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Where To Buy The Ambassadors Oxford Worlds Classics by Henry James At The Lowest Price?

The Ambassadors Oxford Worlds Classics by Henry James

Why Buy A The Ambassadors Oxford Worlds Classics by Henry James?
The Ambassadors, which Henry James considered his best work, is the most exquisite refinement of his favorite theme: the collision of American innocence with European experience. This time, James recounts the continental journey of Louis Lambert Strether–a fiftysomething man of the world who has been dispatched abroad by a rich widow, Mrs. Newsome. His mission: to save her son Chadwick from the clutches of a wicked (i.e., European) woman, and to convince the prodigal to return to Woollett, Massachusetts. Instead, this all-American envoy finds Europe growing on him. Strether also becomes involved in a very Jamesian relation with the fascinating Miss Maria Gostrey, a fellow American and informal Sacajawea to her compatriots. Clearly Paris has improved Chad beyond recognition, and convincing him to return to the U.S. is going to be a very, very hard sell. Suspense, of course, is hardly Jamess stock-in-trade. But there is no more meticulous mapper of tone and atmosphere, nuance and implication. His hyper-refined characters are at their best in dialogue, particularly when theyre exchanging morsels of gossip. Astute, funny, and relentlessly intelligent, James amply fulfills his own description of the novelist as a person upon whom nothing is lost. –Rhian Ellis

Over 31 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

The failure to enjoy
A wealthy US family sends its `ambassadors’ to Paris in order to convince an heir to abandon the `life of a pagan’ and return home to run the family business.
The theme of Henry James’s impeccably written and extremely polished prose is what Nietzsche called the `right or the wrong conjugation’: to live or to be lived. `One lives in fine as one can. Still, one has the illusion of freedom; therefore don’t be like me, without the memory of that illusion. Don’t at any rate miss things out of stupidity. Live!’

For Henry James, people lived in `the corruption of Europe’ with its `femmes du monde’; people were lived in the US. It is the Catholic (live like God in France) against the Protestant ethic (`I seem to have a life only for other people’).
We are far away here from the Calvinist lesson of `Daisy Miller’ who died because she didn’t respect the supreme respectability of her class.

The novel advances extremely slowly, is full of suggestions, hints, (mis)understandings and fluctuating feelings. Direct confrontations are subdued to the extreme, and end with a laugh.
The novel has another typical characteristic of James’s stories: it’s all about `thoroughbred’ people, sublime members of the high society. They are presented in a superlative style: prodigious, exquisite, graceful, supreme, transcendent, precious, admirable, beautiful, bright, lovely, magnificent, splendid, brilliant, wonderful …

With its essential message, this novel is a classic masterpiece.
Not to be missed.

The Ambassadors
This is surely one of the great works of literature. The style may seem at times slow going, but it rewards the patient reader with its rich, sensitive portrayal of characters and the varied effects of the old world charm of Paris on New England visitors. It is suspenseful thoughtful and brilliant in its depiction of social interactions.

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Where To Buy Living Yoga – Back Care Yoga for Beginners VHS At The Lowest Price?

Why Buy A Living Yoga – Back Care Yoga for Beginners VHS?
Yoga focuses on keeping the spine open and supported, so it is understandable why millions of people turn to yoga for self-care of their back, explains instructor Rodney Yee in Back Care Yoga for Beginners, a gentle, easy 30-minute introduction to yoga. Its 20-minute yoga workout maximizes the movements of the spine and Yee carefully demonstrates the back-strengthening yoga postures, sometimes using a chair (sitting in it or standing and propping one foot on it). His form is beautiful, his explanations clear. If youre a beginner, realize that you cannot begin to approximate his degree of flexibility. Your goal is not to get as deeply into each posture as the instructor, but to reach your own comfortable limit. Cautions are given for pregnant women. –Joan Price

Over 56 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

The best back therapy I’ve found
I have back problems from minor aches to severe nerve pinches, depending on how I sleep and how often I take (or don’t take) breaks from my desk job during the day. No matter how my back feels at the end of the day, doing this video ALWAYS makes it feel better. I’ve found that it’s gentle enough to do no matter how much pain I’m in (although obviously you have to modify it when you’re really tweaked). Like other users have said, it helps faster than any medication treatment, and it’s easier, cheaper, and faster than a massage or other therapy!

VHS Yoga Tape
It is a good stretching tape. The instructions are very easy to follow and the tape is formatted and shown by the sea-side. Very good tape.

Excellent video for back pain
After suffering with back pain for months and using doctor prescribed strong painkillers, I got very little relief and wasn’t keen on continuing using painkillers long term. Gradually I started researching alternatives and read reviews for this video and bought it. I don’t have enough good things to say about this video, it gave me relief within days, I don’t have back pain anymore. Now I use this tape just for stretching after a long day at work. I like Rodney Yee’s calming voice, he has a pleasant face and the background music is soothing too. After this yoga I feel relaxed and can sleep better, this is a great buy for those with lower back pain.

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The Keepers of the House by Shirley Ann Grau – Save 32% Today!

The Keepers of the House by Shirley Ann Grau

Why Buy A The Keepers of the House by Shirley Ann Grau?
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1965, The Keepers of the House is Shirley Ann Grau’s masterwork, a many-layered indictment of racism and rage that is as terrifying as it is wise.

Entrenched on the same land since the early 1800s, the Howlands have, for seven generations, been pillars of their Southern community. Extraordinary family lore has been passed down to Abigail Howland, but not all of it. When shocking facts come to light about her late grandfather William’s relationship with Margaret Carmichael, a black housekeeper, the community is outraged, and quickly gathers to vent its fury on Abigail. Alone in the house the Howlands built, she is at once shaken by those who have betrayed her, and determined to punish the town that has persecuted her and her kin.

Morally intricate, graceful and suspenseful, The Keepers of the House has become a modern classic.

Over 23 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Keepers of the House
I loved this book! It’s about the family that has this house in the deep south and about their lives. There are some racial issues though the family is white. The woman who inheritis the house at the end of the story gets the BEST revenge! It’s a wonderfully written book which I fell into and was so sorry to see end.

Important Themes; Compelling Delivery
This book won a Pulitzer Prize, so one expects fine writing. But would a book about race in the South written more than 40 years ago — at the time of the I Have a Dream Speech — seem like more than an historical relic today? With Keepers of the House, the answer is definitely yes.

To begin with, Grau’s spare, strong prose collects no cobwebs. It reads hard and clear 40 years later and will do so 100 years later. At the same time, she spins out her generational tale languidly and enigmatically. A relatively unimportant event (plot wise) can receive multipage treatment, and a critical event a few sentences. The pacing keeps the reader on her toes.

Moreover, though race pervades every portion of the book, it is not a story just about race. It covers much more: love, loss, parent-child relations; male-female relations (almost protofeminist at points); the rural south; whiskey manufacture; coming of age . . . there is a lot in here to grab the heart and the mind, much more than its statement about the destructive power of racial hypocrisy.

On the negative side, in its treatment of mixed race offspring and racial passing, the racist caricature of the “tragic mulatto” makes an appearance. (Check out this link if you are not familiar with the myth of the Tragic Mulatto: www.ferris.edu/jimcrow/mulatto). Although the book twists the traditional myth by, apparently, suggesting passing as the better course — the characters who are set up to pass and stray from that path are condemned for it — the message that racial mixing leads to tragedy comes through, albeit with the author’s regrets.

That treatment certainly makes the book anachronistic as a “progressive viewpoint,” and would understandbly play a role in its lack of prominence today. I would not prescribe it for a high school curriculum. It did not “spoil” the book for me, however, for two reasons.

First, while I “rooted” for the narrator and cheered for her during times of violent confrontation, I didn’t really like her, so that her beliefs came across much less as the message of the book. Instead, she is just another flawed character of the time. Those beliefs are part, but only a part, of what one doesn’t like about her. I don’t know if she seemed more of a straightforward heroine when the book was written, but she certainly doesn’t now.

Second, the core of the book is really the love story between the narrator’s Grandfather and his housekeeper — the interracial connection that drives the entire tale. The depiction of that relationship, far from perfect or idealized (though not portrayed either as the product of rape or powerlessness which would have been a real, but different, story) rang so true and was set out with such acceptance that, for me at least, it excused some of the bumps.

Finally, I should add that, although the story builds slowly, it does build. By the last quarter or so, I was in “can’t put it down” mode.

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Where To Buy Dr. McDougalls Right Foods Dr McDougalls Right Foods Vegan Lentil Couscous Soup Light Sodium 21-Ounce Cups Pack of 6 At The Lowest Price?

Dr McDougalls Right Foods Vegan Lentil Couscous Soup Light Sodium 21-Ounce Cups Pack of 6

Why Buy A Dr McDougalls Right Foods Vegan Lentil Couscous Soup Light Sodium 21-Ounce Cups Pack of 6?
Light Sodium Lentil Couscous (only 330mg salt). Delicious Filling Whole Grain Couscous with Lentils. Very Tasty. Vegan. 12g Plant Protein & 9g Fiber. A wonderful habit.


  • High Fiber -9 g
  • Light Sodium
  • Only 200 Calories
  • Vegan
  • Whole Grain

Over 6 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

great diet food
Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods Vegan Lentil Couscous Soup, 2.1-Ounce Cups (Pack of 6). I’ve tried Jenny Craig and the other nutrisystem pre-packaged food to lose weight. Most of their food is very high is sodium, tasteless, and they carry a limited vegan/vegetarian selection. On average, when you buy the extra grocery items, the cost of food $12-15. daily. I’ve discovered I can buy better tasting and low priced items on Amazon.
This is a single serving (careful some of his products list nutrition info for 2 servings for one container). The high fiber fills you up. It’s warm, good natural source of iron, Vit. A and protein. To help me lose weigh and eat correctly, I’ve been using a free food diary and analysis site (caloriecount dot about dot com). They give this product an A minus for nutritional value.

Very filling, great if you are on a diet!
I agree with the other reviewers who commented on the filling aspects of this product. I had no idea that 190 calories could keep me full for over 4 hours! For someone who is having a rought time losing the baby weight after child number 2, this food is awesome! True, the taste can be a little bland… but I’ve played around with some spices to make it a little more interesting. But honestly, it doesn’t taste bad and I love a) the convenience and b) the fullness factor. I will be buying this product again shortly.

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Dr. McDougalls Right Foods Vegan White Bean & Pasta Soup, Light Sodium, 1.8-Ounce Cups (Pack of 6)
Dr. McDougalls Right Foods Vegan Curry with Brown & Wild Rice Pilaf, 3.4-Ounce Cups (Pack of 6)
Dr. McDougalls Right Foods Vegan Split Pea Soup with Barley, 2.5-Ounce Cups (Pack of 6)

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Where To Buy Emerson Spongebob Squarepants DVD Player SB329 At The Lowest Price?

Emerson Spongebob Squarepants DVD Player SB329

Why Buy A Emerson Spongebob Squarepants DVD Player SB329?
This compact, easy-to-use, top loading electric yellow DVD player is topped by SpongeBobs face, plays audio CDs, CD-R/CD-RW discs and CDs containing MP3 compressed audio files. The unit also includes a multi-language selectable on screen menu, parental control function with user selectable password, a 20-track programmable memory for CD playback, and a 47-key yellow remote control also featuring SpongeBobs smiling face.


  • 47 key yellow remote control
  • Multi-language menu
  • Parental control function
  • Plays CDs, CD-R/CD-RW discs and CDs containing MP3 compressed audio files
  • User selectable password

Over 4 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

great dvd player
I love it! if you’re a spongebob fan like me you have to get this. I’ve had this for a while and it still works great.

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