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Where To Buy The Amazing Dr Clitterhouse VHS starring Edward G Robinson Humphrey Bogart Claire Trevor Allen Jenkins Donald Crisp At The Lowest Price?

The Amazing Dr Clitterhouse VHS starring Edward G Robinson Humphrey Bogart Claire Trevor Allen Jenkins Donald Crisp

Why Buy A The Amazing Dr Clitterhouse VHS starring Edward G Robinson Humphrey Bogart Claire Trevor Allen Jenkins Donald Crisp?
A stylish, often amusing crime drama, this 1938 feature revolves around a central, improbable plot twist that consciously serves its casting against type: as the eponymous doctor, Edward G. Robinson, who had helped define the Warner Bros. style for gritty gangster sagas, jettisons his signature snarl in favor of a plummy, vaguely English accent that underlines his urbane sophistication. Dr. Clitterhouse is a creature of privilege who embarks on a criminal life not out of desperation, but rather through intellectual curiosity; instead of slouch hats and suits, he has marcelled hair and first appears in white tie and tails. He begins pulling off perfect jewel thefts as research into the criminal mind, but his gradual immersion in New Yorks shadowy demimonde of thieves and fences eventually finds the good doctor between those two worlds.

Robinsons principal foils stick closer to their studio strong suits. Humphrey Bogart is Rocks Valentine, a sturdy if familiar variation on the hoods and have-nots that were his early stock in trade at the studio. Bogarts fence and former paramour is Jo Keller, played by Claire Trevor as glamorous, streetwise, and otherwise decent, apart from her knack for larceny. When the doctor asks her to fence his glittering contraband, shes intrigued, and Clitterhouse, known to the hoods only as the Professor, becomes their strategist. Jo is clearly falling for him, while Rocks is visibly jealous of the fastidious strangers rising influence and romantic rivalry.

In keeping with its ultimately goofy premise, the story navigates some eccentric plot turns with an aplomb that can be credited to the solid cast (including other studio stalwarts such as Allen Jenkins, Ward Bond, and Donald Crisp) and the three principals, who would work off each other to much more riveting effect a decade later in Key Largo. –Sam Sutherland

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The Studio by John Gregory Dunne – Save 20% Today!

The Studio by John Gregory Dunne

Why Buy A The Studio by John Gregory Dunne?
In 1967, John Gregory Dunne asked for unlimited access to the inner workings of Twentieth Century Fox. Miraculously, he got it. For one year Dunne went everywhere there was to go and talked to everyone worth talking to within the studio. He tracked every step of the creation of pictures like Dr. Dolittle, Planet of the Apes, and The Boston Strangler. The result is a work of reportage that, thirty years later, may still be our most minutely observed and therefore most uproariously funny portrait of the motion picture business.

Whether he is recounting a showdown between Foxs studio head and two suave shark-like agents, watching a producers girlfriend steal a silver plate from a restaurant, or shielding his eyes against the glare of a Hollywood premiere where the guests include a chimp in a white tie and tails, Dunne captures his subject in all its showmanship, savvy, vulgarity, and hype. Not since F. Scott Fitzgerald and Nathanael West has anyone done Hollywood better.

Reads as racily as a novel…(Dunne) has a novelists ear for speech and eye for revealing detail…Anyone who has tiptoed along those corridors of power is bound to say that Dunnes impressionism rings true.–Los Angeles Times

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This Classic Should Never Be Out Of Print…
Absolutely brilliant-people in Hollywood still refer to “AD” (After Dunne), and you know a book like this won’t happen again. The attitude is “Where you find clowns there is usually a circus”, and the level of amaturism on display here is astounding. The best section has to be the one on the making of the legendary flop “Dr. Dolittle”-you are there as they read the disastrous preview cards. A $18 million investment is on the line, and all the producer’s girlfriend can think of is stealing a silver tray from a restaurant and what dress to wear for the premiere. Hilarious, and still required reading at film study courses today.

Inside the insider’s view of a major Hollywood Studio
This is a terribly funny and telling documentary. Mr. Dunne, who had a considerable reputation and experience as a screenwriter, somehow convinced the powers at Twentieth Century Fox to give him carte blanche and complete access to every peculiar nook and sneaky cranny at the studio. Sitting in on major meetings with the Zanucks,writers, producers, agents, stars, attending gala openings and hanging about sets, Dunne was the ultimate fly-on-the-wall. The movies in production during the year (1967)he spent soaking up this rarified atmosphere included “Dr. Doolittle,” “Star,” and “Hello Dolly,” which means we get great dish on Rex Harrison, Barbra Streisand, Anthony Newley, Gene Kelly and Walter Matthau, to name only a few.

The stories are told in a droll, straight-ahead manner, which makes the gags even funnier. One can scarcely believe the kinds of things that Hollywood Heavies utter, apparently unashamed and on a fairly regular basis.

For the record, Mr. Dunne, also the author of a number of first-rate novels, was the late husband of writer Joan Didion, whose current memoir about dealing with his death – “The Year of Magical Thinking” – is deservedly at the top of the charts these days.

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