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Virtual Pose 3: The Ultimate Visual Reference Series for Drawing the Human Figure by Mario Henri Chakkour – Save 34% Today!

Virtual Pose 3: The Ultimate Visual Reference Series for Drawing the Human Figure by Mario Henri Chakkour

Why Buy A Virtual Pose 3: The Ultimate Visual Reference Series for Drawing the Human Figure by Mario Henri Chakkour?
The next best thing to working with a live model, Virtual Pose(r) 3 provides professional and student artists with an accurate and convenient method of viewing the human form–without needing access to a live model and studio sessions.

Digital artist Mario Henri Chakkour has created a CD-ROM and companion book that features models in 70 high resolution poses, images which can be zoomed in on and rotated 360 degrees. Painters, sculptors, and other artists will welcome the opportunity to study at length each detail and subtlety of the human form, giving them a deeper understanding of shape, form, and gesture.


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  • Condition: NEW
  • ISBN13: 9780971401044
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Over 36 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

If having issues opening cd got answer Mario was nice enough to email me a solution! How often will the author actually help u!
I don’t have access to any models, I really love this pose book & CD.
CD: can rotate the models in 360 degrees, stop and print the picture you want.
But then, I upgraded to windows vista, which in turn I had to update my ITUNES. BIG NIGHTMARE!!
Opening it w/Itunes I could not rotate the models, I could no longer use Quicktime something to do w/windows vista and the nightmare that goes w/it.
Contacted VIRTUAL POSE through their site listed right on the CD.
I don’t know if Mario Henri Chakkour the author wrote to me by email, but each email had his signature.
He promptly and expeditiously emailed me.
He just didn’t say It’s a windows vista thing, sorry there’s nothing we can do about it.
No, he found a way to resolve the issue.
He is very, pleasant and I cannot believe he took the time to resolve and email me with the solution.
Here is the site to be able to fix your problem w/Itunes and Quicktime.
Once you download it, you have to go through the program and open pose, and it works way way better.

Go to: devalvr dot com / paginas / productos / qtvr dot html

I had to put it this way so it would allow you to see the site, it deleted it when i put the site normal.

I hope this resolves your issues. Once again, I’m so happy I purchased this product and would not hesitate to purchase any of Mario’s books.
Can’t beat an author actually writing you back and helping you resolve the issue!

The best I’ve found
The poses are great for the most part. The plain white background is great. The lighting can blow out some features occasionally, but it’s not a huge deal. The big thing I would like to see is the camera moving around the figure instead of the figure rotating so the lighting direction doesn’t change as you rotate.

Otherwise, the CD that accompanies is the best I’ve found. It has plenty of views and is a lot more user friendly than having to sift through 25 photos of the same model.

Highly recommended.

Great art reference
I’m in college for animation, and this has been a great aid for drawing and 3D modeling. Being able to see so many angles of models helps out so much! I highly recommend for art students.

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Seven Moons by Trower;Robin – Save 29% Today!

Seven Moons by Trower;Robin

Why Buy A Seven Moons by Trower;Robin?
Ain’t got time to waste / Keep thinking about the future, Jack Bruce wails in Lives of Clay. On the second track of his forceful, album-length alliance with guitarist Robin Trower, Bruce’s signature bass lines chug beneath the blues-powered lead guitar. The duo sounds as if ready to break out, rather than the legendary veterans of more than four decades in the business. Long-time jazz and rock session drummer Gary Husband completes the trio for these live-in-studio sessions, which showcase the genius of Bruce and Trower equally and collaboratively. Trower’s Hendrix-style fingering leads the relentless title track, and his bluesy romps power the slower ballads, especially the shadowy Distant Places of the Heart and Bad Case of Celebrity, a bluesy romp through the heart of pop idolism. As for Bruce, you wonder where 40 years have gone since Cream closed it down at the Royal Albert Hall. His familiar blues-based, bass-driven melodies chauffeur the album’s rockers, notably Lives of Clay, She’s Not the One, and the superlative The Last Door. On this, he announces: We came to search for what was lost. Clearly, they found what they were looking for. –Scott Holter

Over 61 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Loved every single note.
It’s not Disraeli Gears, and it’s not Bridge of Sighs, and that’s perfectly OK.

It’s a welcome visit by two old friends, both in fine form. As an owner of their previous efforts, Blt/Truce, I feel that “Seven Moons” is superior to both. It is confident, relaxed, seductive, and smoking.

Veteran musicians produce superior new music. Not a bad track on the CD.

gets under your soul !
I can’t say enough good about this subtle addiction. Repeated listenings call for repeated listenings! There’s so much good stuff here-all the years of Bruce, Trower & Husband show a power trio without the overhyped nonsense. I can’t go a day without wanting to hear this whole cd ( sometimes 4 x a day!!!) Give it a chance, and let its little , hidden stunning layers take you on a trip…WOW!!! This is the material that would’ve pulled CREAM into today-where was this material during the 2005 Royal Albert Hall gigs? Thank God for this miracle of great music.

Awesome and hard to find
A great CD that originated as parts of two albums by a group these guys put together called BLT. I have the old vinyl but they are stored away and havent seen daylight in over a decade. Great music joining one of the greatest bass players and vocalists with one of the most unique and talented guitar players ever to come out of England. Just plain fantastic music and some of the best work Jack Bruce and Robin Trower ever put together.

Creme de le Trower
What do you get when you mix Cream and Robin Trower (and a top notch drummer as well)–Seven Moons. Fans of either and both will be thrilled with this disc, as I was. Bruce’s hypnotic souful voice, pulsing bass and Trower’s signature guitar are both here backed by an excellent drummer, and they do rock! I had to keep reminding myself that this was 2009, not 1968 or 1974….the sounds here were so familiar yet brand new and exciting. Every track on this disc was good, I was amazed!

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Where To Buy Sony Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band – Blood Brothers starring Bruce Springsteen, Roy Bittan, Barbara Carr, Bob Clearmountain, Clarence Clemons At The Lowest Price?

Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band - Blood Brothers starring Bruce Springsteen, Roy Bittan, Barbara Carr, Bob Clearmountain, Clarence Clemons

Why Buy A Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band – Blood Brothers starring Bruce Springsteen, Roy Bittan, Barbara Carr, Bob Clearmountain, Clarence Clemons?
This intimate documentary is a must-have for Bruce Springsteen fans, capturing a magical time in 1995 when the Boss and the E Street Band reunited in New Yorks Hit Factory for their first studio sessions in 11 years. During the recording of new songs for Springsteens 1995 Greatest Hits release, filmmaker Ernie Fritz was given full access to the bands collaborative process, including the live music video performance of Murder Incorporated for filmmaker Jonathan Demme. While bandmates and studio personnel offer insights about their history under Springsteens democratic leadership, two people make particularly memorable impressions. First, Springsteens longtime producer- manager Jon Landau is seen as a benevolent guiding force, with eloquent opinions about the uniqueness of Springsteens artistic vision. Then there is Springsteen, revealed here as a genuine working-class hero, playful and generous while remaining intensely focused on finding the perfect approach to each new song. –Jeff Shannon

Over 19 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

A collectors dream……………….
This a nice little edition to my collection of Bruce films. I bought this the day it came out, very good and very insightful on how the songs are created. Bruce just comes into the room and starts playing the songs while the other guys are taking notes, its like a classroom on how to build a song. Its like Bruce wants them to find a way to make the song sound good with there ideas…. hes very generous in that way…I thought it was cool the way he treated the gentlemen with the version of Secret Garden with the strings on it, he treated him decently even though that pompus idiot Bob Clearmountian didnt like it, glad he was outvoted…I personally liked the strings version myself…anyways buy this , you will like it….

Great for any music lover
This is a great DVD not only for the Bruce fan, but for anyone who is interested in how records are made. This DVD takes you right inside the studio like no other documentary I’ve ever seen, from Bruce showing the guys the songs on his acoustic guitar, right down to the tracking and shooting of the video. You’ll not only hear from Bruce but from all the members of the E-Street band, the producers and the engineers, as to what it’s like to work with him.

There are plenty of classic studio “spinal tap” moments, including Bruce chattering on for five minutes in complete nonsense about the “narrative” of the record and if the new string part on “Secret Garden” interfered with the narrative, they shouldn’t use it…”so let that be your guide,” and then walks out leaving them in absolute confusion. And then there’s Clarence Clemens’ melodramatic about the “melodies that were written millions of eons ago” that he’s just going to snatch out of the air.

This is a very entertaining DVD for all lovers of music. Highly recommended

Wonderful, wonderful!
This DVD is exactly what I hoped it’d be. Intimate.
Tender. Gritty. Real. Getting to see the band together
again, the nervousness, the ease with which they get
back into the groove is great. Having a window into
these moments is priceless. It’s the closest I’ll ever
get to the band I’m sure, and I’m grateful they allowed
us this glimpse into their lives, the band, and the
process of recording. There were a few moments
when the emotion of the songs and their collective
delivery, reduced me to tears. One special moment
to me is when they celebrated Clarence’s birthday
at the studio. That’s good stuff. Worth every
penny. There’s no way to recommend it highly
enough, to old fans or new!

If you love Bruce, this is a must see
Two films come to mind when watching this, The Beatles “Let It Be” and The Stones,”Sympathy for the Devil”. I would rank this below the former and above the latter.

If you love Bruce, this is a must see. One qustion though, why do they devote so much time to his manager talking about the friggin’ Press Relase? Is this all that managers do?

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Doug Boxs Guide to Posing for Portrait Photographers by Douglas Allen Box – Save 34% Today!

Doug Boxs Guide to Posing for Portrait Photographers by Douglas Allen Box

Why Buy A Doug Boxs Guide to Posing for Portrait Photographers by Douglas Allen Box?
Often overshadowed by complicated lighting techniques or advanced postproduction tips, this resource seeks to remind the professional photographer of the fundamental importance of a subjects pose. Conveniently designed in two-page spreads—a striking portrait on one side, a comprehensive how-to of the strategies used on the other—this reference includes countless techniques for studio sessions as well as outdoor and location shoots, with individuals or groups, male or female clients, and in sitting, standing, or lying poses. With advice from a well-known and respected professional, it covers all the basics, showing how to emphasize a clients assets and downplay perceived flaws, how to create a cohesive, engaging group photo, how to use natural elements on location to enhance an image, and how to ensure that the result flatters the subject and adds the essential professional polish to an image.

Over 9 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

posing for profit
This book is a easy read and will help you pose for profit.
We are using to help train assistants to help with posing. Read a section and practice a pose, and so on. Having assistants read this book will make your life easier on shoot day, if you are doing weddings or portraits.
You can simply stay behind the camera and shoot. We also learn the importance on camera height and proper lens selection.

Doug Box’s Guide to Posing
This is a dynamic guide, that jumps right into the subject, “posing”, and never lets up! Doug did a fantastic job of producing a book that will appeal to everyone from the rank amature, right up to some refresher ideas for the pro. If you’re interested in upgrading your posing skills, you’ll have a hard time putting book down!

What a great tool…
There are only two words that can describe this book…MUST HAVE! I have been taking pictures as a serious hobby for two years and have just begun my journey into photographing people…well more than just snapshots. Anyone who has been in my position knows that shooting people is much more difficult than birds or flowers. Mr. Box’s book is a great tool for a person to have. It addresses posing women, men, couples, teens, groups, brides, and more. On each page, Doug gives you an example photograph and then gives you another with slight differences that make a big difference. I have numerous books in my “photography library” and this is without a doubt the most user friendly of them all. I, as a 38 year old school teacher, use it constantly and my niece, a 17 year old high school student uses her copy as well…virtually on a daily basis for her school newspaper; now that’s what I call versatile. It gives you great tips on lighting, lenses, clothing for models, and obviously…posing. I have read it so many times that I can almost close my eyes and see the words and pictures. I suggest that you give all of Doug’s book a look and I have to say that having had the chance to talk to Doug personally, he is a great guy and so knowledgeable about his craft. To sum up…get this book!


Great Posing Tutorial
I’ve specialized in forensic and product photography for 40 years and I’ve never had such great training in portrait posing techniques. Doug is awesome in demonstrating techniques. I recommend this guide for anyone looking for tips and techniques in portrait posing.

Get Amazon’s Lowest Price Today!

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Where To Buy Castles In The Sand By Quicksilver Messenger Service At The Lowest Price?

Castles In The Sand By Quicksilver Messenger Service

2009 archive release from the West Coast rockers containing one of the first studio sessions by Quicksilvers then new line-up of Dino Valente (vocals), John Cipollina (guitar), David Freiberg (bass & vocals), Greg Elmore (drums), with the British session pianist Nicky Hopkins. Mainly acoustic, it took place in Corte Madera, California in late 1969/early 1970.The sound and mixes are excellent. The songs are often spontaneous, spare and unfinished in places and were likely intended as references for later development by the group. As such they offer a fascinating work-in-progress glimpse of this highly-talented group of musicians re-inventing themselves and developing new material under studio conditions. The booklets sleeves notes cover the groups circumstances at the time of the recordings and the featured songs. 12 tracks. Charly.

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Live at Bill Grahams Fillmore West: 1969
Live At The Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, 4Th February 1967
Fillmore Auditorium San Francisco 1967 Vol 2

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