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Where To Buy Vivendi Universal The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring At The Lowest Price?

The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring

Why Buy A The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring?
The Fellowship of the Ring interactive game 2002 Vivendi Universal Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring and the characters, events, items and places therein are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Saul Zaentz Company dba Tolkien Enterprises under license to Vivendi Universal Games, Inc. The Black Label Games Logo and the Vivendi Universal Games Logo are trademarks of Vivendi Universal Games, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


  • Beautiful 3D cinematic cut scenes deliver key story elements.
  • Dyanmic character development system allows characters to learn new attacks and skills as they proceed through the game.
  • Favorite characters from the story appear in the game, including Tom Bombadil, Farmer Maggot, Old Man Willow, the Balrog, and more.
  • Frodo, Aragorn, and Gandalf are all playable characters, each with his own unqiue characteristics.
  • Many regions to explore, including The Shire, Old Forest, Bree, Lothlorien, Moria, and Weathertop

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Where To Buy Vivendi Universal Games Tribes: Aerial Assault At The Lowest Price?

Tribes:  Aerial Assault

Why Buy A Tribes: Aerial Assault?
Tribes: Aerial Assault is the highly anticipated console debut of one of the worlds top online PC action games, and will be one of the first games to take advantage of Sonys network adapter. Unlike other shooters, Tribes: Aerial Assault lets players fly in addition to running and jumping, for a true 3-D action experience that makes traditional action gaming seem stale and flat. Tribes: Aerial Assault provides an arsenal of futuristic weapons, exclusive vehicles, and boundless outdoor arenas in which to do battle.


  • Fight in a 16-person internet battle using your network adaptor for PlayStation 2, or play split-screen with a friend at home.
  • Fire up your jetpack and go vertical to rain destruction on enemies below.
  • Full tutorial, complete single-player compaign and over 50 off-line skirmish missions.
  • Over 30 multiplayer maps for Capture-the-Flag, Hunters, Capture and Hold, and Deathmatch games.
  • Scorch your way across hazardous terrain in a Grav Cycle or pilot one of three air vehicles, including a fighter, bomber and armed heavy transport.

Over 43 Five Star Customer Reviews On Amazon!

goodbye halo!!!!!!!!!!!
wow this game is awsome! and if your wondering yes it is first person veiw BUT! BUT you can change to third person in the in game menu!!!! thats cool!!! totally raises your spirits if your not a fan of first person! and it has many multyplayer games and 1player games like team deathmatch, deathmatch,and every kids alltime favorite capture the flag!!!!!! take a kids game and combine it with laser cannonds and laser jets and make the ultimate game!!

you can also do a tiny bit of costamization to your character which is good.

It is a good Game I must say the graphics are good the controls get tricky at times I must say but you can change it so when you click one player off line on line 2 player off line or on line go to controls and do Invert X and Y axis and the problem is gone.
training Helps a good bit just do the campaign I say till 3 levels to the end of the game and it helps allot when you do online or off line because Campaign puts you in that stealthy mood and gets you using lots of C-4s which is rare and good weapon use.

hello, i have this game and i love it i havent played online but im sure itll be even better but for the chats i have to tell some of the review riters that there is a way to talk buy the usd headset it hooks rite on ur ps2 and u can chat online i hope some of you have it tho and this game its incredable and trust me i will be online my name is cripin big

could be more fun if there was more people online
i played tribes 2 and didnt really like it but i bought this hoping it would be good and it is way better than tribes 2. i played campain before i went online to see how to play i got used to the controls fast. when i went online there were only about 30 people online in 2 servers but its still fun. if u ever see me online my name is gamer guy

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Barbie Magic Of Pegasus

Barbie Magic Of Pegasus

From the Manufacturer
In this magical adventure for Game Boy Advance, the evil Wenlock has turned everyone in the kingdom to stone and girls must help Barbie as Princess Annika and Brietta, her magnificent flying horse, on a quest to break the wizards spell. Girls play exciting mini-games, solve puzzles, and avoid obstacles–throughout 20 fantastic levels and five charming locations of play–all in search of magical jewels to give the Wand of Light special powers to restore the villagers. In order to reverse the wicked spell and save the kingdom, its up to Barbie as Princess Annika and Brietta to face the ultimate challenge–travel to Wenlocks Palace and defeat him once and for all!


  • Play as multiple characters
  • Explore the kingdom featured in the movie
  • For ages 5 and up

Why Buy A Barbie Magic Of Pegasus?
Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus takes teh adventure of teh 3D movie and brings it to your daughter! Let her experience the great adventure Barbie faces in a beautiful fantasy world.


  • Go on great adventures with Brietta the Pegasus and face new wonders and dangers
  • Make new friends like Rayla the Cloud Queen, Princess Annika, Cloud Princess Kelly, and Prince Aidan
  • Travel to a far-off land filled with princesses, horses, and mythical figures

Customer Reviews & Opinions

barbie magic peasus game love it!
i really like this game. it is a very good game. but it is very short. i wish that it was longer. but i love the game overall. i like the arcade game a lot! if you are a big barbie fan and like games. then you should get this.

~*Adorable Game*~
I love this game!

If u love the Barbie & the Magic of Pegasus movie

then u will love this game too.

I love the way u can change Annika’s clothes.. she has so many cute dresses.

I like to change her to a different dress in every level.

The story-line is alittle different from the movie but

its the same idea.. i just with Annika’s sister Brietta was

in the game more,

and it would have been nice if u could play for both characters like in the Princess & the Pauper GBA.

If u love the Pegasus game u should also get the Princess and the Pauper one.. u will love it.

I love this game and so does my sister, we play it all the time and we never get bored of it!

Hours of Fun
My 8 year old girl loves this game. It is one of the ones she plays most often. She had to ask for help a few times at first, but now she is better than me at it! She loved the movie, all the barbie movies, and we have most of the barbie gba games too!

Fun game for young girls and Barbie fans…
Gameboy games for young girls are hard to come by so we purchased this game for our young daughter for her 5th birthday. She is a big fan of princesses and adored the “Barbie Princess and the Pauper” gameboy game so this was a perfect fit for her.

The game itself mirrors the gameplay and animation of the “Princess and the Pauper” game. In “Barbie Magic of Pegasus,” Princess Annika has to find certain objects, uncover clues and defeat enemies to advance to the next level. My daughter (and even her older brother) has been playing this non-stop since she got it. I suppose this is the best compliment she – and I – can give this game. It is fun and not too difficult for a 5 year old to pick up and play.

This game has since joined “Barbie Princess and the Pauper” and “Strawberry Shortcake” as her favorite Gameboy Games. I would recommend it for girls ages 4 to 12 and for anyone who loves Barbie or princesses.

Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus
My 5 year old daughter loves this game. It has two levels of difficulty. She plays in the easy mode. She beggs to play this game and is disappointed when it is time to stop. An excellent purchase for anyone who is looking to introduce the younger girl to GBA.

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Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue

Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue

Why Buy A Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue?
One of the rare Xbox games aimed at young girls, Wild Horse Rescue offers the irresistible combination of Barbie, horses, and dress-up–who could resist? Barbie and her friends arrive at Silver Valley Stables for some R&R only to find that a storm has set the horses free and its up to Barbie to bring them back safely. Barbie sets off on 10 different trails (forest, snowy mountains, coast), crossing rivers, avoiding bears and skunks, and dodging branches and rolling logs that might knock her off her horse. She also saves foals, solves puzzles, races her friends, and collects coins and other items that can unlock new outfits! If this all sounds a bit too precious for words, it is, but bear in mind that the aforementioned target audience will get less pleasure from the on-trail quest than from changing Barbies and her horses outfits before each ride. (You can also change the horses color, mane, tail, etc.) The music is soft, the sun glistening on the water is beautiful, and the game is about as gentle as could be. –David Horiuchi


  • A rare Xbox game with young girls in mind.
  • Not violent, and minimal peril
  • Outfits, outfits, outfits!


  • Younger players will find it hard to maneuver the horse, especially backwards
  • Male observers might be driven screaming from the room during the umpteenth outfit change


  • Customize your horse: Give it a name, and pick its riding rack, saddle, and coat.
  • Explore a real-time 3-D world: Gallop through river valleys, trot carefully across cracking ice, and more.
  • Gain special skills: For example, you can gallop as you collect power-ups.
  • Nurture lost baby horses: Pet and coax them to safety.
  • Race after missing wild horses: Carefully lasso each one, and lead them to safety.

Customer Reviews & Opinions

havent played it but i want to badly
i geuss its bad that ive not played it yet butt i love horses and barbie and i want to download it so bad on to my computer so if u now please i need to now. graffics look awsome .horses

ok well whatever later

This is a GREAT game for girls!
My 9 and 6 year old daughters love this game – yours will too! Though the game is made for the original Xbox, it also plays on the Xbox 360. I don’t think this game is made anymore, so get one while you still can!

great game for cowgirls of any age!
this is a GREAT game. i am not a fan of Barbie. but daughter loves loves loves horses. No violence. Nothing mean. its riding through some neat scenery. coins lead the way. also buy more outfits. different challenges with each trail & for the foals. havent made it thru the maze of the secret garden yet & i wish there were some coins there leading the way because that got a bit too frustrating for my daughter. we have the xbox360. i dont know if its a compatibility thing or not but even with the update the 2nd player of the minigames is not visual so thats not so much fun when friends come to play. wish there were more fun girl games like this to choose from.

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