diamonds.

Movado – pure quality – great looks
We have bought many Movado’s over the years – from the Museum piece to men’s standard watches – this style is great – looks good – more compliments then on any other watch we own – and priced right… it is an original (took it to a dealer for sizing) and was purchased far under the best price we saw in a store on Amazon … don’t know how they do it – but highly recommend the watch and buying from Amazon!

A Lot Of Watch For The Money
A timeless time piece presented in a beautiful black case with all its beauty. The Movado watch company continues to design products for todays consumers with elegance & class. World known to always make a watch still affordalbe at reasonable pricing using only the finest materials. This product is my fifth (5) movado I own, and again Movado has not let me down. I impell anyone who is considering to make a watch purchase to not let this watch pass through there fingers.

Wife loves it
I bought this for my wife and she loves it. It is just her style and she wears it proudly. Beautiful yet simple – simple elegance I would call it.

Great purchase
I bought this as a gift for my wife, and she wears it everyday. If you can deal with the clean face design, you’ll love this watch. I bought her the two-tone because she has a lot of yellow gold jewelry, but the gold finish on most watches wears off quickly. This one has held up very well. I highly recommend it.

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Dig Motorcade of Generosity by Cake – Save 10% Today!

Motorcade of Generosity by Cake

Why Buy A Motorcade of Generosity by Cake?
These hipsters make music thats smart and spunky, surrounding the ironic vocals of John McCrea with a broad range of sounds: sometimes spare, sometimes funky, with occasional splashes of country and a Latin twist. Motorcade of Generorsity may lack the full-bodied punch of Fashion Nugget, the album that took Cake to the airwaves, but this 1994 CD offers the same wizened perspective on romance and modern life. And the trumpet accents of Vince de Fiore are bright and high-spirited enough for the Tijuana Brass. –Steve Appleford

Over 87 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Highly Recommended
This cd is my favorite release by any rock band in the last twenty years. Other albums have a greater amount of listenable songs, but the good songs on “Motorcade” are incredible. That said, the average listener probably won’t like it. It’s an acquired taste. The instrumentals are like nothing I’ve ever heard or will ever hear again, and the lyrics often make me laugh out loud. On top of that, though I hate to say it, less appreciation by the mainstream adds to its appeal, because it really is good. The cd is a must for anyone who considers themself more than a casual fan. Those who have heard of “Motorcade” are indeed few and far between.


Didn’t see that one coming aye?
This is the first album from the pseudo stoner indie rock band cake. For any of you familiar with their biggest hit album Fashion Nugget it may be a little strange (I tend to believe that if you know of other albums other than Nugget, then you probably know this one already…)
Cake have a cult fan base, mainly of people that like what can be defined as light and quirky music. In most later outings the band has a lot of funky beats going down along with a brass section and keys and other weird types of rythyms. I’ve always dug them.
Their first album is real lo-fi, and it sounds mainly like it could have been recorded in a garage, but the trademark brass is still there, along with a lot of catchy tunes, that I actually find more enjoyable than their ’95 chart crasher. The lyrics are funny at times and sometimes just out to lunch but that kind of thing is usually ok in my book.
You’ve got your grand piano. You don’t don’t even play piano. I’m the one that plays piano. But you part the water.
Really opens your mind up, huh?
Anyway, quirky music, thats pretty darned good. If you like a stripped down kind of sound, you’ll dig it. If you like it I also recommend another underated album of theirs Prolonging The Magic from ’97. Liked that one better than Fashion Nugget too.

Oldest Gem of Cake
This is definitely a different sound than the more popular modern Cake music, however, this lo-fi album is certainly going to catch your heart with simple yet satirical lyrics, that for which Cake is known for. Extremely folky, extremely influenced, but nonetheless, a great addition to your Cake collection. If you love Cake’s more popular tunes, you’re probably not going to get into this as much, but if you want to know more about the roots to Bassline-heavy folk rock that is Cake, get this album, for sure. My personal favorite is I Bombed Korea. Simple lyrics, simple tune, heart-catching ditty.

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3M Ultrathon Insect Repellent Lotion – Save 53% Today!

3M Ultrathon Insect Repellent Lotion

Why Buy A 3M Ultrathon Insect Repellent Lotion?
Ultrathon is the longest lasting and most effective insect repellent on the market today. It repels mosquitoes for over 12 hours and ticks for over 9 hours and is also effective against biting flies, gnats, chiggers, and fleas. Contains 33% DEET in a controlled-release polymer. Moisture resistant-lasts through splashes, perspiration, and rain.


  • Contains DEET
  • Lotion absorbs quickly; features a light outdoor scent
  • Splash & Sweat Resistant
  • Up To 8 Hours of protection against mosquitoes

Over 6 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Works well & lasts a long time
I have been using 3M Ultrathon cream for a couple of years, and it seems the be the only repellent that works.
For some reason, I attract stinging & biting insects more than anyone else I know. In the past I’ve tried extra-deed repellents, and alternative inhibitor devices, but nothing works as well, and lasts as long as 3M Ultrathon.

The cream is easy to apply and has a plastic smell. Once applied, it does not leave the skin greasy.

Ultrathon lasts even after applying then playing sports.

I’m extremely satisfied with this product and would recommend!

12 hours of protection..
Two of us first took this on a trip to Yosemite 2 years ago where there are an abundance of large mosquitos. On the first day of camping we didn’t wear it as it was at the bottom of my pack and got eaten alive. Second day we pulled it out and had it handy, as soon as we hit a patch of mosquitos we put this on. It does have a strong smell (but not as bad as many out there) and goes on slightly oily – BUT – it works so well we didn’t care – as soon as we put it on the mosquitos would not come near and would not swarm all over my face like they were before. And it really does work for 12hrs.

As someone who always gets bitten if there is even one mosquito around I can recommend this – the only issue I see with it is the smell and stickiness – which if your not in the middle of nowhere, may matter to you.

Ultrathon is worth the money!
I spent two weeks in the dengue and malaria-carrying mosquito coast of Colombia. A liberal application of Ultrathon immediately following every morning shower and a reapplication in the late afternoon kept me absolutely mosquito-bite free. In the two weeks, I barely went thru a 2oz tube, so it was well worth it. Of course, you have to minimize exposed skin with long sleeves, tucked in pants, etc, which conserves a bit of the precious Ultrathon. Permethrin treated clothing helps too.

best ever
I just spent 10 summer days hiking and geocaching on the Kenai in Alaska and despite CLOUDS of mosquitos and blackflies I literally only had one bite and that was on the back of my hand after washing with soap.There is no way to overstate how good this stuff is

Great repellent
On our trip to Egypt and Jordan we used this product and never had one bite, in fact nothing even landed on us. Many people in our group had bites and were bothered by insects.

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Where To Buy The Id by Macy Gray At The Lowest Price?

The Id by Macy Gray

Why Buy A The Id by Macy Gray?
In 1999, Macy Grays On How Life Is filled a void that no one knew existed. The eccentric singers unusual voice–more sand than gravel–and her eyebrow-raising lyrics consumed a massive space that was accessible but also controversial. After all the hype surrounding her just-add-water superstardom, the daunting question her follow-up, The Id, must answer is how well she can weather the abundant exposure. Over the course of Grays second album, the novelty of her vocal style is somewhat tempered by her limited range. That said, what she lacks in octave-conquering she and producer Rick Rubin more than make up for in creativity. The albums many eclectic singles stand strong. Psychopath opens the disc with a wall-of-sound block party; its a funky, celebratory track, well endowed with twangy surf guitar, glimpses of theremin, a ragga-inspired bass line, and lots of goodies floating in the songs highest register (backing vocals, splashes of cymbals, piano). Grays album also benefits from a host of R&B and hip-hop guests, including Slick Rick, Sunshine Anderson, Angie Stone, Mos Def, and most notably Erykah Badu, who supports Gray on Sweet Baby, a moving uptempo ballad that easily rivals the best that 70s soul has to offer. Once again, her lyrical sensibility is gripping, vacillating from whimsical (Oblivion) to disturbing (Gimme All Your Lovin or I Will Kill You). In all, Macy Gray continues to wave her R&B freak flag while digging deep in the trenches of the vividly real. –Beth Massa

Over 103 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

P-Funk continued
I hear George Clinton’s Parliament and Prince, maybe even a touch of the Beatles here – but most of all I hear Macy Gray. Respect Sister!!! You’re real. Funky, Jazzy, Souly, Bluesy – and cheesy (but the best cheese).

This CD is genious. It was so underated and unexcepted because pop radio refused to play it. Everyone thought Macy was a pop princess after the success of her first CD and single that won grammys. But this woman is one of the most creative artists of our time. On this release she is crazy all over the board. It’s funny, it’s fun, it’s catchy and everyone has thought the things she’s stood up to sing about even if they don’t want to admit it. When you listen to this CD, come at it with an angle of fun! Music is here to inspire and play with. Enjoy it, like Macy does!

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Where To Buy Step Up to the Microphone by Newsboys At The Lowest Price?

Step Up to the Microphone by Newsboys

Why Buy A Step Up to the Microphone by Newsboys?
Good news for Boys fans. Two years after Take Me to Your Leader comes Step Up to the Microphone. Indeed a step up, the contemporary Christian groups seventh updates and augments their sound with splashes of Britpop (albeit after the wave has crested) and a more current, modern rock feel. There are fewer bouncy dance-pop tunes here, but rhythm has by no means been forsaken for accent. What they have gained is a passion for the irresistible hook. Listen to opening track WooHoo, with its grungy intro giving way to a tight groove and an infectious chorus. Or the soaring melodies of Entertaining Angels and Hallelujah. If you werent a fan before, do yourself a favor: step up and listen to the News. –Jerry Chamberlain

Over 151 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Best newsboys cd!
This is the best Newsboys cd that I have. All of the songs on this cd are good! All of them! The best are Woohoo, Step up to the microphone, and Truth be known, which in my opinion those are the best songs. If you are a Newsboys fan than I think you will like this cd!

A NEWSBOYS classic
Good music for anyone to listen to at any age. Will put a smile on your face.

Words cannot describe what this album means to me…
This album, well, it changed my life to say the least. I’ve been a Newsboys fan for about a year now, and I remember that this was about the sixth album I bought, right after Take Me To Your Leader. Now when I first heard it, I liked a few of the songs, but like most of the critics, I was too busy singing along to “Breakfast”. However, after listening to TMTYL for a while, I started to find some songs a bit shallow. I then started to listen to Step Up to the Microphone more and realized what I had missed. This album, unlike most of the Newsboys albums before it, doesn’t have a bad song on it. Most of them could be huge hits, and strangely enough, four of them were! There was a noticable shift in the sound, while TMTYL was strictly pop/rock, this album is more experimental and incorporates elements of pop/rock/soul/techno/etc. Also, Steve Taylor only contributed to 2 songs on the album, so you’ll notice the themes getting slightly more personal and deeper as members such as Phil Joel, Jeff Frankenstein, and Jody Davis contribute to the songwriting with Peter Furler.

Anyway here’s my track-by-track rundown:

1.Woohoo-Probably the catchiest song the Newsboys have done since Shine. Except this time, they embraced almost a rock/blue-eyed soul sound and had Phil sing lead (he does fantastic!). Perfect song for celebration.
2.Step Up To the Microphone-Love this song, the horns+guitars are great! Another song that won’t leave your head for a while.
3. Entertaining Angels-This song is just beautiful, from the slide guitar to the anthemic choruses to Phil’s soulful vocals. Also, it’s based on a time in Phil’s life when he realized he needed to make things right with God while he was watching TV late one night!
4. Believe-The slide guitar is back! I love this song, and it has a very important theme: That as Christians, we cannot turn away from sin and we must realize that we can’t ride the fence forever.
5. Tuning In-I love the instrumentals on this song (horns and latin guitars!) and it’s obvious Steve helped with this, because of the crazy lyrics! It’s some serious fun, but the message is clear that we must lose ourselves and “tune in” to God.
6. Truth Be Known-Everybody Gets a Shot-Great, funky song about trying to tell others about Christ and how sometimes they will do anything to deny it.
7. Deep End-Like Woohoo, this song is about new life (hmmm theme for the album?)Took a bit to grow on me, but now I love it!
8. Hallelujah-My favorite Newsboys song of all time. Everything about it is incredible: Jody’s guitar playing (he’s unreal!), Peter and Phil’s impeccable harmonies, the dance-rock rhythm, the awesome lyrics, etc. And like the subject in the song, we all must sing “Hallelujah!” when it seems that all has been lost.
9.The Tide-This song eluded me at first. I had no idea what it meant, and skipped over it. Don’t make the same mistake I did. The lyrics are beautiful, and theme-wise it is best compared to “Lost The Sky Again” on Not Ashamed. Peter and Phil once again sound great together singing about waiting until they can join their Maker in a safe place.
10.Always-This song never fails to make me cry when I hear it (especially the One Night In Pennsylvania live version) just because my heart goes out to Phil and Jeff whenever I hear it (both grew up without ever knowing their real fathers). Peter has never sounded so hurt, betrayed, and angry at the same time as he takes the point of view of a child who is questioning the father who was never there, but the end slips into a pleading prayer of hope for God to watch over them as a Heavenly Father.

This album has helped strengthen my relationship with the Lord, and will probably always be my favorite album ever. Trust me, buy it, you will not be disappointed! (Not K. Meyers, just his daughter using his account).

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