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Enchantmints Just In Case Music – Save 12% Today!

Just In Case Music

Why Buy A Just In Case Music?
Space for every little thing and every little thing in its place! Just in Case Musical Treasure Box has three drawers and a top mirrored compartment, perfect stowaway space for charms, sachets, jewelry, notes, and other tiny keepsakes. 6 x 4 x 6 wind-up music box with miniature fairy. Ages 6-adult.


  • Dimensions 6 x 4 x 6″ with hinged top
  • Endearing fairy images on the outside
  • Four drawers, mirror, and inside tray
  • Recommended Age Range 5+
  • Twirling fairy dances to a musical tune

Over 9 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

A lovely music box
I purchased this item as a gift for my daughter’s 5th birthday and she absolutely adores it. The music box turned out to be her favorite and she loves winding it up to listen to the music. We hope she’ll treasure it for many years.

Excellent music box
My daughter, 4.5, loves this box. It was her favorite christmas present. She loves putting tiny items in all of the drawers and listening to the music.

Adorable jewelry box
This is so different with secret drawers all over it – very nice for little girls.

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Where To Buy Pacific Trading Company Egyptian Statue Anibus Anubis God of the Dead Ancient Egypt At The Lowest Price?

Egyptian Statue Anibus Anubis God of the Dead Ancient Egypt

Why Buy A Egyptian Statue Anibus Anubis God of the Dead Ancient Egypt?
Imported, made of high quality cold-cast resin. Makes a great gift.


  • Hand painted
  • Made of high quality cold-cast resin
  • Measures approx 9 inches tall

Over 4 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

Anubis Statue
Great quality statue. I ordered 2 of them to sit on both sides of my LCD TV. Both were identical and packaged in a Styrofoam box. Also received same week as ordered.

Love this product and highly recommend it. It is beautifully crafted and high quality. Received it quickly. It was packaged perfectly and I would definitely purchase from this company again.

Anubis Review
I love the statue I received in the mail! It was in perfect condition and the price for such a nice item was another reason I’m giving a great review! It’s going to be a Christmas gift to my sister and I know she’s going to positively LOVE it! I’ll definitely buy products from this seller in the future!

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The Art of William Morris in Cross Stitch by Barbara Hammet – Save 27% Today!

The Art of William Morris in Cross Stitch by Barbara Hammet

Why Buy A The Art of William Morris in Cross Stitch by Barbara Hammet?
A collection of over 40 cross stitch designs inspired by William Morris, the famous 19th century decorative artist, whose designs are as popular today as they were during his lifetime more than a century ago.


  • Click here to view our Condition Guide and Shipping Prices
  • Condition: NEW
  • ISBN13: 9780895778864
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Over 9 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

A brilliant interpretation of William Morris’s Work
Barbara Hammet has created a wonderful tribute to William Morris in this work. For those unfamiliar with William Morris, she provides a work biography of the master artist. Though short, she gives examples of his work, and explanation of his background. Once this is explained, she launches into the rest of the book, where she offers more than 40 charts that are Hammet’s interpretations of Morris’ style. Pillows, bell pulls, small motifs, wall hangings, broaches, bookmarks, and even a full alphabet are some of the items she offers. She even gives the design and instructions for a 3-D treasure box! There are small motifs in a few colors, or larger items in less than 4 colors which would be very well suited to the beginning stitcher and many things that are large and complex for the experienced stitcher.

Another reviewer said these are poor examples of William Morris’s work. I must disagree. These items are beautiful, and they are Barbara Hammet’s art she BASED on William Morris. Still, any of these finished works would be the perfect compliment to Morris’s art.

Because of the wide variety of skill levels and project scales I would highly recommend this book to any level of cross stitcher. Even those needle artists not interested in Morris might find a few projects they find enjoyable in this diverse volume. Hammet does offer instructions for finishing the projects and a few basic cross stitch instructions, but I would recommend purchasing the Cross Stitcher’s Bible in addition if you have NEVER cross stitched before, as you will probably need more instruction than is provided here.

Highest recommendations!

Great book
This book it really great. So often books like this are “inspired by an artist,” yet the design is so far off base. This collection has designs that look as if Morris himself made it. A great addition to any cross-stitch collection!

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