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Where To Buy Me and You by Vast At The Lowest Price?

Me and You by Vast

Why Buy A Me and You by Vast?
2009 release, the sixth studio album from this critically acclaimed outfit led by Jon Crosby. Me & You continues the Vast tradition of deep songwriting and innovative production featuring moving vocals and lush strings.

Over 5 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

This is an excellent Disc
I have to respectfully disagree with most of the raters. While it’s true that Crosby has seen some harder rocking days, he has always had a level of maturity and introspection in his writing that is rarely heard in heavy, guitar based music.

I’ve listened to VAST since the beginning, and each album shows a natural progression of growth from an artist who not only writes exquisitely, but is not afraid to experiment. And while I like Crosby’s penchant for dark lyrics, this album has some of his most uplifting lyrics to date – and they’re a welcome balance.

Great artists never wallow in thier past, no matter how successful or brilliant it was. Imagine if Bowie was still singing only Space Oddity.

This is another stunning piece of work from a criminally underated artist.


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Amazon.com Collection 18k Yellow Gold Overlay Sterling Silver Ruby w Diamond Accent Necklace 18 – Save 37% Today!

18k Yellow Gold Overlay Sterling Silver Ruby w Diamond Accent Necklace 18

Why Buy A 18k Yellow Gold Overlay Sterling Silver Ruby w Diamond Accent Necklace 18?
This 18-inch collar style necklace features an ornate filigree pattern of rubies and diamonds. Each link consists of two small rubies secured in a three-prong setting, and a row of small diamonds held within four prongs. The links are graduated, with the narrowest ones featuring the diamond pattern without the rubies. The 18-karat gold overlay and sterling silver give this piece a nice sheen. The height of the links is approximately eight millimeters, and closure is with a box and tongue safety clasp. This is a stunning piece youll want to wear for dressing up.

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Obasan by Joy Kogawa – Save 22% Today!

Obasan by Joy Kogawa

Why Buy A Obasan by Joy Kogawa?
Based on the authors own experiences, this award-winning novel was the first to tell the story of the evacuation, relocation, and dispersal of Canadian citizens of Japanese ancestry during the Second World War.

Over 61 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Revealing and Stirring!!
I discovered Obasan by accident, and bought the book out of curiosity. I am of Japanese heritage on my mother’s side, and having “Obasan” of my own, was drawn by the title and content. It took me a while to get to it, but couldn’t put it down once I started reading.
I found the book to be a stunning piece of storytelling. It truly stirred my soul, and often brought tears to my eyes. I felt indignant at the treatment of Japanese-Canadians, at the atrocities they faced and the hardships they were forced to suffer. But her portrayal of their enduring spirit is truly inspiring. I smiled, too, taking delight in Ms. Kogawa’s frequent references to things so distinctly Japanese. It was what I grew up with. Ms. Kogawa’s poignant tale of oppression and suffering, and the strength and determination of the Japanese-Canadians, is something that should be required reading. It is a valuable study in human failings, and in human resilience. I want to thank her and applaud her for an excellent literary achievement.

I just finished this book and I’ve got to say it was the most sincere and vivid book I have read in a long time. Readers with open mind will greatly enjoy “Obasan” and will be glad that they bought it. I strongly recommend this book.

PS I, just like others, read this book for school. It is very important that children understand this book because it hides a lot of life lessons among its pages. Maybe if every single kid read this book, history wouldn’t repeat itself.

Poetic and poignant
This is one of my favorite 5 fictions I’ve ever read, and I probably have averaged a book every two weeks for the last 15 years. I started reading it for a second time literally seconds after finishing it the first time.

The language is so carefully considered and chosen that it is hard for me to explain the effect. The care taken in writing this book is very evident. I think this attention to detail might be a trait that the Japanese prize highly, because it reminded me of the Japanese men’s gymnastic team at the last Olympics. Every movement was considered and perfectly executed, much as the words and paragraphs in this book were. I wished I had learned to read more slowly, so I could have savored it more.

Additionally, the topic is one that gets nearly no attention, even though it deserves it. If we are to read about the holocaust, and we should, we should also read about our own North American injustices – not because they are equal in scope (there is no comparison), but because they are similar in spirit. It helps to emphasize that there should be no “Us and Them” mentality when it comes to injustice. We all have done it, we all should learn from it.

These things being said, I do find it surprising that this book was required reading for any students. It could have a place in some post-secondary courses, but it is definitely more appropriate for adults than teenagers, and the poetic language is more for people interested in language, wordplay, and the use of words than those that like a straightforward plot.

A Beautiful and Miraculous Book
‘Obasan’ is one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read. It is written lyrically, almost as a poem. It relates softly and beautifully the horror, pain and confusion of the Japanese internment camps and relocation programs in Canada. This aspect of the book is interspersed with the destructiveness of war.

It tells of a family and the hope and futility of the human condition. Juxtaposed, are Naomi in the present and in the past, along with her Obasan (aunt) Emily. One of them will not speak at all about the horrors and the other thinks that by facing the facts and dealing with them one can bring order and justice to a chaotic past.

How soft and beautiful words can evoke the passionate and powerful feelings of this book is miraculous. It is a book to be treasured.

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Where To Buy Novella by Renaissance At The Lowest Price?

Novella by Renaissance

Why Buy A Novella by Renaissance?
Renaissance, featuring Annie Haslam, has had a cult following from their first album in the late 60s through Annies la test recording in the year 2000. All of their albums have be en big catalog sellers throughout the years. This is the U.S. CD debut of the album. Originally released in 1977 with two different album covers, this is the original, very first cover. Digitally remastered. 5 tracks. 2001 reissue.

Over 19 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Can You Hear Renaissance?
Annie Haslam & the boys have done it again—they’ve made yet another superb album! 1977′s “Novella” is a beautiful Renaissance disc, one of the group’s best, and further evidence that this was one very special band that deserved much bigger success than what they got, rather than being relegated to cult status (though strong the cult of Renaissance fans are!). Just five songs long, “Novella” finds Renaissance once again taking the listener on an incredible musical journey. The album’s music is rich with emotion, atmosphere, and power, all great hallmarks of this great band. The 13-minute “Can You Hear Me?” is an absolutely stunning piece that will take your breath away. “The Sisters” and “The Captive Heart” are both very lovely. The acoustic strummer “Midas Man” is a fabulous song, memorable and hypnotic, and one of the band’s greatest tunes. And the grand finale, “Touching Once (Is So Hard To Keep)” is a real tour-de-force for the group, starting off as a ballerina-esque piano piece, before switching gears into full-on classical/prog rock. It’s marvelous. Once again, major kudos to Annie Haslam (ah, what a voice!), Michael Dunford, Jon Camp, John Tout and Terrence Sullivan for creating another musical masterpiece. “Novella” is an outstanding Renaissance classic.

Imaculant Creation
This is one of the very best Renassaince clusters of songs. When I first heard it I became hooked . The song “Touching Once” is a very special deep love song . The song “The Sisters” is completely fantastic in fact everything on this cd will make you feel great.If your into other Renassaince this is a must have. The long instramental parts take you into worlds of beauty. This music can get you high like a bird or bring tears to your eyes.
Really it is a well done piece of sonic construction , go for it.

Renaissance in full bloom
Ashes are Burning, Turn of the Cards, Scheherazade are beautiful, but I believe Renaissance reached full maturity and their creative peak with Novella, A Song For All Seasons and Azure D’ Or (though synthesizer based).

The earlier albums, for all their melodic beauty and Annie’s 5 octave range, crossed over into prententiousness more than a little bit. Some of the extended passages seem a bit aimless on those earlier works, and recalls an unfortunate early 70′s appelation…”Art Rock”.

The sound, production, orchestration, and songwriting on Novella has great depth and scope. Emotional landscapes are conjured by Annie’s voice, the gorgeous melodies, inspired orchestration in full integration with each other.

The only pop/rock I can compare this to are the first 4 Mike Oldfied albums. If you like your pop “progressive orchestral” this is essential, along with “A Song For All Seasons”.

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Battlestar Galactica The Official Companion Season Three by David Bassom – Save 32% Today!

Battlestar Galactica The Official Companion Season Three by David Bassom

Why Buy A Battlestar Galactica The Official Companion Season Three by David Bassom?
The `re-imagined Battlestar Galactica is quite simply one of the most acclaimed series on any network. It was voted TV Show of the Year by Time magazine, and also received a Peabody Award, an unprecendented achievement for a sci-fi show.

With its classy ensemble cast, including Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell, its cutting edge special effects, superb production design and gritty, adult-oriented scripts, Battlestar Galactica is a stunning piece of television drama.

Compiled with complete access to the production, this third official companion is packed with exclusive interviews, photos, behind-the-scenes secrets, coverage of the online series Resistance, and a complete season three episode guide.


  • Click here to view our Condition Guide and Shipping Prices
  • Condition: NEW
  • ISBN13: 9781845764784
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Over 4 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Another strong companion to TV’s finest series
If you have either of the first two of the official companions for BATTLESTAR GALACTICA that David Bassom has produced, you know exactly what to expect here. What I liked about the first two books is precisely what I liked here. Even though I’ve listened to every single podcast by Ron Moore (or with assorted guests) and read as far as I’m aware every interview that exists with members of the cast or the production team, I still learned a number of things that I’d never heard before. Clearly Bassom is able to interview all the major cast members, including Michael Hogan, who only recently has been willing to be interviewed after several years of denying all requests for interviews. One thing any more-than-casual fan of BSG quickly picks up on is that series creator Ron Moore and his co-executive producer David Eick are not control freaks. In podcasts, in various interviews, and elsewhere one constantly hears of Moore suggesting one thing, only to change his mind when a cast member, another writer, or another producer make a counter suggestion. While Moore always has the last word on things, he clearly believes in the alchemy of joint creation. This is, I believe, why Bassom is given far more freedom than most writers of “official” companions.

Some of the things we learn in the books is that Moore and others agreed with most fans on a few episodes that didn’t quite work. Most of us didn’t think that the A plot of “A Day in the Life” worked very well nor that the episode “The Woman King” was very successful. In other words, Bassom is given a lot of latitude in reporting dissatisfaction with certain stories. Likewise, he obviously isn’t pressured to report that everyone in the cast was delighted with Season Three. Most of the women, for instance, felt somewhat short changed in Season Three. They don’t hide the fact that most of the people whose characters were revealed to be Cylons were unhappy with the fact (with the exceptions of Rekha Sharma, who was delighted to be one, and Kandyse McClure, who plays Dualla and was disappointed not to be one). Did I learn anything absolutely earth shattering? No. Though I did have my intuition was correct that Grace Park frequently pulls fans legs when she says things about how her characters can’t be trusted because they are Cylons. She stated more clearly than I’ve ever seen before that she thought that Sharon’s motives in Season Two were pretty clear (namely, that she really did love Helo and had switched from the Cylon to human side, something that I’ve argued on various boards). She stated that Season Three was a pretty explicit confirmation of what should have been clear in Season Two.

So, as a hardcore, obsessive BSG fan I found plenty in this to entertain me. I have to confess another reason for enjoying it: the long, dragged out hiatus. As I write this we have at least four more months before the start of Season Four, though we will get the movie RAZOR on November 24 on the Sci Fi Channel and its subsequent release a few days later on DVD. With the rumor that the Season Three DVD boxed set will not be released until the spring of 2008, we have little else to look forward to in coming months. This was the first of several upcoming books and events before the return of BSG to TV in early 2008 (though warning! — there is serious consideration to splitting Season Four in two parts and televising the second half in early 2009!). Next is the release of FRAK YOU! by Jo Storm, an unofficial guide due out in early October. Next will be the showing of RAZOR in November and the release of the extended DVD in early December. Then there will be two books out before the start of Season Three: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA AND PHILOSOPHY, edited by Jason T. Eberl, which is tentatively due out in December, and CYLONS IN AMERICA: CRITICAL STUDIES ON BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, edited by Tiffany Potter and C. W. Marshall, which is tentatively due in January. Then we get the series itself. (There is one more book on the series due out, UNLOCKING BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, by Lynnette Porter, David Lavery, and Hilary Robson, but it isn’t scheduled for publication until March, so it won’t be out in time to sate my need for new things BSG.)

In short, I think any serious fan of BSG will find much to enjoy in this volume. It certainly won’t change your overall assessment of the series, but you will gain more insight, even if you are as obsessive a fan as I am.

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